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I love them! They're gorgeous! I am making no money from this page. It is a labour of love :)


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~ Raven Queen ~ Daughter of  the Evil Queen ~ {Rebel}








Legacy Day Raven Queen




A Raven Queen fashion I made online


~ Madeline Hatter  ~ Daughter of the Mad Hatter ~ {Rebel}









Epic Winter Maddie



A Madeline Hatter fashion I made online


~ C. A {Chariclo Arganthone} Cupid ~ Daughter of Eros ~ {Rebel}







~ Briar Beauty ~ Daughter of Sleeping Beauty ~ {Royal}








~ Crystal Winter ~ Daughter of the Snow Queen ~ {Rebel}



Want this playset!!!


~ Darling Charming ~ Daughter of King Charming ~ {Rebel}





~ Farrah Goodfairy ~ Daughter of the Fairy Godmother ~ {Royal}









Farrah with Cedar Wood {Daughter of Pinocchio} and Rosabella Beauty, daughter of Beauty


~ Poppy O'Hair ~ Daughter of Rapunzel ~ {Rebel}






Holly O'Hair {Royal} ~ Sister of Poppy O'Hair ~ Spring Unsprung Doll - Want this doll!


~ Kitty Cheshire ~ Daughter of the Cheshire Cat ~ {Rebel}





I want this doll!!!



Kitty Cheshire Book Party Doll. Cute!


~ Duchess Swan  ~ Daughter of the Swan Queen ~ {Royal}



A bit full of herself this character, but very pretty!


~ Rosabella Beauty ~ Daughter of the Beauty as in Beauty and the Beast ~ {Rebel}











Screen caps of my Character Storybook Duchess and my dorm room in the Ever After High online game.

{Not sure if you can still play it. It's very cool.}



Ever After High Dreams



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