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The Elf Lord


The Elf Lord stands serene

Upon his glistening talan

Amongst the trees

Illuminated by scared magick

His luminous robes

Crafted form the finest materials

Hang loose upon his pure body

He wears an exclusive,

Exquisite necklace of silver colour

Crafted by Angels

Forged with scared flame

A scared adornment

Projecting love and purity

His long silver hair

Flows with the gentle winds

As his beautiful pointed ears show through

He stands alone in the golden wood,

Among the luscious trees

As they send him their love and gratitude

For his protection and warmth

Peace and silence radiates from him

He is the epitome of serenity.

He is one of the elders

Who keep the peace of the land

Giving hope,

Inspiration and guidance

To his kind

And many others

His peaceful energy radiates

Touching all

Enchanting those

His gentle presence touches

Held gently in the

Arms of his Lady

He sleeps

And dreams of peace

He stands before his people

Loved, respected, revered

Never feared

As he has equal love and respect

For his kin

Never has he considered himself

Above them

He is dearly loved

And deeply honoured

His people

And the gentlefolk of the land

Honour and love him,

Not for his regality

Or his power

But for his wisdom


Peace and serenity

With the help of his people

And the gentlefolk

Spirit light and scared song

Adorns and caresses the lands



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