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These nightly dreams I had at home, unless otherwise specified


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07/06/06 – Disney Cars - See 12/12/21 for another


In this dream, Fillmore had met a girlfriend, a pink Volkswagen beetle.  They were very much in love with each other.  Even Sarge was touched, though he’d never admit it.  Fillmore introduced Milly to Lighting McQueen when he came by. The two love cars loved to drive around Radiator Springs and explore the countryside.


?/?/09 – The Matrix


Neo decided to let go his inhibitions and go on the journey with Morpheus and was amazed at what he saw in the Matrix. He began to free the trapped people and free them from the false Matrix, thus bringing peace to the world and the Universe.


30/4/11 – Tron Legacy


Castor saw a girl surviving the games.  Zara protected him also and fell in love with him.  He later apologised to Quarra and she forgave him and wished him well with his new love.  She turned out to be a user and would always protect Castor and they held each other in love.



30/4/11 – Same Day – also Tron Legacy


Castor/Zuse needed some girls for his night club. They weren’t sure of him but went with him.  They took Zara and Castor was worried.  They said they wouldn’t harm her is Castor did right by them.  He gave them a choice to join his club – two joined the other was a loner and went off by herself. Castor was relieved when Zara was returned to him unharmed.



7/6/11  - Avengers/X-Men


Captain America and Wolverine were arguing. Wolverine thought Capt. America was being too lenient and the other thought Wolverine too rough.  Nick Fury made them compromise.



?/?/15 – Arrow (Please scroll down for another Arrow dream in 2017)


Oliver was on the island, learning to survive. He came back to Starling City, reunited with his family and friends and became a vigilante. In this dream, Tommy did not die and ended up with Laurel.



3/10/15 – Tomorrowland


To save Tomorrowland, Athena enlisted the help of Casey and Frank.  Together, they went to Tomorrowland to thwart Nix. They braved his guards and made it to the controlling machine and destroyed it.  Athena saved Frank's life, but in this dream she didn't die.  Tomorrowland and the future was saved and Athena stayed with Frank and Casey and in the end, Frank, Casey, when she grew up and Athena lived in a peaceful Tomorrowland.




18/4/17 – Supergirl - See 8/4/23 for another


In this dream, Max came to the D.E.O secret base and found Supergirl eating eggs, rice and vegetables.  He was very surprised to discover Supergirl was vegetarian and it upped his opinion of her somewhat.




9/6/17 – Arrow


This dream had multiple parts.  In the first part, Oliver found out his mother was working for Malcolm and she found out that he found out and tried to kill him.  He did not want to fight his own mother, though she had im pinned down, holding a dagger, Thea came home and screamed. This distracted Moira and gave Oliver enough time to take the dagger and kill her, although he broke down into tears afterward. So did Thea. They buried her on the family plot.


In the next part of the dream, Oliver had to undergo a series of tests to be welcomed into a league of bad guys. One was walking on razor sharp rocks, without getting cut. He was undercover. He passed the tests, some with difficulty and was able to bring down the league.


In the third and final part of the dream, Malcolm dropped bombshells for Thea as to what happened with Oliver on the island.  She was shocked and in shock, asked if there was any other bombshell that she was not told about. It was then Malcolm told her that Robert was not her father.  Even before he revealed who her real father was, she knew.  Thea fell to her knees in the mansion and even Malcolm gave her a moment.  It was not long before she stood and glared at him

            “You’re a strong woman, Thea, let me make you stronger.”

She agreed, not knowing what her options were.

            An evil scientist knew Thea was bad news for him; that she had a special power. He used a time-transport machine to transport Thea back to the middle ages.  At first, she was distraught, though knew she had to adapt to her environment and did so well.  She fell in love, only to lose her love when a gang of men with swords considered him a threat to their plans. Thea took out all the men with her own sword; onlookers were astounded a woman could fight so well, but it was too late to save her love. After the anger and sadness, she felt flat.

            The man in the future sensed Thea was still a threat, so transported her to the early 19th century.  There she learnt to adapt again.  She went to a show, where there were vendors and one was selling medieval artifacts. Thea was able to point out to him which ones were fake, made about the 10th century and the man was astounded. He had pellets in jars that highway men used to stun their victims. Thea knew which ones were genuine. There was one full of red jubes, which were actually lollies and still edible! The man’s name was Marcus. He was announced on stage as having the most interesting stall and a most interesting woman, an expert on the dark ages had pointed out which of his artifacts were genuine and which were fabrications made about 1000 years ago and the fakes brought just as much curiosity as the real artifacts. Thea and Marcus fell in love and started a family. Thea spent the rest of her days in the 19th century, however, one of her descendants grew up to be her! She had memories of her past lives and was able to root out the evil scientist who dies trying to escape in his own time machine.  The memories came flooding back to Thea and she visited Marcus’ grave often, until she met his future self and they fell in love all over again.



