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Exactly! found a tall stick and took it home. Is my Gandalf staff!






These are  my captions I posted with this pic ;)





Pugdalf, cute!




Gandalf the Brown ;)

Or Gandalf the Hippie?


Great picture from the Emily Rodda book 'Wizard of Rondo,'  which looks like Gandalf after smokin' too much longbottom leaf ;)



Gandalf lollies? ;}














I *so* could not resist  doing these two manips ;)



Well it's *almost* Aragorn ;} {OPI oclour}


Also could not resist making this manip when I saw this pic of Haldir


To me, this pic looks like Haldir's recruiting ;}


Well, it certainly looks like that's what he's doing ;)


Custom manip I made for ~  Lothlorien Lovers group on yahoo


These two, inspired by slogans on a website which wasn't even LotR! :)





Epic Hobbit inspired onboard safety video from Air New Zealand.  Is AWESOME!!!





Reminds me of the Dwarves from The Hobbit ;) The last one reminds me of Ganfalf.







These are nice!






Isn't it just? 

Can just **see** the LotR Elves using these in Rivendell, Mirkwood and Lothlorien using these! ;}








See? ;)


Hilarious Chinese subtitles for 'The Lord of the Rings'


My lovely, cool exercise trainer and I count in pother languages, including Elvish!



For the fast and the furious Elves!





We just need to add sparkling vampires and a trip through time and space in the TARDIS ;)










See? Thranduil *can* smile ;)


Behind the scenes - stars watching fans


Who says Elves don't have a sense of humour? ;)


Actually, I love trees and Tolkien's rich, majestic descriptions.

At the time I uploaded this pic, our fantastic book club has gone onto 'The Two Towers,'

from reading Fellowship two years ago. I bought copies of LotR for our members.

Next, is 'The Library of Legends,' then we'll resume with 'The Return of the King' and appendices.


Is it just me or does Vanessa Marshall, voice of Hera in 'Star Wars: Rebels' look like a lady Craig Parker?
















LOL! :}


If Wizards Were Trucks ....



Gandalf the Grey - the first one looks nice and natural



Radagast the Brown ~ first one looks like a country bumpkin ;)


Saruman the White - eep!


Gandalf the White - cool and whups ass!




Dwarf truck!






Got this nice chocolate once - the guy on it looks like Pippin so could *not* resist making this manip! ;D








Yummy sword pie - must make one like it! Yum!  Spinach and Feta I'll do. 

Cool sauce, would like to try it.  So tat's what they eat in Middle Earth!








NaNoWriMo {National Novel Writing Month} where the challenge is to write 50,000 words in the month of November.  Fun and inspiring!

Fantasy writer's brain - like mine!


I once saw a woman on a Zoom meet who looked like a pretty lady Frodo!  Can't post a pic for

privacy reasons, but take my word for it ;}


Please click the below link for the hilarious, infamous "They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard!" compilation 

    - short version. 

{Sadly the creative creator of this funny, legendary completion, Erwin Beekveld  passed away in March of 2022. 

Rest in peace Erwin and thanks for all the joy :*)

Here is a candle for your spirit.



Here is the link to a short version of his classic complaition.





And hare are some more funny as LotR compliations by 'Teh Lurd of Teh Reings'


Not gonna spoil them - take a looksee.  I can assure you ~ hilarity ensues!  :)








Please click here for a few very cute Solstice~Chrissy Elf pix



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