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Author's notes:  In my stories I use a serum I created  - Acetonium [a light green liquid mixture of 2 parts *Energon Alpha* to one part Cybertonium]  - A Universal healing agent for Transformers, like bacta in the Star Wars Universe.  Energon Alpha, also called Sweet Energon, is a mixture I created. It consists of of 5 parts regular Energon to 1.5 parts Cybertonium.  It is more readily absorbed than Energon, used to rapidly energise badly damaged Transformers, in need of an immediate charge. It does not have the staying power of Energon as it's processed very quickly. It has a lighter and sweeter taste than Energon, hence it's nickname and is luminescent milky pink in colour.  It has a calming effect and is also used as a Transformers  aphrodesiac :)

To avoid confusion, my stories stand alone, unless specified as part of a series or has a sequel / prequel.  For example, in some fanfics I may have certain characters related to each other, and not in others ... In some fanfics I may have had certain characters meet each other, and they've never met in others, so on and so forth.

Most of my stories contain both Autobots and Decepticons, however if it is Autobot orientated, there will most likely be Decepticon activity in it and vice versa.   Some fics contain more or less equal Autobot/Decepticon involvement.   See below for links.

I have also included Profiles, Abilities, Weaknesses and Tech Specs of most of my Original Characters.  Some of them have pics and stand-alone stories as well.  I hope to write fics and draw pics for all of them, when Father time permits!

Although this particular page contains no erotic fan fiction, my stories are are generally written for older TF fans.


2014 marked the 30th anniversary of Transformers.  Can you believe it?!?!?

Here's to another 30, infinity & beyond!!  Cheers!  Salute!  Skål!  Prost!




HAPPY 30TH!  Energon Chocolate & Champagne  to Celebrate!! ;)      


Spied in 2018.  I cried as it brought back many happy memories. Tailgate was the first Transformer toy I ever received from my girlfriend YA, on my 13th birthday

and he sparked off my collection :)



May 18, 2010 also marked the 30th anniversary of the infamous eruption of Mount Saint Helens  

{Aka Autobot HQ - called Mt St Hillary in the G1 TF comics)



                                                                Mt. Saint Helens, before & After                               Mt. Saint Helens Today


A special thanks to Yunda, an ex-high-shcool mate, whom for my 13th birthday in 1986, gave me a G1 Tailgate [Autobot Mini-car]  At first I wasn't going to collect any TF toys and spend a bunch of money, as I wasn't sure how long I would be into Transformers.  Thanks the Gods she did as it sparked a treasured TF toy collection which exists to this day.  So hats off to Yunda! And hats off to Matthew D. also who initially sparked off my interest in Transformers. I watched the very first episode with him and his sister nicknamed Girlands.




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SEAWAVE ~ Seawave's story and why she decided to become a Neutral ~ [My very first TransFormers fic ... and one of my very first fanfics ever, originally written 1986, when I first got into TF's, - [fic since revised], about the very first Transformers character I ever created - with a gorgeous pic of her :)  [Seawave's profile appeared in Femmes Unite Fanzine, 2001] - (fic and profile currently undergoing an edit) - For more Neutral fics, please click "Neutral Character Fanfic and Profiles" below



















     TRANSFORMERS DREAMS - Transformers dreams I have had over the years


Please click the here to read Transformers  [and other] Crossover Fanfiction



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 Various character fanfiction


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Newer Transformers Movie Fanfiction and TF Stuff









ALL ARE ONE - BOTCON '97 REPORT - Printed in AusTrans Fanclub Newsletter, August 1997


BotCon '97 Pix


Transformers Voice Over Actors 


TRANSFORMER POEMS - Some serious, some silly






TRANSPOTTING ...  TF sightings in other movies, TV shows, etc






Cutsey Transformers Pics 


Autobot Screen Caps and Pix - More to come 


Autobot Funnies and Cool pix  


Decepticon Screen caps and pix - More to come 


Decepticon Funnies and Cool pix 


A Bit of Transformers Art 


Some More TF Goodies 


My TF Goodies & Funnies 


A Selection of Transformers Toys & Merchandise 


Enjoy these images of cars who have headlight 'eyes' that look like movie TFs 


Cute General Robot Pics  


Cool Retro '80s Page, Dudes & Dudettes!   





 ~ G1 SOUNDWAVES [wav. format]


Optimus Prime: "Autobots, transform & Roll Out!"


Soundwave: "Disclosure averted, continue observation"


Starscream: "I will rule the Universe! ..."


Megatron: "I do not believe this!!!"



More Soundwaves to come!!




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