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The Grey Wizard


He raises his staff

Crafted from the sacred woods the lands

And the crystal glows warm

Gently this night, he touches it to the earth

Subtle light radiates

Illuminating the lands

Caressing the forests

Rejuvenating the plains

Bringing life and abundance to the seas

Warmth, light and song returning

The elves rejoice as they return to

Happy once again

Their homelands safe once more

The wizard smiled

His work is done

He expects no payment for his magick

Nor does he wish praise

For their gratitude and happiness is enough

To last thousands upon thousands of years

If not more

The wizard moves on,

Traveling through the lands

Rarely is he seen

Apart form the times he can be seen

Visiting those close to him

He eats and talks heartily

Until the stars come to twinkle upon the land

Before he moves on once more

Traveling the lands,

Aiding those in need

Never expecting so much as a smile in return

As he aspired to help create a peaceful land

It matters not to him who does the deed

It matters that the deed is done

There are others like him

Aiding the lands and the people

I silent service

Ridding the lands from any evils,

Creating a place of love and light.

A place where all life

Can live in bliss

In peaceful, harmonic serenity

A safe haven of eternal


For many hundreds of years he has lived,


Using his magick for peace

Love, harmony and defence

Using his powers to delight and bring joy

And to protect,

Bring love light, happiness and peace

He turns upon the grassy moors, holding his staff

And he looks over

The green lands

He smiles warmly

At the rolling hills

The peaceful plains

And the lush forests

The calm seas

The lands are at peace forever more

The wizard smiles,

His work is done

His grey robes billow in the wind

As he travels on



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