~ Lore, Data, Dr Noonian Soong, Lal, Juliana and Crystalline Entity, Dreams ~





These are nightly dreams I have had about Lore, Data, Dr Noonian Soong, Lal, Juliana and the Crystalline Entity from the early nineties until now.

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Some Dreams, I remember vividly, others not so.  I also apologise for being so behind in typing up my Dreams.


Dreams are in date format day/month/year




It started off with Lore escaping from being disassembled in my bath tub, in my Gladesville apartment.  He just barely escaped and was quite relieved about it.

He had his own ship now, quite a large one. He was almost over his horrific experience, hoping never to repeat it. (in this dream, Lore really hates Data and won't hesitate to kill him without any remorse. He'd celebrate if Data died and wouldn't care at all).

Well, Data was trapped aboard a ship that was about to explode and the Enterprise couldn't transport aboard. He was the only one on that ship and he knew he was going to die, and in his own way, was frightened.

Lore's ship was nearby, cloaked and he was waiting for the ship with Data inside to explode, with a huge smile on his face. Then an alien life form appeared on Lore's bridge, demanding that Lore rescue Data. Lore refused. The alien threatened to destroy Lore if he didn't help Data. Lore refused to believe this alien could kill him. The alien demonstrated its power by shooting a bolt out of its hand at a computer terminal. The console vaporised and Lore jerked.

"But I can't save him ... There's too much interference," and he knew damn well that his transporters were superior to that of the Enterprise and he could easily beam over.

The alien fired at Lore's chair, which Lore was standing next to, which vaporised instantly.

"Okay! Okay! ...." Lore exclaimed, rushing to the transporter. He activated it and beamed Data aboard.

"Thank you," said the alien, before it disappeared.

Lore stuck his tongue out. Data materialized. He looked around, startled, then saw Lore and stared. His jaw dropped.


Lore growled and grumbled. "It wasn't my idea."

"Thank you, Lore," you saved my life."

"Don't remind me."

Lore began receiving demands from Captain Picard from the Enterprise to return Data. [tape recorder G'ville] Lore's communicators wouldn't respond.

Lore and Data spent a little time together and Lore had to admit it, but Data was better than last time they met. He wasn't so literal and he seemed to understand Lore better. Lore even found himself not hating his brother as much, even liking him a little.

Picard's demand came again. This time, Lore's communicators were functional. Lore saw the Enterprise crew on the viewscreen. Picard said he would have Data beamed over to the Enterprise and Lore disassembled.

"Hmph!" Lore snorted. "I do a good deed and look what I get."

Picard frowned.

"Lore is right, sir," Data said. "He saved my life."

"What?! Why ...."

"Don't ask me," Lore said, "but my brother and I seemed to have worked it out."

"Splendid," Picard smiled.

"But you'd better get him off my ship before I change my mind."

Picard gave a nod, then Data dematerialized, and rematerialized on the bridge of the Enterprise. He looked at Lore through the viewscreen.

"Goodbye, Lore," he said.

"Goodbye, Data .... Hey, what am I saying? Good riddance!"

And they both smiled.

And Lore's vessel took off into warp.


In this dream I was married to Lore. We were in orbit of a planet which has three vicious velociraptor type monsters which ate people. They were kept trapped so they couldn't run wild, but people tried to fight them. No one has bested them so far, they ate all the competitors, with absolutely NO mercy. Lore decided o beam down and fight them. Being an android he thought he would beat them.

The raptors came for him. Lore tried to hold them off, but they were too strong for him. He struggled, not believing their strength. He managed to get free and ran, but the other two cornered him and clawed at him, ripping his shirt off. They held him down. Lore struggled with all his strength and battled to get free, but couldn't, but then he thought they wouldn't be able to eat him, because he was an android.... Then he looked at them again. They were part robot, meaning they could eat and digest him with no problems at all.

Oh shit ....

I saw what was happening from the ship and immediately activated the transporter. One of the raptors had it's large claw ready to rip Lore's guts out. At that moment, the transporter gripped Lore and beamed Lore aboard, counting his blessings, totally relieved. He thanked me and stood. Unfortunately the raptors also beamed aboard and tried to attack me. I was terrified, but Lore got them away from me. They want after him for a while, then stopped. The first one transformed into Megatron, the second into Soundwave and the third into a female Decepticon called Daphne. She had a feminine form, and a metal skirt. It so happened that they were angry with Breakdown, and some other transformers and humans who had stolen their energy amongst other things. They thought Lore and I were involved, but discovered we weren't, then they left, leaving us quite relieved.

Lore kissed me, glad I was safe. I tended to his wounds, glad to have him back. He convinced me if they were biological raptors he would have easily beaten them. I smiled and snuggled up next to him.



Some ships were attacking the Enterprise 1701-D in Sydney Harbour. Some Starfleet officers had gone out in shuttles to stop the little ships as they were damaging the big E. They had all been destroyed. I volunteered to go, but Captain Picard cautioned me that it would be too dangerous. I went anyway. The ships came after me and fired at me. I manoeuvred the shuttle away from the blasts, kind of like playing 'After Burner' but for real. I knew if one of the blasts hit me I was a goner. It was fun in a way, as I swooped and swerved along Sydney harbour. These ships would not give up. I knew the only way to get rid of them was to make them think I was dead. I flew the shuttle very close to the water and jumped out, just as the alien ships blew it up. I suddenly realized that I had to get back to the Enterprise. I had a tape with me which could save Lore's life, and now that they thought I was dead, they wouldn't look for me. I saw the Enterprise break its orbit of the harbour and ascend. I knew that some of the crew were still here in Sydney. Their beam up point was the Sydney Tower hotel. I had to get there before they beamed up. I caught a piece of the flying debris of the shuttle, which brought me ashore, smack bang into the doors of a hotel. Not the one I needed to get to unfortunately. I needed to hurry. I began screaming for a cab, telling the people that my mother was dying and I needed to get to the Sydney Tower hotel. There were no cabs available, but the hotel manager said to take the bus which would get me there as fast as possible. The bus was right outside the hotel. I ran inside it, and he sped as fast as he could. I saw the tower on the other side of Sydney. I worried whether I would get there on time. If I didn't, they would never repair Lore and who knows what would happen? They might even kill him. I had to get this tape to them. I knew there was a tape at the hotel on the top floor, where they were beaming up, but I knew it was the wrong one. Someone had left it there to trick me, but I knew I had the right tape and I wasn't going to let that person, whoever he or she was ruin everything.

The bus arrived at the hotel. I only hoped I wasn't too late. I ran into the hotel and took the lift. I hoped no one else got on. Luckily it was one smooth ride to the top. I ran out of the lift through the corridor and into the foyer room. In the corner I saw the fake tape, but didn't touch it. I whirled my head around and saw the Enterprise crew ready to beam up. There was O'Brien, Worf, Riker Data, and some other officers. There was no time to even yell. They were starting to beam up. I ran as fast as I could and grabbed onto Data as hard as I could and beamed up with him.

We rematerialized on the Enterprise platform and were greeted by Captain Picard who was grateful and surprised to see I was alive. Hell, they all were! I collapsed exhausted and produced the tape. They were again surprised that I had gone to so much trouble. They played the tape, found Lore was innocent, repaired him saving his life. I was grateful with what I had done. After all, I did it for love; I did it for Lore. Not to mention, he was grateful too! ... (Hint, hint)



In this dream, I was watching Star Trek. Lore was on a barren, dim planet, controlling its yeti-like inhabitants. Starfleet found out about it and beamed down to stop him. Lore had been controlling them for more than six months. He knew there was no way he could win now that Starfleet and the Federation found out. He tried to run away, but they cornered him. He took out a hover board and sailed away quickly. Data pulled out a phaser. (I was worried and begged him not to shoot, but this was on TV) Data aimed and shot Lore. Lore fell off the board. Data, Riker and another Starfleet person ran to where Lore had fallen. Riker scanned him with a tricorder.

"His positronic net's been fried."

Data looked shocked, and scanned Lore. He shook his head i disbelief and scanned his brother again. "I ... I killed him...."

Riker put his arm around Data. Picard radioed them form the Enterprise.

"Is everything all right?"

"Lore's dead, sir," Riker said.

"I shot him," Data said, "I do not understand sir, the phaser was not set high enough to ... kill..."

Data pressed his lips together and looked as if he was going to cry. Riker comforted him again.

"You didn't mean to do it, Data."

Data nodded, still sad. He picked up Lore, and they beamed up to the Enterprise. On the Enterprise, Data tried to reapir Lore, but he couldn't. It turned out that his phaser was faulty, and that's why he'd accidentally killed his brother. The blast was just too powerful. He then disassembled Lore, hoping that one day he could fix him. (I cried, because there would probably be no way to fix Lore. In this dream, Ann Brightan was my flatmate. I went into her room and told her and she was as upset as I was.) Suddenly, it became real, and I thought of a way that I could fix Lore. It was a long shot, but I didn't want to just stand back and not try. I was going to try my darned hardest. I needed to get to the 24th century and bring Lore back to my gladesville apartment and hook him up to my 286 computer. It was probably a stupid idea, so stupid and primitive, it just might work. Ann and I built a time machine, by learning how, watching movies, reading Asimov and so on. There was only enough room for one. I wanted Ann to come with me, but she couldm't. I arrived in my time machine, which looked like a space ship, and said to the Enterprise people that I was a time traveller from the past who wanted to study them. They were very helpful, showing me around. I met Data and he was very nice. He showed me around his lab and I learned where Lore's parts were stored. Later on, I went back into the lad and secretly beamed them to my ship. (My transporter was configured in such a way, it was not detected by the Enterprise sensors. After, I thanked them and beamed to my ship. I came back to the 20th century and hooked Lore's head up to my computer. In a way I felt like an idiot. I had no idea if it was going to work. I began transmitting power from my computer into Lore's head, slowly. I hoped it didn't take too long, because the Enterprise people would discover, probably sooner than later what had happened and I didn't want them to hurt Lore, or stop what I was doing. I strongly believe Lore deserves another chance. None of his circuits were melted, they just had an over surge of power and shorted out. There was no power now, so feeding him the power could revitalize him.

Anyway, it worked! I couldn't believe it. I had also taken some of Dr. Soong's schematics and followed them carefully, so not to do anything wrong. I reassembled Lore, and he regained consciousness. He was quite out of it, vaguely remembering what happened. I told him, to jog his memory, but the blast from Data's phaser had weakened him considerably. He could barely stand. He was very frightened, but didn't want to admit it.

Then, people started beaming into my lounge room. As I feared, the Enterprise crew had discovered my plan. They all had phasers, and in Lore's weakened state, even a blast from one set on the lowest stun setting would kill him. I stood in front of him and told them why I'd done hat I had. They saw Lore was in no condition to pose a threat and lowered their phasers, much to my and Lore's relief. Lore was feeling tired, so we helped him to my bed, where he went to sleep, even though he was an android. Data stayed with him. Lore was getting a little stronger all the time, but he was still weak. When he woke up, Data was still there, Lore was both frightened and angry. Data apologized to him and told him how upset he was. He had developed his own emotions. (There was no chip in this dream) Lore smiled and forgave him and the two brothers had a hug. It was decided to give Lore another chance once he was well. Lore asked me would I like to join him and I said, "nothing would make me happier."

So once Lore was fully functional again, the Enterprise people took us back with the, and gave us a ship. I married Lore and Data was the best man. It was a joyous occasion. Lots of hugs and kisses. Lore had never felt so wanted before and he cried. Data came to us and congratulated us. Lore asked him to visit someday. Data smiled and said he would. We left the Enterprise on a good note, everyone was happy, and I told Ann what had happened, she was over the moon as well that Lore was alive and well, living the chance he always needed.



Lore was trying to change his ways. He was trying hard, but Data didn't believe him. He had followed Lore to Chatswood. Lore knew Data didn't believe him and so tried to steer clear of him. Data didn't know exactly where Lore was in Chatswood, but thought he'd probably have to kill him, because he thought that Lore wold just start killing people again. Data saw Lore crossing Victoria Avenue, near Archer street and ran after him. Lore saw Data and ran away. Data almost caught him, Lore backed into a wall. Data was running really fast, so he missed Lore. Lore ran backwards and hid under a car. He grabbed onto the belly of the car. Data looked around and realized Lore was nowhere in sight. He ran back the way he had came, back toward the car. Lore tensed, very frightened. Data was armed and he wasn't, but Data left, not seeing Lore. Lore inwardly sighed with relief. The driver of the car later drove away, with Lore under the car. When he stopped Lore waited until he was gone, then left for my house which wasn't far away. I was relieved to see he was all right, but sad Data hadn't understood him. Ann had moved from Canada to Australia and was living with me. We were both protecting Lore and he was very grateful to us, that we understood. For some reason he wasn't angry with Data. He wanted to sort things out, but this time it was Data the one who would not listen.

