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I have always loved them. They're Gorgeous!! I make no money from this page. It is a labour of love :)


The Good Gals
















The Bad Gals

















(Skull Masked Barbarian Warlord)

 Leader of the barbarian horses, Ogra joins Dragon Queen on Storm Isle and plots the invasion of Argonia with the Evil Forces.

This mean and powerful warlord meets his match, Prince Kroma again and again, but the Duel of the Ancients is yet to be fought.

Will Ogra succeed in defeating the valiant prince of Argonia and claim victory for Dragon Queen and her Evil Forces?




* If anyone has better scans of the bios, I'd appreciate it, thanks






The beautiful Palace of the Gems - WANT!!!










Golden Girl and the Guardians of the Gemstones Fashions









Thanks to Tchakani LoSI for the pics!


Golden Girl Books



Again, thanks to LoSI !


Golden Girl Concept Characters {not produced as dolls, sadly}



I think the blue Dymondia may be a fan drawing.

I like her better than the official one, as she has more 'diamondy' colours, though I like both of them



I'm pretty sure these are the goodies



And this one is the 'baddie'


WAH! I WANT dolls of these!!!!!


Whilst I was searching for pics of Sapphire, I found this pic of this gorgeous woman!

And I thought if they ever make a live action Golden Girls movie, she'd be perfect for Sapphire! {No name given sadly!}


https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=32&v=lOleeWAD3ro ~ cool Golden Girl ad from the 80s


https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=30&v=kJt9RT0Rjck ~ another cool Golden Girl ad







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