~ Miscellaneous Science Fiction Fanfiction ~


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I make no monetary profit from my fanfiction.



~ Miscellaneous Science Fiction Fanfic ~



SLIPSTREAM'S CARESS - A Slipstream story about the android Byron



Miscellaneous Science Fiction Dreams -- So Far, Disney Cars, The Matrix, Avengers/X-Men, Arrow, Tron Legacy, TomorrowLand, Supergirl, Independence Day, Astroboy, Octonauts [will eventually have ther own page] [More as I have them]  ...



Spaceballs Dreams - Will go on my Spaceba;;s page when I make it :)



More misc sci-fi fics to come!!


Planned:   Disney's Lilo & Stitch [Mainly Gantu], Cars, Wall-e, Bionicle, Terminator, Tron, Back to the Future, Galaxy Quest






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