Later Lore was riding a huge steam roller. Data saw him and thought he was going to use it to run people over. He shot Lore and injured him. Lore leapt out of the roller onto a high plateau. Data ran closer to get a better shot. He ran in front of the roller, which was still moving. Lore saw it just about on top of Data. He pulled out a lasso type rope, threw it down to Data. It tied around him, and Lore yanked him up, just as the roller rolled where he had been standing.

"You ... you saved my life ..." Data said as amazed as he could be.

Lore smiled. "I told you. I'm a better person now, or at least I'm trying to be."

We came to Data and told him also. We had proof that he'd ben with us and helped us. He's painted out house and made renovations and cared for us and even chased away people who didn't approve of what we were doing, but they all understood now, even Data.

Data had a guilty look on his face. "I am truly sorry, Lore. I ...."

Lore smiled. "It's all right. I understand."

"Thank you, and brother, I am happy for you."

Lore smiled again and the two brothers hugged each other. We smiled at the beautiful, touching sight. Lore wasn't bad, he was just written that way. He had shown he was more than an evil twin, oh of course he's still mischievous (smirk) but that's Lore for you! He kissed us both and thanked us for all our help and we all sat together on that plateau talking and having a wonderful time.



I was t a Star Trek convention, feeling sort of left out. There was a group of Lore fans there. I wanted to join them, so I went to them. They said they were handing out a quiz and I was eager to do it. I got the quiz and I couldn't answer any of the questions. I was upset because I knew a lot about Lore and I thought they were rigged. The group rejected me and wouldn't let me join in. I later found out that the questions were rigged and all of the group knew the answers, because they had a meeting the night before and rigged them and they were not proper questions. I also found out that the group of bitches did not like Lore and they were just using him. Lore came to the convention and was rather pissed off with them for using him like that and rejecting a person who really cared about him and the girls all split. I spent the rest of the convention with Lore. He was really kind to me. He bought me stuff and kissed me, but that's not why I loved him. I told him how I fet about him and he left the convention with me and we stayed together.



In this dream, it was another version of Brothers. Lore was still upset, but there was a back room carved out of rock, and in the far corner was a pit full of boiling oil. Data, Lore and Dr. Soong were in there. Lore was quite upset. Dr. Soong was near the oil. Lore walked forward, and Data stepped in the way.

"I cannot let you hurt our father," he said.

"I wasn't going to," Lore replied, taking a step back.

The Brothers began talking to Dr. Soong. Lore wanted to hug his father, but Data was convinced that he was going to hurt him. Lore decided he didn't want the chip. He wanted to love his father and his brother, sort out their differences. Lore did get closer to Dr. Soong and he slipped and fell into the oil. Lore grabbed his arm and pulled him up. He looked worried.

"Are you all right?"

Dr. Soong nodded, still shaken. Lore hugged his father.

"I never wanted to hurt you," he said, shaking his head and crying.

"I know ..."

Data cocked his head to one side, seemingly touched by this.

They all walked back into the main part of the lab and began talking, making up for lost time and friendship, and the two Brothers finally reconciled the differences.



In this dream I was trapped in a house with a large people sized killer corn cob that ate people, by putting itself over them and eating them. I tried to escaped from it, but it caught me. Data came into the house, looking for Lore, because he had come to capture him. He saved me from the corn and the corn came after both of us. Apparently Data wasn't safe from it either. It cornered us, but then Lore saved us both. Data and I were very grateful. Lore then shrunk the corn and ate it. We left with him and Data decided not to disassemble him, because he had shown compassion when he saved us, and he had risked his life to do so, and the brother's hugged each other.



In this dream, I was helping Lore and there were a lot of people who were against us and wanted to stop us, and disassemble Lore and kill me, without even giving him a chance - or know that I was a caring person who cared for what I believed in and loving Lore was not wrong. He loved me because I was the only one who really gave him a chance to show me who he really was, not some evil twin, an upset, rejected android who needed to be loved. The people were determined to do it and we knew nothing would change their minds. Lore gave me the task of getting rid of them. They all were attending a party with many others, however, a lot of innocent people were there who did not want anything to do with hurting Lore. I got rid of all the nasty people who wanted to hurt Lore and I. Lore was angry, because he thought that I may not have got rid of every one of the nasty people, and that we would be in danger. I only knew he was afraid for us, but I was angry none the less. I assured him that I had only got rid of the few necessary people, and he was grateful and feeling guilty about being angry with me. He did not want to hurt any innocent people either. I told Lore he would never be free if he hurt of killed innocent people. I walked behind a building, and onto some sand. John Farnham's "That's Freedom" was playing. I saw a class of high school children playing in the sand where there was a steep, but short slope. They were rolling down it and going down in sleds, not very good ones, because they were made of polystyrene boxes, nevertheless I joined in the fun, pushing other's sleds, they pushing mine. Well, it wasn't much fun, so I left. I walked to the rail road track at the end of the land. It wasn't far from the slope. I walked across the track and looked down from the bridge. It was a far way down into a little bit of water. I started to cross back to the sand to find Lore, but then a train came past. I slammed against the bridge and held on or dear life. I had to get across before the next train came past, but there was one coming right after this one, and another, and another and another. I was scared and didn't know how I could escape. I saw Lore running toward me. He reached me, fast, just before the next train. Lore was also scared, because these trains were powerful and he would be ripped apart if one hit him and there were so many of them coming so fast ....

Lore held onto me tightly and prepared to make a dash. A train came past and before the next one, Lore dashed across the track, holding me in his arms, then the next train came by. If we had been an instant slower, we would have both died, and been ripped apart. We ran away from the track, past the sand, and the school kids, until we were alone. Lore kissed me and said how afraid he'd been for me and that he loved me more than anything. I told him the same, and we kissed, a long kiss of love, devotion and passion, and Lore asked me to marry him. Of course you know what my answer was. And we walked alone past the forest, into the moonlight ...



In this dream I lived in a city who wanted to build a hovering station. The first station we built looked like a gigantic boomerang pillow. We didn't like it, and the station was unlivable, so we tore it down and decided to built a shiny metallic station. It was made from shiny silver and white metal bars, all put together in a rectangular cube-like fashion and we were very proud of it. We called it Babylon, but there was something missing from the name, so we decided to call it Babylon 5. I swung from one of the bars, before the station was given a higher altitude. I was given a tour of the station, and walked along one of it's corridors.

And then the Crystalline Entity paid our city a visit, of course we were all terrified, but it wanted to know about our station, Babylon 5. It said it looked shiny and beautiful, and apparently, Babylon 5 was alive and the Crystalline Entity had fallen in love with him. I was able to talk to the Entity and he promised he wouldn't harm ant people here. He said he was angry with Lore and had come here to get him, but I convinced him not to hurt Lore, because Lore was trying to start a new life for himself. Lore was nearby, and he came to me, thanking me for saving his life, and we left together.



Lore had been captured in this dream. We were on the Enterprise, walking down the corridor. Lore was with us, Data, me and a few others. They knew Lore would try to escape, so they wanted to keep him trapped and they couldn't use the brig, and so they decided on the holodeck. The guards took him in there, and I went in too, and Data continued on to the Bridge. They created a night-time forest-hill-mangrove water scenario, and were about to leave the holodeck when the doors closed and wouldn't open. Panic began to break out, because something had gone wrong with the holodeck program. There were killer fishes in the water, capable of eating Lore - and what was more, the holodeck safety features weren't operating and something in the water was pulling us down into it, even Lore couldn't break free. Needless to say it was a total panic. Everyone was scared stiff. I slipped into the water, and Lore grabbed me and pulled me out. It was very hard, as the pull of the water was very strong.

There was an Astrex meeting going on, and they heard about what had happened in the holodeck. There was no way to get into the holodeck to save us, and the odds were that we were all dead. Sadly, they accepted that.

Lore was pulled into the water, and we all tried to save him, but the pull was too strong for us, and the fish started eating him. I couldn't stand it. I had to save him, even if it killed me, not only had he saved my life, but I was in love with him. Always have been. Anyway, pushing myself beyond my limit, I managed to pull Lore out of the water. He was wounded and in pain, and bleeding from all the sharp fish bites. The pull of the water had died down a little, so we struggled up the hill to where the holodeck entrance was. It could be seen, but was almost impossible to open. Lore tried with all his strength to open it, and we all helped. After hours of gruelling, bashing into the door and using all out might, we managed to just force it open, we darted out of the holodeck as fast as we could, before the doors closed again. Lore collapsed onto the corridor floor, and we took him to sickbay. The Enterprise people wanted to help us, after all, he was the one who had saved us. Dr Crusher sedated him, and began to repair his injuries. We all waited anxiously. There were bites on Lore's sides, stomach, arms and legs.

Dr crusher patched up the bites, and Data came down from the bridge with the other crew members. He seemed rather relieved to see that we were all okay. Beverly needed Data to give Lore a chemical nutrient transfusion, because Lore had lost a lot of blood, and Data agreed to do so.

It wasn't long before Lore's levels were back to normal, and Data turned him on. Lore was still a little weak, but grateful to be alive. Data informed him that the Federation had decided not to disassemble him and give him another chance. Lore smiled and hugged Data, who in turn, smiled and hugged him back, glad to have finally reconciled things with his brother. Lore gave me a kiss, and I went with the two brothers to the Astrex meeting. Maria was so surprised and happy to see that the people weren't dead and she let me sit next to Brent Spiner who was attending the meeting and was happy that we were alive. He smiled at me and gave me a kiss.



Seaquest DSV: Lieutenant Crieg was in a scout ship, with another officer searching for the rocks, when his ship hit a mountain and collided. Both officers drowned.

Katie, his x-wife aboard the Seaquest was upset.

Something crashed into the hull of the Seaquest and she began to sink. Water began pouring in, and the officers fought for their lives. The ship shook, throwing Captain Bridger, Commander Ford, and Lt commander Katie Hitchcock off balance and Darwin was shrieking like mad. Dr. Kristin Wesphalen held onto an object, and told a little girl with long blond hair who was on the Seaquest to swim to the surface. The girl did so, and made it, and the waters were calm up there.

Data and Lore were also on the Seaquest, sharing the same quarters. They were locked in, and the pressure was so great, they couldn't get out of the room. They thought they were going to die, so Lore gave his brother a hug.

The seaquest hit bottom and split open. Data and Lore were freed. Data could not swim, so Lore grabbed him and struggled to swim to the surface with him, along the way saving Dr. Wesphalen, and helping others to escape. Lore reached the surface, and put Data down, on the small island they had found. All the other crew members were saved, including Darwin and Lucas. Lore was practically exhausted and flopped down on the land. Data was grateful to him, as were all the others. When Lore had recovered, he received an commendation for what he had done, plus a medal of bravery and honor.

He and Data finally sorted out their differences, and a stronger, more reliable Seaquest II was constructed.

The second part of the dream: The company who makes You-whip, a light whipped yoghurt, (which isn't really nice) were printing pictures of Data and Lore on their yoghurts. You had to buy a twin pack. Data was on the strawberry one and Lore was on the banana one. (I hated the banana one,) but I loved Lore. There were ten different pictures to collect of each android, so I had to buy ten twin packs and eat them to get all the pictures. I hated it, but I persevered, and ate the yogurt and got all my pictures. I washed all the tubs and cut them out and displayed them. Lore thought it was really sweet.



This dream started on DS9. I was visiting. Because I'm from the 20th century and Star Trek is a TV show here, I knew all about it and what was going to happen. It was exciting on DS9. I met Kira and Sisko. Quark and Odo liked me and I actually got them to hug each other! There was an incident with the wormhole, and I had to tell the DS9 people that Odo's people were the Dominion. Well, the dominion came and we managed to make peace with them, as they saw the 'solids' accepting Odo as one of them, and they were fascinated by me, as I didn't reject them either, then Lore and Data came to DS9 and we went through the wormhole, exploring.

