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   Neverending Story Dreams - Nightly Dreams have had in 'The Neverending Story' Universe


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GORGEOUS Ivory Tower painting, do not know the talented artist


Another lovely Ivory Tower pic, don't know the artist


Beautiful Ivory Tower painting by the talented Peter Bartels







I cried in this scene! So touching...



Moon Child, the beautiful Childlike Empress, played by gorgeous Tami Stronach











Tami and Barrett behind the scenes


In the 80s, Tami also sang two gorgeous songs 'Fairy Queen' and 'Riding on a Rainbow'



Tami is still gorgeous now!  She gave up acting and pursued her love of dancing and today is a dance teacher


Cute Atreyu played by Noah Hathaway




Noah and Barrett behind the scenes



This is Noah now.  He's a martial arts expert.



Cute Barrett Oliver as Bastian Balthazar Bux




Sorry, could not find modern pictures of Barrett. I don't think he acts anymore.  He is a professional birdwatcher now, same as Bill Oddie from 'The Goodies.'



You can get nice replicas of The Auryn necklace Atreyu wore.  Check eBay and Etsy.



Gorgeous Falkor, the Luck Dragon! {Voiced by Alan Oppenheimer}


Amazing Falkor cake - talented baker!


Neverending Story Funnies



Falkor funnies. I did not make these, though they made me laugh.


Morla - the early years ;)





Cool Neverending Story laptop/tablet cover - I have seen these on eBay and esty.  WANT!!!



Teeny Weeny and his racing snail - The Rock biter. The Rock Biter's actual name is Pyornkrachzark. What a mouthful, I tried!


Night Hob and his 'stupid' bat.


Looks like an amazing game!



The copy on the left  is the one I had as a child, the one on the right is the gorgeous 1997 version which I have now.

The 1997 version has coloured print, green for Fantastica {Fantasia} and purple for Bastian




Classic soundtrack!



The sequels were nice, but not as good as the original



Jonathan Brandis as Bastian and as Martin Umbach Nimbly in 'The Neverending Story 2'



Jonathan as Bastian and  Kenny Morrison as Atreyu in Neverending Story 2, 1990. Falkor was voiced by Donald Arthur

A candle for Jonathan Brandis who sadly took his own life on November 12, 2003.



Childlike Empress played by Alexandra Johnes


Kenny Morison as Atreyu


Alexandra Johnes as the Childlike Empress in 'The Neverending Story II'


Jason James Richter As Bastian in 'The Neverending Story III,' 1994 and Gorden Robertson as Falkor {William Hootkins - voice}

Sadly, looks like Falkor has seen better days!


Julie Cox as the Childlike Empress in  'The Neverending Story III.'



Mark Rendall as Bastian and Tyler Hynes as Atreyu from 'Tales from the Neverending Story' series, 2002


Audrey Gardiner as the Childlike Empress in the series


While, the new childlike empresses were pretty, they were too old for the role I felt.

Tami will always and forever be my fave.



And Stéfanie Buxton as the way cool Fly Girl and her awesome flying machine



As much as I liked the series and the sequels, the original was the best and had the best and most beautiful Childlike Empress, Atreyu, Bastian and Falkor!

I do however, wish the series had continued past one season.










These local Sphinx ladies reminded me of the Southern Oracle ... Good thing they don't shoot!





Morla rock? It even has a 'beak' and an 'eye.' {Also reminds me of A'Tuin, the giant world turtle from Terry Pratchett's {RIP} 'Discworld' series}

A huge gorgeous turtle shaped rocky headland at North Curl Curl Beach, Sydney, Australia.

Thanks to my pal, SM, for lending me her phone as mine klagged out after the first pic!  HUGS!!!


Lookee what I found in my fun Wordscapes game!!  A they he weren't actually there!



Overall, yep!  Had my ups and downs upon my magickal mystery tour.  At the time of  writing  this, I just turned 50.

In the film, Morla was voiced by Robert Jadah.





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