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One of the most stunning scenes in 'The Lord of the Rings ~ The Fellowship of the Ring ~



The Legend Comes to Life


Cool Argonath model - Want!!



Frodo at Amon Hen - lovely statue ruins.  I wish I could have seen the statue in its heyday. Anyone know who this ststue was of? 

A king?  Elf?  Man?










These to me, looks like the Road Frodo and the Hobbits encountered when they fell down from the farm - is all misty and everything ...

The second one, the tree they hid under - Not sure where they are.



Elijah Wood {Frodo}



Samwise Gamgee


From 'RotK' - Sam says "Look, Mr Frodo, the king has a crown again.' A sweet scene from the Extended Version.

Any idea who this king was?



Sean Astin {Sam}


Three of the Valar ~ Gods and Goddesses of Middle Earth



Beautiful pictures of Elbereth {Varda} Goddess of Light {Sorry, Don't know who the artists are}


Gorgeous Elbereth by Elanor


Ulmo ~ God of the Sea by John Howe


Beautiful, serene painting of Mandos, God of Death ~ He is serene and not evil, akin to Hades of Greek mythology {Don't know who the talented artist is}

The deceased to go the Halls of Mandos


My favourite Gandalf drawing




Beautiful Catdalf by Vincent Hie.







Lovely music! He has other albums - this was the first I ever bought and it is gorgeous. He looks like a wizard too!


Gandalf rock band





Gandalf and Frodo at the start of their journey arduous.  Great silhouette.  Love the cloud in the background.  Looks like a dragon.


Lovely Gandalf staff candle holders



Gandalf's gorgeous staffs



Glamdring ~ Sword of Turgon. Gandalf's awesome Elvish sword


Ian McKellen's Fellowship Tattoo


Beautiful 'Lake Gandolfo' in Italy


Gorgeous Shadowfax


Shadowfax winery






Gandalf at the Grey Havens


Ian Mckellen as the older Magneto in the X-Men movies




Ian Mckellen


From Sean Astin's awesome memoirs 'There and Back Again'



Ian/Gandalf behind the scenes. The umbrella one looks hilarious!



I feel like this when I am going on an adventure ;}


Even though I did not resonate with Saruman {or Count Dooku from Star Wars}, this is a candle for Christopher Frank Carandini Lee

who was a really wonderful man in real life. Sadly, he passed passed from this world on June 7, 2015, age 93


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One of my favourite Aragorn posters






This was an Aragorn clock which melted in the a very hot sun which I had it out in.  The melt made Aragorn's robes look cool!


"Le apahar dar hairn" {"You are being tracked" ~ from the extended version of 'Fellowship'}







Almost Aragorn :} - House paint colour - nice!




Anduril ~ Flame of the West ~ Reforged sword  of Elendil





The tree on the stairs here reminds  me of the White Tree of Gondor




Lovely, picturesque Dunedin, New Zealand. Yes it's actually called Dunedin {almost Dunedain!}



Cool band called 'Dunedin'



Lovely pictures of Viggo


I feel like this when I am on top of the world! ;}




Merry & Pippin



Billy Boyd {Pippin}\



Dominic Monaghan {Merry}





Never thought You'd see the day? John Rhys-Davies playing an Elf ... King Eventine Elessedil in 'The Shannara Chronicles'



John Rhys-Davies {Gimli}



Durin's Door - the beautiful Gate to the foreboding Mines of Moria


GORGEOUS Lothlórien lamp (Want!!!) ~ Available from http://www.noblecollection.com/

They have some lovely things. They do 'Harry Potter' stuff too.




DIY hobbit house!



How to Build a Hobbit house in your backyard



A cutish looking orc - a woman played this orc - wonder if it's a girl orc?





Went to this in Sydney with my mum, who also loves 'LotR' - SPECTACULAR show!! Very beautiful. Was around 2006







Want to get these; the look fascinating!



Beautiful Tolkien script


Would LOVE to fly in this plane! And do some 'Lord of the Rings' tours in New Zealand - beautiful!


Bilbo's party tree




Cool business card of jewellery shop which used to be at my local mall. Had to change its name to 'Lord of the Jewels' for copyright reasons



Awesome way cool Middle Earth Map leggings/stretch pants, Saw a young woman wearing these at Supanova, Sydney, 2016. Want!


Research Vessel Elendil. A sperm whale blows in the foreground


Middle Earth map wooden bookmark ~ Available from www.etsy.com


Cool Helm's Deep LEGO model. Not sure who made it.


A lovely fellow dressed as Gandalf for Supanova, Sydney 2016


Me with 'Gandalf.'  All Day 'LotR' screening at the Orpheum - woo hoo!  {was July 31, 2022} Fab, vintage cinema - over 80 years old -

Note 'Walsh' cinema! Winder if Fran knows about it? LOL!




The white lily lamp looks like it belongs in Rivendell! ;)


A cool display at one of my local libraries






Behind the scenes on The Hobbit



From Sean Astin's awesome memoirs 'There and Back Again'



My lovely 'The Lord of the Rings' book box


My first 'LotR' book box.  Was originally 'Gone With the Wind.'  I used nail polish remover to remove the original title, then used old lettering. 

Found the ring at a charity store and used strong glue to affix it to the cover.

Need to find smaller lettering for the spine.  Proud of my efforts! :)




The Lord of The Rings in Dutch.  Spied at my local Dutch Club!





Beautiful Pippin's song bookmark





My favourite cafe used to print actual pictures on your coffee/chai.  Unfortunately they closed down during COVID, waah!




Beautiful Bag End Cakes - such talent!



I WANT these cakes!!!!!!



'The Lord of the Rings' inspired 'Tiny Doors' library competition, 'Durin's Door' by Shawn and 'Bag End' by Holly and Joy




The beautiful Fanal Forest in Madeira, Portugal.  Could see Gandalf wandering here.




The beautiful Styx Valley in Tasmania, Australia.  Want to go!!!!

Second photo by Brad Baker.


The Tolkien Track in the Styx Valley



Real world Ents!  Love the first one best, sooo cute!!!  Even looks like he has a moustache and beard!



Hear! Hear!



Please click the below link for fantastic compilations of 'The Lord of the Rings' deleted scenes.




And here for a lovely deleted Arwen and Elrond deleted scene:




And below for a video on how they chose Viggo Mortensen for Aragorn, instead of Peter Jackson's

first choice, Stuart Townsend.  No offence to Stuart or his fans, though I believe Viggo was

**perfect** for Aragorn.  He was *born* for that role!  :D






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