The second part of the dream was set in a humungous auditorium. It was a huge, galaxy-wide poetry competition. Data has written a poem especially for this competition, entitled "Requiem for a Unicorn." We were all scared that he was going to botch it up. We had more butterflies than him! Data seemed nervous. We were scared that he was going to over do it, and we hoped the poem wasn't going to be like his other ones. But he'd worked long and hard on it and got a lot of positive feedback. Lore was sitting above us, wondering what to do. He'd come here to get Data, kidnap him, but decided to let him read his poem first. Secretly, he wished Data the best of luck. It was Data's turn on stage, with millions of people watching him. We all held thumbs for him. The lights were on him. Data looked a bit nervous, then he began. He read the poem with real feeling, appropriate to the beautiful poem, and didn't over do it. It was perfectly done. Data truly was trying his best. There were a few others that were very good, but we were confident in Data, and our confidence prevailed. Data won! He was awarded the trophy for the best poet in the universe, and congratulated by everyone. No one was prejudiced towards an android winning, and he was very happy. Lore was happy for him too. He decided to forget about nabbing Data and go to congratulate him. Data had been given a lot of flowers, then he saw Lore. Lore walked to him and smiled.

"Congratulations, Brother."

At first Data seemed uneasy, but Lore gave him a friendly hug, which Data returned, glad that Lore no longer felt bitter toward him. Data smiled. "Thanks."

We then left with Lore and Data, and Lore was happy to see me there, and we were happy to be together.



In this dream, the new TNG movie was being made, but it was real and the characters were real. We sat and watched some of it. There was a part where Data was on some sort of a ledge in a modern 24th century building. Dr. Beverly Crusher was there with him also. Data suddenly attacked her, and began acting like Lore. At first they thought he might be Lore, but then they checked him, and the chip had malfunctioned, because Data had hurt his head when he was swimming the other day. So they fixed the chip, and got all the water out of Data's head. But unbeknownst to the crew, or the audience at that time - Lore was lurking in the shadows...

When things starting going wrong, and Data was no where near the things that f'd up, people started getting suss. They didn't want Lore in the movie, but he'd gatecrashed it anyway, and since it was real, the audience was warned about Lore too. We were all staying nearby the place where they were making the movie, and showing us parts, in the viewing room, but we were allowed to walk around the place and some of us could even be in the movie. We had rooms which we stayed in because it was far away from home. I went into the large room, to put my stuff on the mattress on the floor, and Lore was in there. He came to me and grabbed my arm. At first I guess I was a little scared, but he didn't hurt me, and I told him that I really liked and cared about him, and he said he knew, but he wanted to be sure.

Meanwhile, the other characters and people were rushing madly about trying to find Lore. I helped him, because I didn't want him to get caught and hurt or disassembled. We snuck around the movie set and Lore fiddled with some controls, and we ran around to avoid detection, and the people didn't know that Lore had come here to help them and to sort out things with Data in his own unique and special way. We were found and we explained to the viewers and characters, and Lore did help them and sort things out with Data and we were all in the movie, even though Lore wasn't initially invited, they all were glad to have him there now that they knew his intentions and we all had a really great time making the movie and after it, Lore left with me.


(I curled up and went to sleep with my long multicolored dog. (Doggie) his eyes look a bit white and spooky at times, so I buried my head into his face, so he wouldn't turn into something nasty) then doggie came alive and pushed me over on the bed and all of a sudden, Doggie became Lore. Lore roughly pushed me over on the bed, with his strong arms, and I knew he wanted to take advantage of me (not that I was complaining!). He held my arms down and started to tickle me, but the sensation was annoying, and I felt trapped, because I couldn't struggle free. I asked him to stop, and he did, apologizing, because he had only being doing if for fun and didn't mean to make me uncomfortable. Lore pressed his body against mine, and then there was a curtain by the wall on my bed which parted and there was some wall shelving there. On the top shelf was an android head. Not Lore's or Data's, but it looked like Romulus, the android for the movie "Project Shadowchaser" (What a hunk he was. I wish we'd seen that much of Lore!) Lore was still on top of me, and I could feel myself waking up, just as he was starting to rip our clothes off (Damn!) I didn't want to wake up, because I wanted Lore to continue, but alas, I did. (I hope to continue this dream sometime!)



Jenni and I were watching and reading Generations and I kept saying that I was pissed off that Lore wasn't in it - and he should have been. I hope there's a good movie with him in it - and that he doesn't get killed in ANY way and that his character develops and grows.



This dream started off with this guy wanting me to get two things. They were two sheets of paper. One had an oldish woman on the front, and the other, he as going to make a new Star Trek episode with, and say pass it off as a Paramount episode. He showed me the book of the episode. It had Lore in it, and I began reading the book, scared that Lore might get killed in the episode. He was with Picard in a room, and there were Borg there also, and Lore began telling Picard that he was back and he was going to take over again. The Borg in the room were all illusions, but Lore was still wearing the black Borg uniform, and Lore tried to take over, but he was written wrong in the book, and I was scared all the time that he would get killed. But there was no character development for Lore in the book, or the episode this guy was gong to make and he was going to kill Lore at the end. So I told him I would get the stuff for the episode, but instead I made my own episode with Lore, having him get repaired and helping the Enterprise crew, wanting to start over. Of course he was still mischievous and devious, and went about it his own way! At first Lore was dressed in a black outfit (not the Borg one) but then later in the movie he changed into a nice brown shirt and pants. People were aware that he had been repaired and were weary, but they learned that he was trying to mae a change for the better. The movie drew to a pool somewhere, and there was this psycho murderer there, looking for a certain person to kill. I can't remember of the name of the woman he wanted to kill, but her sir name started with R. I was in the movie too, so I went into the pool with this Psycho, trying to determine his motives. He was quite selective about the people he killed, and he always slashed them to pieces horribly. Picard watched me swim with him and was quite worried, because he thought the psycho might drown me and Lore also watched worried from the sidelines. I was scared too, hoping the guy wouldn't drown me. The psycho told me about a woman he wanted to meet, The "R" woman, and if I could get hold of her for him. I told him I could then he swam away from him and I swam to Picard who was quite relieved, and so was Lore. We gave the name of the woman to the authorities and they old us the actual name of the woman was Leni Henderson, and I immediately made the connection - a slight change, but the name was supposed to be Loni Henderson of the Seaquest DSV. We managed to et to her and Lore saved her from the psycho and the psycho was killed, and Loni was safe. Picard thanked Lore and Lore smiled, feeling grateful to help, and he want back to the enterprise, with me, his mew wife to help Data with his new emotions and Data help him with his.

The guy who wanted to make the other episode was furious, but there was nothing he could do. We passed this movie episode as taking place after D-e-s-c-e-n-t and just After Generations, and it worked - Lore wasn't such a bad guy now and we'd proved it - this was cannon and we made a book of it and recycled all copies of his stupid book, and since Lore was now real and not just in the episode-movie, and threatening to bust this guy's chops if he did anything against us, the guy wisely decided to skedaddle. Lore smiled at me, gently, tucked me under his arm and we looked at each other with pure love in our eyes, and headed for the bedroom...



In this dream I was in my newsagent in Gladesville, looking at all these magazines on a stand all which had stuff about Transformers in them. There was a picture of a new Optimus Prime in action. There were a few magazines with stuff and I hoped I could afford them all. I grabbed a whole pile of them, but some of them didn't have anything. I was also in a rush because I was going to a concert. Lore was helping me chose some magazines also. He was sitting down, in a black outfit. Yum!



In this dream, Data was severely wounded on an Away Team mission. He lay motionless on a bio-bed in sickbay on the Enterprise with his eyes closed. Dr. Crusher, Riker, Picard and Worf examined him. Dr. Crusher told the others that Data had some sort of an infection in his chemical nutrients. They were worried about him, because they didn't know how to remove the poisons from his systems and he would die very soon if they couldn't help him. Picard looked up.

"I know who can help him."

"Who?" Beverly asked, and then she realized.



They gathered his parts and began to put him back together. Data's life depended on Lore's knowledge. They tried to repair as much of his instability as they could, but they didn't have much time. Data was dying. It didn't take them very long to repair Lore.

Lore opened his eyes and saw Beverly staring down at him.

"Woah, Deja vu..."

The Enterprise crew explained to Lore why they had repaired him, and they'd disassemble him if he didn't help them. Lore kept his cool, and looked nonchalant, but inside, he felt hurt. The only reason they had repaired him was for Data. They didn't care about him, as if his life meant nothing to them. He didn't want to help them. What had they ever done for him? But also inside, he didn't want to let Data die, and felt he had to repair him, not for the Enterprise crew, but for himself and Data, but he pretended he didn't care.

They took Lore to sickbay. He saw Data lying on the bed and walked to him. He wanted to help him, but didn't let his compassion show and made himself look uncaring. He began to examine Data and his chemical nutrients. He looked at the Enterprise crew and told them it was very serious and told them what parasite had invaded Data, and that the reason it didn't invade the humans, is because it wasn't compatible with them. He said that Data's body would have to be completely drained of chemical nutrients, and cleaned out, because the parasite was everywhere, and that he would have to give Data half of his chemical nutrients if he was to survive. Lore looked at Data lying helpless on the bed, and really wanted to help him, and was quite worried for both of them. There was a large chance he would not survive, and if Lore gave Data half of his chemical nutrients, there was a chance he would not survive either, but he felt he owed it to Data. While he was examining Data, Counsellor Troi whispered to the Captain, very softly, but Lore faintly heard some of it. She was saying something about Lore caring and pretending not to, which surprised the Captain, but he said nothing about it. They drained Data's contaminated nutrients and purged his system as Lore had asked, keeping the parasites well away from Lore, otherwise there'd be no chance to save them. They had to kill the parasites in the disperse unit so they couldn't cause any more damage. Deanna later told the others what she had sensed from Lore when they were in the observation lounge.

"Are you sure?"

Deanna nodded. "It seems as if he cares, and there's a chance he won't survive either and what are we going to do with him when Data's repaired. We can't just disassemble him again after he's helped us and Data. He's not a thing."

Lore heard some of this and was glad, but still scared. The Enterprise crew performed the operation. Lore didn't show his fear. He hoped both of them would survive, and he hoped the Enterprise crew wouldn't just treat him as a thing and disassemble him because he wasn't useful to them anymore, despite Deanna's words. Lore was asleep throughout the operation. The Enterprise crew successfully transferred Lore's chemical nutrients to Data.

"They'll both be weak for a while," Beverly said, until the nutrients begin to regenerate, and since they've both only got half, we have to monitor them closely and help them in any way we can. There's a chance they could both die."

"What if we transferred more of Lore's nutrients to Data?" suggested Nurse Ogawa.

"I could," Beverly said, "That will save Data, but it will kill Lore. There's a chance both of them will survive also."

None of the Enterprise crew wanted to sacrifice Lore, even after what he'd done and wanted both of them to survive.

A few hours later, Data began to come to, still feeling rather weak, but his new chemical nutrients had successfully regenerated. The Enterprise crew were very happy to have him back and he was glad to be back, and a lot of hugs were exchanged. The Enterprise crew were still worried about Lore.

"I do not understand how you managed to terminate the parasites in my system without killing me" Data said.

They began to explain to Data what they had done. Data was surprised, but he'd go to any lengths to save him friends as well. He was also surprised that Lore had agreed to help him especially with such a risk to himself involved. Data turned around and saw Lore beginning to regain consciousness.

"Ohhh..." he groaned. "Well at least I'm still alive ... am I?"

"Yes, Brother," Data said with a smile. "You are."

Lore looked at Data and gave him a sincere smile. They were both still weak, because their nutrients hadn't fully regenerated yet, but grateful to be alive. Lore felt grateful that he'd had a chance to give Data something back, and Data felt grateful for this opportunity to get to know Lore better, and a side of him that he very rarely saw. The Enterprise crew promised Lore they would not disassemble him or punish him, and that they would help him start a new life without the horrible rejection or hatred. Lore felt grateful, but embarrassed to show his compassion, but heck, they all knew it anyway, and the two brothers hugged each other, grateful to be alive to share this moment and many more together.


