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Summary: Haldir has a bath

Rating MA





The Marchwarden sat, the soothing and pure waters caressing his naked body. He tilted his head back, the tips of his golden hair, touching the water's surface. The Elf slid backwards, submerging himself beneath the water. His light hair like velvet now in the water, moving with gentle swirls. Haldir sat up, his hair flying forward, droplets of water spraying the surroundings. The Galadhrim pushed his hair backwards as he began to wash his body, his bare chest, then his slender waist, caressing his body as he cleansed it, his cool wet hair now clinging to him.

The Lórien Elf began to cleanse his long legs and tied feet. It had been a long night's patrolling and he would soon rest

The Elf began to wash his arms, and strong hands, though now gentle hands as he began to massage his worn body. He would soon rest, but he wanted to be cleansed fist. He gently washed his nether regions, beyond the velvet blonde patch. He sighed, grateful for the cleansing waters and the time alone.

Haldir cupped his hands and gathered some water within them, letting it pour over his body, revelling in the sensation before he submerged himself again, though keeping his face above water for air.

He remained this way for quite some time, in a meditative trance, the waters gently caressing him.

The Galadhrim was taken abruptly out of his serene space by banging on the door.

"Haldir! Hurry up! You have been in there for longer than an age!"

The older Galadhrim grunted as he sat up in the marble bath vessel.

"All right, Rúmil ..." He grumbled. "I shan't be much longer."

Grudgingly, the Elf climbed out of the tub and began to dry himself. He ruffled his thick golden hair and swung his head forward, his hair whipping through the air as the Marchwarden began to dry it.

When he was satisfied, he swung his head back up and tossed a silken grey robe over his body.


"I am almost finished," the Galadhrim almost snapped.

He opened the door to find his two brothers looking rather impatient.

"What is wrong with bathing in the Nimrodel, I ask you?" Orophin demanded.

"At this time of year?!" Haldir protested. "I will freeze my orbs off!"

Orophin chuckled. "Honestly, if I did not know better, I would saw you were preparing yourself for some ravishing Elven maiden."

Haldir chuckled. "But you do know better," he said. "I have told you both that I am happy to remain a bachelor."

Orophin nodded. "To the dismay of maidens and men everywhere, Elven and otherwise."

Haldir gave a wicked smile.

"And you were in there for an age," Rúmil accused.

"Not quite as long as you two when you were preparing yourselves for Lady Arwen before she became betrothed to Lord Aragorn."

Haldir's brothers chuckled.

"I remember that," Orophin said. "I was jealous because Rúmil's hair was shinier."

Rúmil chuckled. "And I was jealous because Orophin was taller, but there was no need to be. She did not even look at us."

The older Galadhrim laughed. "The right one will be waiting for us."

"Agreed," Rúmil said. "Bags first!"

He ran into the bathroom in a flash, slammed and locked the door.

"Damn..." Orophin said, and then chuckled. He tossed his long hair back. "Oh well, it looks like the most beautiful of us all will have to wait until last."

Haldir laughed. "I will ask Lord Celeborn permission to construct two more bath chambers."

"It is about time," Orophin said with a smile

Haldir patted his oldest bother's shoulder and left to rest, with loving thoughts for his two brothers.




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