Disclaimers: Peter Pan written by J. M Barrie

1953 'Peter Pan' animated movie and 'Fairies' by Disney. 

1990 ~ 1991 ~ 'Peter Pan and the Pirates,' series, 1991 'Hook' by Amblin/TriStar.

Disnet's 'Return to Neverland,; 2003 'Peter Pan' movie by Columbia TriStar. 'Finding Neverland,' 2004 by Mirmax, FilmColony, Keylight. 2011 'Neverland' miniseries by Parallel Films & Sky Movies  

'Once Upon a Time,' series, by ABC/Disney, 2011.    'Jake and the Neverland Pirates,' series ~ 2011 ~ 2016

'The New Adventures of Peter Pan' series by DQ Entertainment, 2012, 'Peter and Wendy,' TV movie, by Catalyst Global Media, 2015 

2015 'Pan' movie by  Warner Bros.    'Peter Pan and the Quest for the NeverBook,' 2018

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Peter Pan voiced by Bobby Driscoll, Wendy Darling by Kathryn Beaumont, Tiger Lily voiced by Corinne Orr and Hook by Hans Conried from 1956 'Peter Pan' by Disney

Please see My Disney Fairies page for pix of Tinker Bell



                                                Bobby Driscoll {RIP}                                         Kathryn Beaumont                                                   Corinne Orr                                                           Hans Conreid {RIP}


A candle for the Disney 'Peter Pan' actors who have sadly passed away



1990-1991 - Peter Pan and the Pirates, series, 1991



                                                                                                                                            Debi Dweberry {Tink}                         Jason Marsden {Peter Pan}



                                                                                                                                           Tim Curry {Hook}                                          Cree Summer {Tiger Lily}



'Hook' 1991.  Robin Williams {RIP} as Peter Pan and Dustin Hoffman as Hook and Julia Roberts as Tinker Bell.


Dame Maggie Smith as Granny Wendy Darling in 'Hook,' 1991



Gorgeous Robin Williams as Peter Pan


A candle for Robin who sadly passed from this world on August 11, 2014

As they said at the end of 'Night Museum ~ Secret of The Tomb'  for Robin and Mickey Rooney ~ "The Magic Never Ends"



                                                                                                                                                                                        Blayne Weaver {Pan}                                       Corey Butron {Hook}




Cute Jeremy Sumpter as Peter Pan in Columbia Tristar version, 2003


Rachel Hurd-Wood as Wendy from above version


Carsen Grey as Tiger Lily, also from Columbia Tristar version, 2003




Yummy Jason Isaacs as Captain James Hook in 2003 version of 'Peter Pan'



Gave Hook a shave :}


Here's Jason as Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter saga



Jason Isaacs



Kelly MacDonald as Peter Pan. Kate Maberly as Wendy and Tim Potter as Hook in 'Finding Neverland,' 2004


Scene from 'Finding Neverland'



Charlie Rowe as Peter Pan, Rhys Ifans as Jimmy Hook, Anna Friel as Elizabeth Bonny in 2011 'Neverland' mini series.


Q'orianka Kilcher as Aaya {Tiger Lily}


Colin O'Donoghue as a dashing Captain Hook {Killian Jones} in 'Once Upon a Time' {2011}


Robbie Kay as a very evil Peter Pan in 'Once Upon a Time'


Rose McIver as a cute Tinker Bell in 'Once Upon a Time'





                                                                                                                  Adam Wylie {Pan}                                                                                                Mae Whitman {Tink}           









The gang from 'The New Adventures of Peter Pan,' 2012



                                                   Matt Hill {Peter Pan}                   Michelle Molineux {Tink}                      Michelle Creber {Wendy}                    Michael Dobson {Hook}           Jessica Carmichael {Tiger Lily}




Gorgeous Tom Hiddleston as Hook in 'Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy,' 2014


'Peter and Wendy' 2015, Catalyst Global Media



Zak Sutcliffe as Peter Pan, Paloma Faith as Tinker Bell and Hazel Doupe as Wendy


Natfia May as Tiger Lily


Stanley Tucci as Hook



Cute Levi Miller as Peter Pan in 'Pan,' 2015, Warner Bros



Iconic Hugh Jackman as Hook in 'Pan'



Gorgeous Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily in 'Pan.'




Hook's pirate ship in Disney's awesome electrical parade

{Please see my Disney's Fairies page for pictures of Tinker Bell in said parade}




A fantasy writer's brain.  I know mine is like this!



A cute sign at one of my local libraries




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