In this dream, I was in my room in my Gladesville flat, lying on my double bunk, bottom double bed, with my chocolate brown sheet, in my comfortable spotted pyjamas, feeling warm and content. Lore came to me, dressed in black, and I was somewhere else. It was dark - black around us, but we would see each other. I wasn't in my bed, but I felt warm. I knew Lore would never hurt me. I felt comfortable and content here. He wanted to take me away and I wanted to go wherever he wanted to take me, and he would go wherever I wanted to take him. I remember him warm, heartfelt smile. I smiled at him too - not just a smile, but one which touched him and told him how much he meant to me and that I'd never hurt him and always trust him, He knew this and loved me for the love and the trust and sincerity I gave him freely, and he would never hurt me in any way, and wholeheartedly gave me the same feelings in return. He touched me gently, his face showing only warmth and love. He held me and I felt his sincere gentleness, giving him mine in return. We were both unique in our own special ways and there's a special bond between us which can never be broken. He told me he cherished me and would forever and was amazed how I never doubted him and never let me faith in him waver one bit - loved him when all seemed against him, believed in him when no one else would - even when people were against me and ridiculed me. That had angered him, because he knew he was capable of change an he hated how some people refused to believe him and hurt my feelings, but he had changed now, and he wasn't going to hurt them. He was going to show them he could do it. He also cherished and loved how I believed he had it within him to show his true, loving feelings and to have people believe and understand him as I did - and it had come true - it had worked. I felt a sense of satisfaction that I had done something important and that meant a lot to me - but not just for me, for Lore. He was forever grateful to me and swore he'd never take me for granted, nor I him. I didn't feel he owed me anything. I did it because I loved him and to have his genuine love in return was all I could have dreamed for. I told him the things I was feeling and he smiled, giving light to his beautiful soft, beautiful golden features. He told me what he was feeling also, then gently took me into his arms and kissed me, and it's beauty lingered for a long time. As we shared in this charming, beautiful meaningful, romantic, sensual and intimate time, we never wanted it to end, and I knew I would be with Lore forever. It felt as if it were much more than just a dream.



Lore and I were in a weird large beach house, but not together. Lore had been captured, but was trying to prove that he'd changed and matured and that he wanted to join Starfleet. After all, there were many people in Starfleet that weren't exactly the 'model' officer. Ensign Ro was even in prison before she was asked to rejoin Starfleet. Starfleet decided to give Lore a go, but under close scrutiny, which made him grateful. He had expected the scrutiny. He was in a dark room with Geordi, who didn't trust him. He forgave Lore for what he did to him, but still didn't trust him. Lore told him that it was all right and that he wasn't lying to anyone or trying to get them off guard and he sounded very sincere, and La Forge couldn't help wanting to believe him. Lore found himself feeling an attraction to Geordi and Geordi the same, when they were together, and they embraced, and Geordi felt that he could trust Lore, and wanted to tell others too. Lore was glad and he smiled. Data didn't trust him either, but when he actually saw how Lore was helping people and enjoying it and showing how much he'd matured, he did trust him and so did everyone else and they were glad to have Lore in Starfleet with them, and Lore was glad too that he'd finally found a place he belonged. I was overjoyed that they'd accepted him, because I knew Lore wasn't all 'evil' of course he still had his mischievous and sarcastic streak, but than that was Lore! I came to him and kissed him and he returned my kiss, grateful for the help and trust I gave him all the way. I told him that it wasn't only me that helped him, it was himself. He'd done a lot of work and tried very hard to get where he is and people understood him and were grateful to finally see this side of Lore that they never new existed. I was proud to have proved it and Lore was too.



Lore was lying on the floor of the building on the planet. The place was wrecked, rubble and debris everywhere. He was hurt and weak from being attacked and blasted. He was desperately trying to get away from Data and escape and get off the planet. He didn't want to admit that he was frightened - terrified. He crawled along, hoping he would make it.

"Don't move."

Lore froze and shut his eyes for a moment. He knew that voice well and stayed very still. Data walked around him so that Lore could see him. Lore wished he had made it to the shuttle and he wanted to keep on going, but Data stood above him, holding a phaser, which Lore somehow knew was set to vaporize instantly. At least he would feel no pain - Data wasn't that merciless, but it still terrified Lore. He didn't want to die - all the things he's been through, the things he needed, his desires, all gone just like that. Lore looked up at his brother, trying to hide his fear, and not doing a very good job of it.

Data could see the fear in his brother's eyes, and him shivering, although Lore would not admit that. Data stood there, training the phaser on his fallen brother, his face cold. Data changed his position, and Lore became more uneasy, and he swallowed. Data's hand moved on the phaser and his thumb on the trigger button, ready to fire - and Lore stared up at him,his expression pleading. And to Data's surprise, although Lore was unaware at first, even although he was trying to hide his pain and terror, had let a single tear slip through.

"Data please...." was all he said.

Data looked at Lore, on the ground, blinked and then understood exactly what Lore was feeling. He'd felt exactly the same way when Soran had pulled a rather powerful gun on him in the observatory, which would have killed him, if Soran had so chose. Data was angry with Lore, but felt ashamed of himself for causing another living being so much pain and terror. His expression changed to one of pity as he holstered the phaser, much to Lore's relief and gratitude, but Lore was getting weaker, and didn't have so much strength as to hold his head up and lay down on the floor. Data decided he wanted to help Lore and felt more ashamed of himself by the minute at how he could have even considered killing his own brother. Data bent down to Lore and began to pick him up. Lore jerked, frightened - what if Data wanted to kill him in some other way? Disassemble him? No! Lore frantically tried to struggle away, but was mo match for Data in his present condition. Data lifted him up, still trying to struggle away. "It's all right, Lore" he calmed gently. "I am not going to hurt you, I promise."

Lore began to relax. One thing was Data had never lied to him, and he trusted him. He felt bad about the things he'd done and the things he's done to Data and now he had a chance to set things right.

Data came to Lore after he had repaired him and Lore expressed his deep gratitude and feelings.

"Thank you, Data," he said. "It's not until your own life's at stake until you really understand how much you value life. Thank you."

Lore blinked away tears and threw his arms around his brother and Data did the same.

"I love you, Lore..."

And Lore smiled. From now on he wold preserve, cherish and respect life wherever he found it, try and put his past behind him and start afresh. He felt he owed this to Data - and of course to himself for wanting to change. He was grateful to his brother and grateful to finally have reconciled ther differences and Data was grateful too. Lore would never forget the valuable lessons he had learned.



This dream was very vague. It had people repairing people and they were all on a ship and there were Transformers in it as well. I was on the ship too and I wanted to repair Lore, and I went to the Federation people that were there and told them. I said I was sure he could be stabilized and helped and much to my relief, they said they would help me fix him. I was relieved, because I knew I was right and we repaired Lore. I saw Lore standing in a crowd of people on the ship, looking around and he looked worried. I went to him and assured him that no one was going to harm him and why he had been repaired, and even if the Federation had not repaired him, I would have, because I was certain of him. Lore smiled and I lead him away from the crowd. He told me he was grateful and happy for what I had done and that I believed in him and I told him I always had.



In this dream, Lore was in the Windows Computer Game "Chip's Challenge" and he had to do all the levels without getting killed or caught. As well as all the creatures, Data was also in the game, trying to catch him. Lore slipped on the green floors and the fires didn't hurt him and he managed to find a way to keep all the things he got, like keys, suction boots, etc for all the levels. Data didn't know that Lore was trying to make amends and tried to get him and Lore knew if Data got him, there would be no hope for him and he would fail, and he couldn't fail - he desperately needed to complete all the levels. Some of the levels were very hard, stressful and strenuous, but finally, Lore managed to do them all. At the end of the last level, Data came to him. Lore was scared at first, but Data congratulated him and was very impressed, and they sorted out their differences, shook hands and hugged. Lore told him that he was trying to make amends and try and make his life better and Data was glad and he said that he was sorry about making it difficult for Lore and Lore forgave him - feeling that he was meant to finish the game. I was watching the game all the way, through, feeling scared and worried for Lore, but I wanted him to succeed more than anything and I knew he could do it and now that he had, I was very proud - I was proud of him anyway, because I knew how he felt. He came to me after and kissed me. He, Data and I were all happy, because we'd finally sorted things out as they should have been and it was a wonderful feeling to have one's ultimate dream come true.



In this dream Lore was trying to pass a bridge officer's test. In the test I had been hurt badly and Lore had to save me, but he could only do so by hurting me tremendously, because there were no hypo aesthetic sprays. Lore really didn't want to hurt me, so he tried to work a way around it. He had to hurry, otherwise I would die, so what Lore decided to do was kill me - temporarily (like they did to Deanna in "Man of the People") He worked out exactly what he would do and was absolutely certain that it would work. Lore knew he could bring me back to life and knew exactly how. So he gently broke my neck at exactly the right place and began working on my injuries. After they had all been repaired, he used his special repair scalpel and fixed my neck-bone. I opened my eyes and was really happy to see Lore there and hugged him, feeling grateful to be alive and not in pain and happy that Lore was okay too. Lore was relived and grateful that I was all right. Riker and Data and the other bridge crew members had watched Lore and Riker said that he had passed the bridge test and with a most unexpected method. Some of the test seemed as though it was real, and not just on a holodeck, but Lore was glad he had earned his place on the ship that would become his home.



Starfleet and the Federation were after Lore, and he was running away from them. He was in a large garden with green grass. There was a slope/hill in it like my old garden in Chatswood. Lore ran to the slope, took a jump and slid down it, then stood, crouched and ran as fast as he could (the running was called sandbagging) into this house that was there. He knew he would be safe in there, but it was scary for him and hard to get there in case he was seen. Lore ran into the house and I closed and locked the door and all the windows and he was safe. Lore knew he'd be safe in the house with me. The Federation and Starfleet stopped looking for him and I helped him prove that he was trying to change his ways and they chose not to persecute him anymore. We were both very happy for that and wanted to stay with each other forever.



I had got the TNG screen saver for Windows and the TNG computer CD-ROM game "A Final Unity" There was no Lore screen saver, so I made a nice one with him on the screen. Also, in the game, near the end, Lore appeared, in his ship and there was another person playing the game with me, who wanted to blow up Lore, and I wouldn't let him, I made peace with Lore and him and Data sorted things out and I got top score and the other person felt guilty. I would never hurt Lore and after all the key word in the game is Unity. I appeared in the game with Lore and he took off with me in his ship.



In this dream, Brent invited me into his house and he was really nice to me, showing me all his things. He showed me a portrait that Professor Stephen Hawking had given him, and it had his address on it. I tried to memorise it, but I didn't want Brent to think I was snooping. I looked for it in the phone book and found out where Professor Hawking lived and we visited him and he was really nice, sweet and funny.



Real: Emma Kate Symons is putting my review for "DataLore" in the Daily Telegraph Mirror "Picks & Pans" section next week 12/12/95. Dream: I was really frantic that she would use the wrong photo, not the Lore one. I was really worried about it and crying and hoping she understood how much it meant to me. I was afraid that they might use a photo of Data and put "Lore" underneath it, because the review was essentially about Lore. Emma printed a nice photo of Brent from a cast shot and it said "Brent Spiner" underneath it. Since it was a cast shot, it really could have been Data or Lore in disguise!

And that's just how my dream turned out in real life too!



I had a dream where Brent came to my house and found that he really liked me. He hugged me and kissed me and was really happy to see me and I was really happy to see him to and ecstatic that he liked me and I returned his affection, not because he plays Data and Lore, or because he's gorgeous, or my favorite actor - because I wanted to, because I felt free with him, that he really cared about me, despite the fact that I was a "fan" and I loved him for who he was and he loved me for who I was. I went to his house in America and he was really happy to see me. He hugged me roughly and twirled me around and I was glad to be with him. I felt honored and very grateful.



I dreamt that Lore, Data and I were in a prehistoric place. We sat on a rock above the ocean. There was this huge eel-like fish in the water that could eat androids and humans, so we steered clear of it. Lore fell into the water and the ell thing came after him and almost got him, but Data and I pulled him out in time. Lore scrambled up to the top of the hill in shock and we comforted him and he was grateful for us being there, saving him and being with him. Data and Lore became closer and they thanked me also. In this land we were all getting hungry, so we caught this big creature. It was a reptile of some sort, quite large. We killed it and cooked it on a fire. It tasted like really nice chicken, except the skin was really fatty, so we ate the meat and threw the large skin into the water. The eel like creature came up and swallowed it with one messy gulp. We started to walk away from the water. A tyrannosaurs rex-like creature came up to Lore and grabbed him in its mouth. Fortunately, it couldn't eat androids, broke a number of his teeth and didn't find Lore appetizing, so let him drop to the floor, and didn't harm the rest of us, because it thought we were androids, and Lore chased it off. We were in the land for some time and Data and Lore became close together. Lore kissed me and was really grateful to me being there, and Data too and Data was grateful for us all being together as well. We were eventually let out of the land because Data and Lore's sorted out their differences and were grateful for that and it would stay that way.



Dr. Soong had left Earth with the colonists. They could not find a planet to start on, so they settled for an old deserted space station, which was oblong, with different shapes jutting out everywhere. It was quite large, but looked like whoever built it had just slapped any old metal together. The colonists were not happy with it, but Dr. Soong said it was only temporary and at least it was much bigger than the crammed space craft. They docked the craft and began boarding the space station. Inside did not look much better an the colonists were even more displeased, but at least Dr. Soong pointed out it was sturdier than it looked and it had a breathable atmosphere and so the colonists set up base here. There was a large natural arboretum there, so natural, it even rained in the place from time to time and the space station was big enough for all the colonists. They began to grow their own food in the arboretum and were quite fond of the sweet red berries which grew on trees in there.