13/9/17 ~ Independence Day

Benign aliens were coming to Earth on a certain night. Thousands gathered atop a hill one night. I was there, eagerly set up a picnic blanket, under the stars.  They came in a massive starship and spoke passionately to humans to set aside our differences, that the aliens from Independence Day would never return, that we were safe and these new aliens would protect us. The next day, I went with friends to a lab at the bottom of the ocean, where Doctor Brackish Okun (played by Brent Spiner in the movies) hid, paranoid about another alien invasion and them possessing him as the insectoid aliens had done. He was scared when we came and we were able to coax him out of hiding.  He met the new aliens, who regarded humanity with love and compassion. This heartened him and he decided to move his lab closer to humanity and worked with the benign aliens.



25/2/18 - Transformers & Justice League. For more Transformers dreams, please visit my Transformers page, here



The Autobots has teamed up with the Justice League to save the world from the Decepticons and the enemies of the Justice League and the city.  They made a good team and were both impressed with the other. The Autobots at how awesome humans could be and the Justice League that the robots did not consider themselves superior because they were bigger and stronger and an unbreakable friendship was born.



30/8/19 – DinoTrux


Ty Rux, Skya, George, Revvit and their friends were rolling around, having an adventure. D-Structs was jealous, as Ty Rux did not lead his team with fear, but with friendship and D-Structs did not want to admit it was working and that there was something in that. He’s ruled with the ‘might is right’ attitude all his life, how he was treated and inadvertently, Ty Rux had shown him another way and he tried to be nicer and to his surprise, things got better.


Ty Rux and his friend played in the crater, having fun. D-Structs played his repair bot, Skrap-It and they all had fun.


At the end of the day, they were all laughing and Ty, Skya, George and their friends all went back to their shelter at twilight as the twinkling stars came out.



1/1/21 – Happy New Year! ~ Various, including Gundam Wing

I was at a sci-fi and fantasy convention and I saw The Lord of The Rings, Red Dwarf, Doctor Who, Twilight, Transformers, Gundam Wing, Knight Rider, Harry Potter, He-Man, She-Ra, Sailor Moon, Star Wars, various Star Treks and more.



5/3/21 -- Octonauts {will eventaully have their own page}


I was helping Peso assist some injured creatures.  I helped him put bandages on, although I wasn’t quite as fast and adept as him.  He did not mind.  We were near the Octopod.  We helped all the creatures then went on a swimming adventure.  We even wet down into the midnight zone where we met the vampire squid that Peso once helped.  He was happy to see us and told us of his adventures as we told him of ours.  We then swam back up to the Octopod and Peso showed me his medical bay, Dashi, her photo collection, Tweak, her latest invention, an invisible GUP, Shellington his lab, Inkling his book collection and Captain Barnacles the bridge and he even let me and Peso sound a play Octo Alert. I was so excited and grateful.  I had so much fun with my Octonaut friends and wanted to visit again soon.  I was the first and only human to see the Octonauts and Octopod and felt very privileged.





30/5/21  -- RoboCop


RoboCop saved a very grateful guy called Matthew Orian.   Matthew and RoboCop became friends and often dined together.  Matthew studied to be a cop and became RoboCop’s new partner.



20/12/21 -- Cars and Star Trek: The Next Generation {Please note I have a Data and Lore page from St: TNG}


Data met Fillmore from Cars.

            Yo, Dude, I’m Fillmore.”

            “I am Data.  I am an android.”

            “Cool.  I’m a peace bus.  I love to explore and I use organic fuel.  Be yourself. There’s no one better qualified.

“Indeed. I am part of a starship which explores space.”
            “That’s also cool.”

            Data and Fillmore bid each other farewell.




21/3/23 -- Herbie and Knight Rider {Please note I also have a separate Knight Rider Page}



KITT went on an adventure with Herbie to rescue a kidnapped young woman.  With the help of Michael and Herbie's driver, they did the cars maintained their friendship




8/4/23  ~  & Supergirl & A Midsummer Night's Dream


Supergirl fought a bad jut and became powerless.  Puck form A Midsummer Night's Dream' helped her regain her powers.  She regrettable had to kill the bad guy as he was too evil.  Puck assured her he would turn around in Tartarus.





14/6/23  -- Robo Dog, Doctor Who and Transformers {For more Doctor Who and

Transformers dreams, please see their individual pages}


Robo Dog and also K9 from Doctor Who joined the Autobots and became their best friend.



6/6/23 -- Animorphs


Visser I, Edriss, had a change of heart and behind the scenes, began to help the Animorphs save the Earth.






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