These are nightly dreams I usually have at home, unless otherwise specified


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I was playing with my new Ever After High dolls and suddenly I was spirited and whisked away ot the Ever After High world.  I looked and dressed like the girls. They were all curious about me.  Apple White was concerned about the responsibilities I would have as a Fairy Tale Princess.  They were all a bit wary when I turned out ot be the Daughter of Hades, lord of the Underworld. Raven Queen was intrigued.  So was C. A. Cupid, the Daughter of Eros.  I had to assure my school mates that my father was not evil and neither was I. Hades was also the God of justice and neither of us would cause anyone to die.  Apple decided that my story was cute and I was accepted, the students curious about my father and I and they loved the Ever After High dolls I brought with, heartened that there were dolls of them and I had finally found a place where I belonged.




Again, I was playing with my Ever After High dolls and explaining to people who they were and their personalities and writing stories about them.




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