It was here where Dr. Soong began to create his third android. The first two had died before they left Earth and Noonian and Juliana hadn't quite gotten over their deaths. The third android was a spitting image of him in his thirties, except for the golden skin and yellow eyes. Dr. Soong decided to call his son Ern. Ern was fully functional and had a vast memory, incredible strength and speed and he helped out the colonists on the station. Constant hull checks were needed, the food in the arboretum was constantly being harvested and

stored and so there was a lot of work to be done. Ern liked helping, but unfortunately, the colonists didn't like having an android with emotions around. One woman and her small daughter were collecting the red berries in the arboretum, being quite quick about it, because it was going to start raining. Ern could see that they wouldn't make it, so with his superior speed he rushed in and picked all the berries off the tree and put them in her bowl. The woman became angry, telling Ern that he was a show off and that she didn't want his help. He told the woman sadly that he was only trying to help and Ern became upset and sulked off. He sat down near the arboretum and sulked. The woman came out of the arboretum with her daughter and the berries. Before they got out, the daughter yelped, because she had gotten some of the arboretum's thorns in her foot. Ern rushed to her and pulled them out without hurting the girl and rubbed her foot better, and again the mother was angry, telling Ern never to touch her daughter again, but the daughter stood up for Ern saying that he helped her and that her mother was mean. The girl thanked Ern and stormed off, leaving her mother not knowing what to say, so she left with her berries. Ern liked the girl, Elanore, but none of the other colonists, because they were all mean to him. His mother and father were nice to him, so he liked them, but he became angry with the colonists and refused to help them even when they wanted him to. The colonists began telling the Soongs that they wanted to have Ern disassembled, and Dr. Soong and Juliana saw no other choice. Ern was upset, frightened and he felt betrayed. Noonian and Juliana didn't want to do it, but they did, not a dry eye among them. Elanore too was sad about Ern being disassembled. She was the only one who didn't sign the petition. Dr. Soong had found a planet and all the colonists were relieved to finally leave this "junk pile" as they called it. They angered Dr. Soong. They seemed so ungrateful for what he was doing for them. Dr. SOong didn't want to leave Ern's parts on the station, but there was no way for him to bring them aboard without the colonists seeing. They left the rickety space station for the new planet which was called Omicron Theta. There Dr. Soong created another android called Lore, who again was treated badly by the colonists, except Elanore, who he made friends with. She was much older now and her mother had died, but unfortunately, Elanore died on the colony in an accident in a science lab, leaving Lore with no one. The colonists were worse to him than they were to Ern and Lore resented them for that. Lore too was disassembled, but unlike Ern, he got his revenge. Dr. SOong an Juliana left the colony, sad that they had to leave both Lore and Data there. Lore was reassembled 26 years later by his brother Data, but unfortunately all did not go well. Lore was jealous of Data and, Lore, unfortunately, unstable, thanks to the way the colonists treated him did some bad things and was wanted by the federation. he met his father 3 years later and got some answers, but unfortunately again, all did not go well, and three years later, Lore was disassembled again. Two years later, Data had reassembled him and Dr. Song had come back. He, Data and Lore had a talk and Dr. Soong finally told them about Ern on the space station. It felt goo for him to tell someone after all these years he'd harboured the guilt. He wanted to repair Ern, so they went back to the space station with Juliana, hoping it was still there. Dr. Soong was scared that it wouldn't be, because forty years was a long tine, and it was rickety back then, but they did find it, looking junkier that it had ever been. They went inside, Soong found Ern's parts and they began to reassembled them, hoping Ern would reactivate after all this time, and he did. He was upset with his parents, but he forgave them and he was thrilled to see that he had two brothers. In a way, he liked Lore better, because Lore went through what he did. He hugged Lore, then he hugged Data and his parents. Lore felt guilty, because Ern hadn't done the bad things he had, but all was forgiven. lore forgave Data and Data forgave Lore and Ern and Lore forgave their parents for disassembling them and they had a family hug and all was well with them.. They left the space station. Data returned to the Enterprise with his two brothers. Picard and the crew almost freaked, but Data assured him that he had everything under control. He, Lore and Ern went to his quarters. They both wanted to know more about Ern, who was happy to talk to them. He wasn't unstable, although he had been hurt at the colonists treatment of him, and he was a very gentle and understanding fellow and loved both his brothers and they loved him and they all felt a strong sense of family between themselves that could never be broken.


In this dream, in the DS9 episode "Way of the Warrior," Sisko had detected a great energy disturbance in the galaxy. It was on a planet, but the energy was effecting all over. The whole crew were out trying to sort it out. Sisko sent Dr. Bashir to the remote planet where the energy was originating from. When Bashir arrived, alone, he saw the swirling colorful energy and tried to analyze it. He deduced that it wasn't dangerous, just very different and strange, and then he felt something. There was a life form trapped inside it, a non hostile life form, and Bashir had to go in and get the life form. And so he did, he leapt into the swirling colorful energy , put his arms around the solid life form and pulled him out of the energy and was very shocked to discover that it was a young Dr. Soong, say in his 40's. He thanked Bashir. He told Bashir the energy was alive and hadn't meant to harm him, and that he was grateful to Dr. Bashir for helping him. He also asked the doctor to take care of his sons, Data and Lore and Julian Bashir promised he would.



In this dream, Lore had been repaired and was back. He was living in a large apartment with some men, and they got on quite well, and he had started to grow a beard, which was grey. Lore felt grateful to be accepted by them, because they were all human. He wanted to go back to The Next Generation, and appeared on TV one day, saying that he was back, and he smiled. I saw him, and he asked me through the TV for any advice. I was desperate and I told him not to muck up badly, because he'd just get disassembled and definitely lose the beard. He invited me to stay with him and the men in the apartment. Lore was quite organised, as was the rest of the household. He promised me he wouldn't do anything bad, because he himself didn't want to repeat what had happened to him. He kissed me and he was grateful to my help. When he kissed me, the beard was prickly, but he shaved it off soon enough and went back to TNG. The TNG people were weary about having him back, but he proved to be an okay guy and they accepted him back and it was great to see him finally getting his life back in order.


The USS Enterprise - NCC 1701-E was in this dream. It was more streamlined and the saucer section was more oval shaped, like the Voyager. Something had gone wrong and the Enterprise was careering at astronomical speeds, out of control through time and space. Picard and the crew were trying to stop it, both to get their bearings and to save damage to the time-space continuum. It careered past Cybertron when the Transformers were having a battle. They stopped the battle to see the Enterprise whiz past and were impressed, and wanted to find out more about it. Picard and the crew aboard the Enterprise were desperately trying to stop the Enterprise. The ship careered past the Death Star when Luke was blowing it up. Picard knew the Enterprise whizzing past would disrupt the flow of events, and it did. When Luke fired his photon torpedoes into the Death Star's main reactor, they were off course and didn't go in. Luke was frantic. The Death Star was going to blow up the rebel base with Leia on it and he had failed.

"Use the force, Luke... It's the only way .... your only chance..."

Luke flew stopped his X-Wing fighter, away from the Death Star, closed his eyes and concentrated. He knew his life was in danger, because Darth Vader and the other Tie Fighters were out there, but he didn't care. He channelled all his belief and energy to concentrate on igniting the main reactor and Death Star blowing up, and it happened. Luke was exhausted afterwards. He could barely move. Seething with fury, Vader captured him and was mighty mad. He took Luke to a part of the debris of the Death Star with an enclosed atmosphere. Luke was terrified as Vader ignited his light saber and pointed it in his face. Luke ran behind some machinery. Vader came after him. Luke could go no further. It was a dead end and he was exhausted. Darth Vader pointed his light saber at Luke's throat. Luke became even more terrified and was waiting for the end. Vader simply turned on his heel and left, his black cape flowing behind him, leaving a bewildered, not to mention relieved Luke Skywalker. As mad as Darth Vader was, he felt he could not kill his own son. Luke was re-united with his rebel friends, glad to be safe, home and not dead. Picard and the Enterprise crew sent their apologies for the disruption vis subspace and were forgiven. They were grateful to learn that everything turned out all right, but the Enterprise was still careering through space and time. It finally stopped on near asteroid, where a distress call was heard. Data beamed down to this small, grey, rocky asteroid, to find his brother, Lore, lying there. Lore had been hurt and couldn't move. He hoped Data would help him, but knew that Data might consider that a bit too much to ask. Data looked at Lore, and knew Lore would die if he was left here.

"Please help me," Lore said to him.

Data looked down at his brother. "I cannot forget whet you did with the Borg."

Lore looked into his brother's eyes. "Neither can I."

Data, still angry with his brother, saw the sincerity in his eyes, and no matter how mad he was, he felt he couldn't leave Lore to die, so he picked his brother up and beamed to the Enterprise's sickbay and helped Dr. Beverly Crushed to repair him. Lore thanked Data. It took Lore a while to fully recover, and he apologized to Data for what he had done and Data found himself forgiving Lore, and starting a reconciliation between the two brothers.

The USS Enterprise was repaired and no longer careered madly through the cosmos and was returned to her own universe.



This dream started off with the aliens from Independence Day using Dr. Okun to act as a martyr for their cause, by crashing in an F-18 plane. I insisted that he didn't die, because you didn't see it happen, but everyone said he did. I went to a country bar where some guys usually hang out and Scott Ellis was there. He said that he thought Dr. Okun died, and so I tried to help Dr. Okun. I made it that he didn't die, but the plane crashed and the aliens were defeated. The next part of the dream, I was on a train with Lore and some other people. The train was supposed to be taking us further, every station it passed and to be helping Lore the further it progressed, but Lore was increasingly disagreeable and obnoxious. The train never seemed to be going anywhere or progressing and it seemed like the rail-road to hell. Every station we passed seemed nowhere. We got out at a few, but they weren't the right ones. The wise man said we'd know when the journey was over, and that if Lore didn't smarten up his act, then it would be cut short. Neither Lore or I wanted that to happen, so we kept on this train, hoping for a good end to the journey. It was really scary not knowing like that. We got out at one desolate station, and we couldn't see very far up ahead, because the tracks curved sharply. I got back into the train, thankful it didn't take off without me. I sat down at a small round table with Lore, looking like a gypsy. Lore was being obnoxious and shitty again, and I knew it was because he was scared. I was too and I told him. I also told him that I was here to help him and he said he knew that and was very grateful for it and out journey progressed. I wasn't sure how the journey stopped, but it did when Lore realised his true feelings and expressed them - fear and love for me and Data. Data greeted us at the end of the journey and other people were happy for Lore too. We got off the train and were happy to be together and true. Our journey never really comes to an end, although we are not on that spooky train and have a clear sense of direction now and would never lose that or our love for each other.


In this dream there were some Romulan Unificationists on a planet with Spock. Lore was helping them. Some Romulans from the empire caught them and were going to summarily execute them. They trapped Lore in a space capsule, so he couldn't help them. The Empire Romulans took the Unificationists into a room and were going to shoot them all and there was no way for them to escape. Lore had managed to find a way to control the confined space capsule that he was in and flew it into outer space. From there he fired into the complex, so as to injure the Empire Romulans, but not to hurt the Unificationists. Lore joined them afterward. They were grateful that he'd managed to escape and free them. Spock was grateful to Lore as well and said that he'd done the Universe a good service and Lore smiled, happy to have helped. He took the Unificationists away from the planet to where they'd be safe.



The new Star Trek movie was out and Lore was in it. Lesley, Ann and I wrote some of it. The beginning of the movie started with Lore's mother wanting to reprogram Lore to help others, but she also wanted him to do it of his own accord. They were in a slummy place, where Lore was hiding out on this planet for now. Juliana said she didn't want to, when she found Lore sleeping, and decided not to - she was confident in Lore. Lore was with this bunch of rebels who were helping him, some male, some female, most aliens. Dag from DS9 (Christopher Collins) was there. They had their one space ship. In the movie, Lore was going to be taken to the Enterprise and due to some change of heart, help the Enterprise, but his way, and it wasn't apparent that he was helping, but he did, and his newfound love, a human called Tatiana, helped him and they want to marry each other. The Enterprise thanked Lore for his help, as he saved their ship and he left, happy to be accepted and loved and happy to be with tatiana and his rebel friends.



In this dream, they were making the new Star Trek movie after First Contact. Lore was going to be in it, but he was worried that they might kill him off and expressed his troubled feelings to the producers. However, they said they wouldn't and Lore was happy - and so were Data and I!



In this dream, Picard and Data were travelling to alternate universes and dimensions, exploring them and learning about them and documenting their findings in detail. On a 20th century train in one universe, they found Lore. AT first Data became tense as he approached Lore, ready for anything. When he arrived at Lore's seat, Lore looked up at him and surprised Data when he showed no malice. Data could see his brother was very distressed and distraught and Data immediately wanted to help him. He helped Lore out of the seat on the train. Lore could barely walk and was whimpering. Data really wanted to help him and felt sorry for him. They took him off the train, to a hotel rook somewhere, let him rest, turned him of and cleaned him up. Data discovered when he accessed Lore's programs that Lore was feeling dangerously depressed - no one seemed to give a shit about him. Data was determined to change that and help his brother. They gave him new clothes and reactivated him. Lore could speak now, and felt a little Better. Data told him what they had done and that he wanted to help him. Lore thanked him, still feeling uneasy and rejected, but he believed his brother and was grateful. Data and Picard took Lore back to their universe and Data started to help Lore be more confident in his self worth and told him that not everyone hated him. Lore was grateful, even if he did seem a little embarrassed to admit that he needed help and he told Data ho grateful he was and Data was glad to be of help. Lore was happy to finally have his life meaning something to him and to others and to realise that the Universe was there for him.



In this dream, Data was on the Enterprise E. He was in the captain's seat. They had some to stop a pointy looking Borg ship which had come to terrorise this sector of Federation space. Picard said to Data to pretend to be Lore, who was also there. Data was to order or force these Borg away by whatever means necessary. Data hailed them his voice colder then liquid nitrogen, ordering them to leave or be destroyed. His voice was harsh and firn. At first the Borg ignored him and continued to terrorise. Data ordered again. The Borg seemed unnerved by him, but refused to leave. Data turned to Worf and ordered. "Target the rear deflector, and keep firing until the are destroyed. Fire."

Worf Fired. The Borg hailed the Enterprise, shrieking for them to stop and that they would leave. Then knew that constant firing at that point of their ship would destroy them. Data ordered Worf to cease fire and he did. The Borg left, vowing never to return, and Data was satisfied with that. After the Borg left, Lore smiled at Data.

"Pretty good, Brother Dear. Couldn't've done better myself. Look at the bastards run!"

"Well done, Data," Picard said.

Data smiled and left the Captain's chair to the captain and left the bridge with Lore.



In this Dream, Captain Picard wanted us to learn about the Enterprise, and he'd set up a test for us to get about the ship. Lore's job as Security Chief was to make sure we stuck to it, and I was no exception! But he smiled at me. The test was very difficult and frustrating, and I did my best, though I was about 3 or 4 minutes out of time which maddened me because I couldn't get to the transporter on time to beam to the bridge and the lifts were hard to operate. Captain Picard said was good, but I wished I'd gotten there in time, but Lore was proud of me and said he was sorry that he'd had to be so harsh. Even if I hadn't gotten there on time, I did my best. I forgave him wholeheartedly and he hugged and kissed me and I returned the gesture.



I had this office business. A new woman came to work for me, an English girl with spiky bright red hear called Meyrina. She went upstairs and met Lore, who also worked for me. She also helped Lore not to feel rejected, by talking to him and showing him that she accepted him like anyone else.



In this dream I was with some Paramount people that were adamant about not bringing back Lore and looked on me just as 'another Lore fan' however I showed them how great Lore can be with a story I wrote. They were impressed and brought him back wearing a sexy black suit - Lore was pleased to be back too and very grateful to me :)



I was in a shop, looking for a nice beach towel. I saw a velvety Data one, but it was about $70. I didn't have the money. However, a lady told me there was a cheap bargain shop selling Lore velvety towels for $1, down the street. Eagerly I sought it out to find if she spoke the truth. I was scared that I might nit find this shop, but I did and they did have Lore towels for only $1. I bought two for me and some fro my Lore pen pals. The shop keeper was glad to sell some ad told me that he was angry that he didn't have any Data towels in his batch. I told him that Lore was worth just as much as Data and selling him for $1 was insulting. I also told him tact Lore needed a chance. The keeper agreed, and put up the price of the towels, while the other shop keeper lowered the price of his Data towels to a reasonable number. I was happy with my soft smooth velvety Lore towel and couldn't wait to send my friends theirs.



Fajo had escaped and wanted revenge on Data, had taken android's head. The Enterprise crew had desperately trued to get Data's head back, but Fajo had threatened to destroy it. They knew he would, wether or not they tried to stop him.

Data's head started to bleed, not his chemical nutrients, but red human blood. At first Fajo had been startled, but accessed Data's memories and discovered that he had been experimenting with replicated human blood. Unbeknownst to either the Enterprise nor Fajo, someone else was coming to Data's aid.

He piloted his small cloaked starship beside Fajo's and beamed aboard using his universal Transporter, through Fajo's shields.

He found Data's severed head and some of his parts and made of with it, but not before he triggered an alarm. That was his plan. He transported back to his ship, leaving fajo furious.

Lore took off into warp, back to the Enterprise, He had to get Data's head back onto his body fast as it had been severed with a blade, not to the usual disconnection points - in English, Data didn't have long to live. Lore knew he was risking his very existence doing this, but felt he couldn't let Data die and he transported suing his Universal Transporter, located under his thumbnail to the Enterprise. The intruder alarm was triggered, the Enterprise being more sensitive than Fajo's ship. Lore had beamed directly to Data's Lab where his brother's body was. He immediately set into reconnecting the head and was immediately set upon my a security team headed by Worf. Picard, Riker, Beverly Geordi and Deanna followed.

"Lore!" Worf growled. "Stand away from Data." He held a phaser at Lore.

"I'm trying to fix him, you Klingon idiot!"

Worf growled.

"He's telling the truth," Deanna said.

Worf put down the phaser, but still was not happy.

"I don't have much time," Lore said, "so if you'll all shut up and let me be, I'll be most grateful."

Riker couldn't help but smile. Lore sure was colorful.

They anxiously watched Lore's fingers as they danced around Data's head and circuits and he desperately tried to repair the damage.

Finally it was down, with much relief. "Ohh what happened..."

Data sat up. "My cranium feels like it is about to explode."


Data looked up. "Lore! Oh my God ... I am not deceased, am I?"

Lore smiled "No. Not yet. Stay cool, dude."

"Why did you come back here?" Picard asked Lore.

"Well call me sentimental, but I couldn't let him die."

"You know Starfleet wants you disassembled ever since they found out that the Romulans repaired you after the Borg incident."

"Well yeah ... The Romulans want me dead too, by the way."

"I never thought I'd agree with a Romulan," Worf growled.

"You're not still upset about being whacked in the turbolift seven years ago are you? Like come on. You had know way of knowing I'd beat the shit out of you."

Worf growled, but kept his cool.

"And besides, without me, Data'd be dead."

"You repaired me?"

"Duh. Yeah."

"But in doing so you may have sealed your own disassembly."

"Well they've always said I was insane."

Picard couldn't help but smile. "We'll talk to Starfleet."

"Thanks, I guess, for all the good it'll do."

Picard and the others left.

Lore helped Data up.

"Thank you, Brother."

"You never thought I cared, did you?"

Data looked into his brother's golden eyes. "I know now."

Picard returned to Lore and Data and told him that Starfleet had finally agreed to send Lore to the Daystrom institute for repairs and rehabilitation. Picard didn't have to be Betazoid to see how relieved Lore felt - and it wasn't just to avoid disassembly - he felt at long last he was going to get the help he needed.

Fajo had caught up to the Enterprise.

"How dare you deprive me of my revenge!"

"You had no right to take Data in the first place!" Deanna exclaimed. She knew she was out of line, but reading that creep's mind how he wanted Data as a toy or his collection, made her blood boil.

Picard felt the same way, protocol be damned.

Lore and Data came onto the bridge. "He insisted on coming here, despite my advice that he should rest, Captain.

Beverly smiled. She knew what that was like, flashing Picard a look.

"Two of them!?" Fajo exclaimed.

"That's right," Lore said. "Two." He gave Fajo the two finger.

"I'll have you too, whoever you are."

"The name's Lore, bud."

"You'll both be a lovely addition to my collection once you've both been reprogrammed to serve me."

"Go fuck yer mother, cock sucker."

"Lore!" Picard exclaimed.

Lore smiled gingerly. "Sorry. When I was hiding out from the Romulans and Starfleet, I hung out on late 20th Century Earth for a while."

He turned to Fajo, "and as for you, ... Take this!" Lore revealed a remote control and pressed the button. Fajo's image went fuzzy, then vanished and his ship exploded.

The crew started at Lore. "What the mother fucker deserved it, 'N, he won't be boterhin' us again ..."

Picard pu his face into his hands. "How am I going to put this in a Log. Merde."

"And besides," Lore said no one pushes around my little brother ... except me."

Data couldn't help but smile.



Voyager had been stranded on a planet who's main cities were underwater, though the tops of the rounded metallic like buildings were visible from the surface.

However, the water on the planet was poisonous and corrosive to the Voyager and her crew and the planet another surprise.

Lore. He had been reconstructed in the Alpha quadrant by Data, though the Federation wanted him disassembled again and he had fled, been sucked through a wormhole and ended up in the Delta Quadrant and crash landed here. The Voyager crew regarded him with mixed feelings.

Janeway, anger, disgust.

Chakotay, didn't know much about him, though did not condone the android's past actions.

The Doctor, interest

B'Elanna, fascination, with a hint of fear

Paris, nonchalance

Kim, believed Lore should be punished

Neelix, nervous interest

Seven, matter of factual interest.

Despite his bravado, Lore feared the newcomers, despite his strength. No way was he going back to the Alpha Quadrant to be disassembled.

The people of the city accepted Lore, he'd helped them fortify their cities against the corrosive waves when it became evident their cities would not survive much longer.

Lore swam in the waters, protected by a wetsuit, however, that wasn't enough, his skin had corroded terrible, exposing his circuits, tender to the touch. He knew it was only a matter of time.

Lore told the Voyager crew he'd been punished enough for his crimes against humanity.

They came to understand Lore better and how he had helped these people at great personal risk, despite their misgivings.

Lore helped fortify Voyager and get her space borne.

"I can't excuse your past actions, Lore," Janeway said, 'but it seemed to me you've come a long way since than. Thank you. You saved my ship and crew."

The android smiled. "My pleasure. I'm not proud of my past and I can't change it, but I can change my fate."

"Please forgive my misgivings."

Lore smiled again. 'Of course, Captain. I've been a pretty bad boy."

Janeway gave a small smile. "You could say that, but it looks to me you're on the right path."

Lore helped the Doctor sort out some nuances in his holographic matrix, helped B'Elanna in Engineering. She even kissed him, without Tom knowing of course! Lore smiled.

The voyager crew repaired Lore, thanks to Seven, the Doctor and B'Elanna's insights. Some part of him even missed Humans, Hades forbid. Perhaps someday he'd go back to the Alpha Quadrant, but not today.

Now totally immune to the noxious waves, Lore went swimming in them, thicker than water, finding the waves soothing his body.

Lore had found a home here on this planet with these people who had accepted him and cared for him when he was badly wounded in the crash.

"Captain," Lore said.

Kathryn turned around.

"When you do make it back, can you tell Data that I miss him, and that ... I love 'im."

"You have my word."

"Thank you."

He wished them a safe journey home and watched the Voyager until she took off to warp, wondering how may years it would be before Data got his message and how many years before he could tell data in person.



The Enterprise had discovered a large asteroid with strange properties and went to investigate. It was discovered that the asteroid was hollow for the most part and that it was incredible toxic to humans, even in protective gear.

Data offered to beam over, knowing that his organic components would be safe. Nevertheless the crew expressed their concerns.

Data materialised inside the centre of the asteroid, surprised to find that it was organic in nature. He gently touched the dark green wall, finding it soft. The asteroid was huge with many tunnels and cave and Data surmised it would even take him a very long tome to explore.

He saw the walls consisted of many colours, and some glowing objects, he found to be small glow worms, making this place indeed look beautiful, however the silence, Data found eerie, with his emotion chip installed, he discovered he had a whole new look on exploration. But there as something else here, something which frightened him, and although the sensation was new, he didn't like it.

He continued to explore, trying to shake the feeling, and stood at one moist wall, gently running his hand down it.

He felt a hand clap his shoulder, gasped and spun around, terrified and shocked when he saw Lore before him.

"Enjoying the emotion chip, I see," he continued before Data could speak. "Like my new home?"

"Lore ... but ..."

"Relax, Brother. 'm not going to eat you."

The android composed himself. "The Romulans boasted that they'd repaired you ... and planned to use you against the Federation... Though it was thought-"

"They did repair me, but their reprogramming ideas ¼ let's just say went South and I escaped, fled in a shuttle and that's when I found Grandula."

Seeing Data's quizzical look, Lore gestured to their surroundings. "what I call her, this place ... She's a sentient 'asteroid' if you will. As lonely as me .. Toxic to all biological life ... Thought to be a bad omen. So you see we have a lot in company already."

"Like you did with the Crystalline Entity, vaporised biological life on Contact. You have strange friends, Lore."

The other android smiled. "She's very comforting." He gently stroked her walls. "She built the rocky exterior to protect herself. She keeps me safe, I keep her safe and we keep each other company."

Data saw the wall move slightly to Lore's touch.

"She's beautiful, isn't she?."

The Starfleet android looked at the surroundings, colours glowing, the dim light, illuminated by many little glowing speck. "Yes," he said. "She is ... The Silence is ... so peaceful."

Lore smiled. "You took the words out of my mouth, Data ... Here I can relax, be free, no one to tell me what to do, that I'm wrong or just an android ... Even the worms let me touch them."

Data smiled.

"And Grandula needs me .. She..."

"And you love her too."

Lore nodded. "Please don't take me away, Data ... I need to be here."

The other android smiled. "I can see that, you need her as much as she needs you ... Lore, I've studied your past and while I don't agree with what you did, I can't entirely blame you either. People and situations weren't exactly kind to you ... You pose no threat here."

Lore chuckled. "I'm glad you see it that way ... And Data, I'm sorry ... I should have been a better brother."

"I could say that of myself, Lore. Perhaps we could have tried to help you ... I am sorry too."

Lore gave a smile and embraced his brother. "Thank you ... I wondered if I'd ever get another chance."

Data held his brother's hand. "I must go back o the Enterprise, though I promise your and Grandula's secret is safe with me."

'Thank you."

"Good Bye Brother."

Data taped his badge. "One to beam up."

Lore watched him go, a tear rolling down his cheek. The asteroid pulsed.

"Don't worry, Grandie, he won't reveal our secret. He's my brother."

"Report," Picard said.

Data gave the Captain his findings.

"We must refrain from further study," Data said.

"Why so?"

"The asteroid, Sir is a sentient xenophobic life form. It is her wish."

Picard nodded. "Which we will grant."

"Thank you, Sir."

"Is that all, Data?"

"Yes, Captain."

"Thank you. Dismissed." Although Picard got the feeling the android hadn't told him everything, he'd known Data long enough and respected his judgment.

The Enterprise left the asteroid and Grandula relaxed, allowing Lore to snuggle into her warm Centre. He smiled as she caressed him, keeping him safe, as he closed his eyes and slept, though he didn't need to, he loved the way he held him and never wanted to leave her.



Lore wanted to die. He had transported himself back to Ancient Greece and the time of Xena. He wanted his soul to rest in Hades, in the Underworld. He decided to make Joxer his 'victim,' and was going to pretend to kill him, while he wanted Joxer to kill him.

Lore rushed Joxer with his sword, though Joxer clumsily swerved the wrong way and Lore's sword ran him through, but by the same token, Joxer's sword clumsily ran Lore though, cutting through vital circuitry, killing him as both souls went to Hades. Gabrielle cradled Joxer, while Xena although she was angry felt something for Lore.

Both Joxer and Lore arrived before Hades. Joxer was allowed back into the mortal world as Lore had killed him by accident.

Hades wasn't entirely sure what to make of Lore.

He had done more than his share of questionable things, though Hades could sense Lore had tried his best to make amends for his less than virtuous deeds and Hades had never received an android before and decided to send him to the Elysian Fields. Lore could scarcely believe his ears, expecting to go straight to the bottom of Tartarus and expressed his gratitude to the Lord of the Dead. Hades simply smiled and said, "you still have a lot to learn, Lore."

"Not that I'm complaining, Hades, but-"

The Sovereign of the Underworld smiled. "You have paid for your crimes, Lore, and you will continue to pay with your own grief and remorse. Only you can break free form that."

And with that, Hades disappeared.

A tear rolled down the Android's pale golden cheek, as he began to clear his soul of the things he had done, thanking Hades for his second chance of life, even if it was in death.


?/9/01 "Goddess Dream"

The challenge had been set. You had passed the first to challenges, almost as easily as a hero would, dodging spiked maces, duels, amongst other things, without so much as a scratch. You dodge expert snipers shooting poison darts, but you sense there's something more to this challenge than physical prowess.

The third challenge is nigh and many more lie ahead.

Night has fallen. The challenge is to rescue your friends, trapped within the barn. It is set in an unknown garden.

A Goddess tree guards the garden. She lets you pass. Although she is a tree, you see the outline of a female body within the tree. You see her yellow eyes, shaped like lemons, her gentle face impassive, though shows much expression. Though you are told if the sleeping Goddess awakens, and her eyes glow, you are to be, for want of a better word, sacrificed to her.

You free your friends, both Suzannes, Pauline, Maxine, Karen from the barn. They are much relieved and grateful and much hugging ensues. You see them safely across the grass. Hades stands at the edge of the garden and uses his powers to send your friends home. You slip on the grass, and as you look up at the Goddess, her eyes glow bright yellow. At first you hope you are seeing things - that there has been a mistake, but there has not.

Hades, as well as Qui-Gon and Lore, your Spirit Guides are all standing at the edge of the garden. Lore looks more concerned. Painfully, Hades realises this is the way it has to unfold.

The Guides speak to your mind, telling you to take off all your clothes and jewellery. You are still afraid, but you do so.

The Tree Goddess reaches down and picks you up, very gently reassuring you that there is nothing to fear, but you are still afraid.


Carefully, she placed you inside her mouth.

Hades takes a breath and holds a distraught Lore.

"Do not be afraid," he tells you. "I will always be with you. No harm will come to you, I promise."

The Goddess gives you her warmth and love. She is the embodiment of Isis and Gaia, the Earth Mother.

You feel Hades' gentle, loving embrace.

//As Hades promised,// the Goddess says to your soul, //no harm will come to you.//

Her mind-voice is gentle and sincere, but still you are afraid. Tears form in the Goddess' lemon shaped eyes, for she does not wish to harm you, physically or emotionally.

//Please do not be afraid... This is the only way ... I am sorry, I do not wish to frighten you...//

You hear her gentle, calm, contrite words and you realise you will still be who you are. You will not be harmed, and you relax, realising it had to be.

The Goddess relaxes and calms, relieved you are no longer afraid. She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes.

The Goddess swallows.

Hades takes a deep breath. Qui-Gon holds his hand. Their spirits never leave yours. Tears adore both Hades' and Qui-Gon's cheeks, though both God and Jedi know you are safe.

Inside the Goddess, you feel bathed and caressed by warmth. You see light and swirling rainbow colours. You feel free. Love embraces you. You feel as though you are in her womb, heart and soul, rather than in her stomach. You realise without fear or doubt, your purpose.

The Goddess smiles warmly, heartfelt that you have realised what she has known all along.

The Goddess glows as life pours from her body into the Earth. Mother's milk from her breasts, nourishment from her vagina, giving the Earth life. Your pure soul was chosen to save the Earth, to expel the physical toxins, the poisonous emotional toxins, hatred, greed ... Creating and planting love within the Earth Mother. Life pours into Gaia. She feels renewed and revitalised, awakening dormant memories. Years of neglect are caressed and massaged away, your spirit and soul once again awakening hers.

Qui-Gon and Hades hold each other. Tears stream down Lore's face as he sits alone, realising your importance, his hands touching the Earth, thanking her.

Osiris and Horus shimmer into existence, their gentle faces showing only love and compassion. Gently Osiris embraces Hades and Horus holds Qui-Gon.

"Your love for her is beyond beautiful," Osiris says gently.

Hades smiled warmly. "As is yours."

The Goddess opens her eyes, her being glowing. From her body leaps your spirit, full of love and vitality, free from physical limitations.

Hades hugs you before anyone else can get a chance :)

You chucked softly and embrace him. Qui-Gon hold you also and you wipe the Gentle Jedi's tears away.

Lore comes to you, yellow tears glistening on his opalescent gold face.

"Thank you," he says, sincere. "I never would have known who I am if it wasn't for you."

Gently you kiss him and hold him. "Thank you for being there for me."

"My pleasure," he whispers, as he returns to his future realm.

Osiris walks to you, his pristine white robe glistening in the moonlight, his forest green face, gentle, full of love and life. You kiss him softly and he holds you in his loving arms.

"Your bravery is unprecedented, as if your love. I am honoured to stand in your presence."

"As I am in yours."

In heartfelt tears, Horus hold you also.

Isis steps from the tree, her dark eyes, brimming with tears, which soon fall. She embraces you with all her heart.

"Ohh ... my beloved is right ... I thank you more than I can say ... Without your love, the Earth would have died. I am so sorry you were so frightened at first..."

You give a warm smile and kiss her.

"I realise now, my Goddess."

You hold her gently.

Qui-Gon gently embraces you, and you lean against his strong and protective chest.

"The Force Is With You Always," he says.

Gently you wipe his tears away.

"As It Is With You."

Softly, he kisses you, his beard against your cheek, like velvet.

Hades comes to you again.

"I cannot express what I have to say in words, but I'm going to do my best. What you have done, millions would or could not do. Your sacrifice has once again given life to Mother Gaia - to all of us ... You have awakened stories and myths that have been lost through the ages. Your love has no boundaries and as Osiris said, I too am honoured." Gently he kisses you and holds you in his loving arms.

"As I am honoured, Hades. Your love is Eternal."

"As is yours."

And your embrace, too, is Eternal.

"As is yours."

And your embrace, too, is Eternal.



To redeem himself, the Federation had given Lore a task to do.

It involved rescuing a little girl who had been trapped down some sort of a well with brick like chompers crushing against one and other at the top.

The task was deemed impossible, for the chompers were faster than the android and stronger, and the rest of the well was too strong for even Data to break and was impenetrable by all weapons. The girl had managed to stop herself from sinking deeper and deeper into the swamp well. The task wasn't for lore to rescue the girl, it was for him to care.

He sailed out on the water to the well and heard the girls wails before he got there.

Lore eyed the well, impossible to get in above or under and even with his android speed it was near impossible. Then he spoke to the girl.

"I'm going to get you out of there, I promise."

Lore studies the well and realised it was impossible, except for one way, very risky, but the girl's only hope, Gently, he consoled her. "I'm going to drop this rope to you, Hold onto to as tightly as you can."

The girl did as he asked. Lore began to pull her up, the chompers didn't upset the rope. The girl became worried and began to cry.

"I know it's scary," Lore consoled her again, "but please trust me."

He pulled her up as far as he could to the chompers.

"Now," he said, I'm going to reach in and grab you and pull you out."

"Won't it hurt your arm?"

"Yes, but I'm an android, so I'll be okay." He turned off his physical pain receptors.

Lore took a breath and waited for the first available opportunity. The chompers crushed his arm flat. In the next instant he yanked the small girl out and not a nano second too soon. Lore breathed a sigh of relief. The little girl clung onto him as he sailed back.

The Starfleet and Federation folk and the girls’ parents watched in awe as Lore returned with the girl.

Data shook his brother's good hand, yellow tears forming in his eyes as he could see how much Lore cared for the little girl. "You did it. Is there anything you require?"

"A new arm..."

Data smiled. "Of course."

"And a *very* stiff drink."





The Gods had chosen to fight Xena on Earth in the future in an evil toy company called Zena.  Ironic.  Hades (Stephen) and the Gods took a stand, but Xena whacked Hades' fireball back into him and he disappeared.  At first I was shocked, but then I saw a diamond of red light in Hades' middle before he vanished and I knew that happened when he dematerialised and so I was sure he was safe.  The other Gods seemed worried.  There was some ash on the floor.   Lore had also joined the Gods and been given ambrosia and God like powers, but Xena whacked his fireball back into him and he vapourised, leaving a pile of dust.  I was horrified, and determined to find a way to save him.


I found Hades naked in a park, sporting what looked like an all over sunburn.

  "I feel terrible," he groaned.

  "At least you're alive."

He smiled and nodded.  "She vapourised my favourite robe."

I smiled.  "You can make another one can't you?"

A new red robe materialised on Hades' body.  "It'll take months to wear in, he said, and it scratches my fireball burn."

  "I'll help you."

I took Hades home with me and gave him a cooling bath with tea-tree and soothing aloe vera.

 "Ohh, that felt wonderful."

I smeared aloe vera gel all over Hades' body.  He materialised another one.

 "You look tired," I said.

  "Buggered, actually."

I took Hades to my bedroom and let him lei down on my 4 poster bed.

  "Thank you," he said, grateful.

  "Stay as long as you like, Hades,' I said.

He thanked me again.  "I have to save Lore."

  "Here," Hades said, giving me some Ambrosia.  "You'll need this."

  "Thanks,"  I ate it and was asked besides the usual God powers which ones would I like.  I wanted to be able to resurrect the dead and go back in time.  They were granted, but I was warned not to abuse them.

  "But the twilight," Hades said.

  "It won't come if the Gods leave Xena alone."

The God nodded.  "I'll tell the others."

Hades lay his head down on my pillow and went to sleep, breathing soundlessly.


I went back in time to just after Lore was vapourised.  Xena had left.  I looked at Lore's ashes and used my powers to resurrect him.  He was very grateful.

  "You have to save Data," he said.  "I know he died."

I nodded and we both went to the ship shortly before it exploded.  Lore was told by the Gods that only he could save Data - if he gave up his Godlike powers.  After a moment of thought he agreed.  Data was resurrected and most surprised, both at being alive and what Lore gave up to save him.  And both brothers had a reconciliation.


Hades' burn subsided and he'd worn in his new robe.  He swung me around.

  "Thank you for everything."

  "Thank you, Hades, just for being here."

He smiled warmly.  Gently he kissed me and held me. "My pleasure."




Data had resurrected Lore and repaired him.  Later on the Enterprise was in danger.  Data and Lore worked around the clock putting in code after code, eventually saving the ship.  Lore felt good about what he had done and he was exonerated.





Deanna was captured by a sadist that beamed her down to a dirty cave, tied her to a stone slab and began to torture her.

            “Why are you doing this..” she asked through her tears. “Who are you?”

He smiled, never gave her a name and said “because I can… because I like to…”

She begged him to stop, but he continued, laughing evilly to himself.  All Deanna sensed was cruelty and evil in this biological life form. She lay back down and sobbed. As it turned out he wanted to travel on the enterprise, taking energy from the people to survive – he had been refused and wanted revenge. He chose the telepath as he wanted to show her his anger

            Hours later, another came into the cave-room.  Deanna was almost too weak to look, but she did and her eyes filled with horror – It was Lore. At first she thought he was in league with her captor, but when Lore saw her his face changed to one of horror to see her condition, blessing sallow, matted hair, mal nourished, terrified eyes. Deanna was relieved – he might just help her and he did .  He killed the assailant and trunred off the machine. Deanna was near dead. She weakly sensed lore had come because he scanned and found an Enterprise crew memeber down here and had come to get them and get aboard the ship for revenge. The alien had jammed the Enterprises sensors, but when Lore saw Deanna all he wanetd to do was help her.  He untied her and unjammed the sensors and asked to be beamed ot the Enterprise.  Naturally they were weary to beam up Lore, but Deanna’s words convinced them, although they had a full security garrison there and Picard was shocked to see Deanna’s condition – as was Beverly who had her beamed straight to sickbay. Deanna wanted Lore with her and reluctantly Picard allowed that with armed guards. Lord admitted his original plan, but Deanna sensed he just wanted to help her and now sort things out with Data.   Beverly gave Deanna a hype to ease the pain and fix the internal damage and allowed Deanna to have a warm bath – a real bath.  Lore waited outside and wanted why Deanna was nursed back to health,  Data thanked him for saving Deanna and they began to overcome their diferences. Lore and Deanna became very good friends and she helped him regain his confidence and leave his past behind and move into a bright future.





I was watching a Star Trek episode with Captain Picard and Data saving the Enterprise.  They saved the ship in the end.





The Enterprise crew had gone back in time to save a world.  Lore had also gone back in time, seemingly to cause mischief.  He created some earthquakes on this world, though no one was hurt.  The Enterprise crew wanted to capture Lore.  A woman who loved Lore traveled back in time in her small starship to save Lore.  She knew she could not go back to her hideaway in present time as the Enterprise was onto her, so they went to Lore's hideaway which the Enterprise crew knew nothing of, however they did find Lore and wanted to disassemble him, though Lore had fallen in love with this woman and turned over a new leaf.







Vampire like Alien shot and killed by other aliens – the Enterprise had protected the Vampire aliens, and were donating blood to them so they did not have to kill. They were a peaceful race loving art and music and exploration.  Their scientists had also discovered a synthetic type of blood they could have. A little Vampire girl had become attached to Data and the other aliens wanted her and the Vampires dead. The Enterprise protected them The other aliens vampirised a dog who attacked the Vampires and the Enterprise crew.  Reluctantly, Data vaporized the monster dog another vampire dog was tamed and looked after by the little girl and her family.  Data often visited. The Vampires were protected by the federation, the other aliens tried to attack but reluctantly their ship was destroyed by the Enterprise and the Vampires saved to love and make art and love in peace.






Riker won a court case against Data and was astounded that Data forgave him – as was Philippa Lovoirs. Another healing was called and a young woman on the Enterprise in love with Data helped to win Data’s case, much to Riker’s relief.





There was a young actress just starting out who wanted to act with Brent.  He took pity on her and they starred ina couple of movied together launching her career and rekindling his.





Data was teacing a glass on the technical manual of the Enterprise.  There was a bright young woman in his class whi Data later ended up going out with and inviting to his lab.





In this dream Data went to heaven and returned as a guardian angel to help people.  He rescued Lore from limbo and Lore became a dark angel, also dedicated to help people in need, in very dark places.






Captain Picard couldn’t sleep. The computer advised him to.  A mission had gone badly, both crew and aliens they had tried to protect had been killed.  Data and Deanna helped the Captain who was embarrassed by the mission and his inability to put it behind him – the crew told the Captain they loved him and would stand behind him.





I had finished my Lore novel and paid $10 for a cover design.  Lore and Data loved the novel and helped me publish it about Lore’s redemption and how he and Data sorted out their differences.





Lore Aro and Persephone had saved me as I made my loving breakthrough out of my current reality into theirs and I lived in peace and harmony with my friends Lore and Persephone and my beloved Aro.






Lore lured the Enterprise to a wild planet and then beamed the crew down, including me.  The crew walked up a grassy, sandy hill above the ocean to get a good vantage point.  I was in love with Lore and wanted to help him.  Lore was hurting very much inside.  Lore beamed himself down with a phaser and indicated to the Enterprise crew that they wouldn't be getting off this world unless they chose t help him. Picard, Deanna and Data especially saw the desperation in his eyes.  I spoke to Lore alone telling him he had a soul.  He wasn't sure but appreciated my sentiment.  Picard and the crew got worried when they saw a tsunami on the horizon.   At the last moment, Lore beamed everyone to safety, proving he wasn't heartless. Picard spoke to me and gave me a job to Lore's moral compass.  Data agreed to help fix Lore and for him to go to the Dasystrom Institute to be rehabilitated and Data would make sure they treated Lore like a sentient being and not a machine.  I went with him.  I had my work cut out for me, being a Lore's mother hen as well.  He didn't let on how much he appreciated me, but I saw it in his eyes and his smile.





Captain Picard and crew journeyed to the far reaches of the Universe. Normally it would take around 3000 years at warp 10 but the Traveler took them there. There were whale like creatures and even Lore in the brig was impressed and freed once Deanna sense he was no longer a threat. Lore spent time with the whale like creatures and the traveler said he could take Lore there whenever he wanted. The findings were documented and the Enterprise returned to Federation space.





In this dream, there was a competition to write an essay about a character you loved and why.  I chose Lore.  Lore represented the side of me that was upset by the teasing, ridicule, my anger and rage, despair, but also my hope, conviction to justice and quirkiness. Lore was my yang whilst the nicer and more innocent Data was my yang and innocence. I was in one of my older houses, in the process of moving out so I was sorting papers to do with Lore and things I had written about him.  I phoned my best friend overseas and told her, another Lore fan about the competition and she was going to enter it too, also writing about Lore.  I found a paper which was titled Lore and had some things I had written about him and I put that on the pile and continued to sort, eager to write my essay.  I didn’t know whether we would win the competition, but it was something I had been meaning to do for quite some time put all my Lore feelings down.





A girl called Renata was unpopular as she was eating a type of round crisps that were out of fashion, but she loved them.  Data and Lore took pity on her and introduced her to Transformers crisps, which tasted almost the same and were the in thing, Renata was grateful and began to eat those chips as well and became popular.  It was a new and very nice sensation for her.




Myself and some friends were cos playing Star Trek: TNG.  I wanted to play Lore.  I wanted to ask the fellow playing Riker who was in charge of the game.  We were on a plane heading home and ‘Riker’ was asleep.  I decided to play Lore without anyone’s knowledge to spice things up a bit.  There were two silver slabs made out of a very special metal that the Enterprise crew were protecting. As Lore, I wanted to get them and sell them to the highest bidder to buy passage well out of Federation space.  Sadly I was caught by Data and deactivated. Before I was deactivated I told Data what I wanted them for.  While I was deactivated Data helped repair my instability for which I was most grateful, but I didn’t stick around to find out what the Federation wanted to do with me for my past crimes, stole a shuttle and left, but not before I left Data a thank you note and hoped we would meet at a later stage when things had piped down.





(In this dream, Descent never happened and Soong did not die at the end of Brothers) Lore had been deactivated by Soong on a remote planet (not Omicron Theta) for his instability.  That planet’s army had played a hand in making Lore unstable as they wanted Soong to deactivate him and they wanted to use him.  Their taunts and jaunts had made Lore more unstable.

Soong did not tell them where he had put Lore’s body.   He placed it in a sacred golden temple.  Some people on that world thought Lore possessed some magical powers as he was golden.


Years later, the Enterprise came to that world and there was a young Ensign, Thalia who could sense things and she knew this was where Lore was laid to rest.  Data also knew as Soong had told him.  Thalia was in love with Lore as she had read up about him and felt sorry for him that he was never given a chance.  Thalia had short black hair, streaked with blue.  She wore a blue Starfleet uniform.


Thalia went on the away mission and snuck away to the temple where she traversed the stone stairs and inside to the suspended double sarcophagus where Lore lay under. The sarcophagus held the mummified remains of a long dead king and his queen.  Thalia found Lore’s still body and began to repair him.  Data came in and found what she was doing. Part of him wanted her to succeed, the other part was worried. Thalia assured Data she knew how to fix Lore’s instability and he helped her.


The army of the world found out about Lore thanks to a tattle tale boy who was a spy for them.


Data and Thalia had finished and Lore came back to life.  Data held Thalia back incase Lore was still unstable and grabbed her. Data helped Lore stand.  He took in his surroundings and became angry with Dr. Soong. But understood his father had to find a place to put him in a hurry and did not have the time to repair him.

            “At least I was buried with royalty,” he said with a smile.

            Data gave a small smile. Thalia’s smile widened.

            “Who’s this?” Lore asked, curious.

            “Ensign Thalia Bates,” Data replied. “You owe her your life. It was she who took the initiative.”

            “Well thank you, young lady.”

            “A pleasure, Sir Lore.”

            “Sir Lore I like that.”


The army came and Data, Lore and Thalia had to escape.  Upon seeing them, Lore went wild.  Data and Thalia were worried all their hard word was for nothing.  Lore killed a few of them, including their leader before they could get shots off.  Data and Thalia and the rest of the away team who had some to them fought them off.  Riker got the Enterprise to beam up their weapons and the army were defenceless.  The people of the planet attacked them killing more of them. They had ruled the planet tyrannically.  The rest were forced into community service indefinitely.  Riker was very concerned about Lore. Who was sitting down, clutching his head.  Thalia and Data took a look at it and repaired the remaining instability.  Lore was recovering from his ordeal. 


Picard aboard the Enterprise was also concerned, but Data and Thalia assured him that all was well that Lore was now repaired.  They took Lore to Dr. Soong and he and Data had a family reunion. Lore was upset and Dr. Soong told him he had no choice and asked forgiveness.  Lore gave it, albiet he was still upset.  Lore chose to stay on Terlina III to look after his father. Thalia chose to leave Starfleet and stay with Lore.  Picard and the Enterprise crew were satisfied that Lore did not pose a danger anymore.  Even Deanna could sense the change in him.  He wanted to become an explorer, using Soong’s old ship once Soong died.  Lore would make Terlina III his home world and Soong’s lab would become his once his father passed on. Soong felt it the least he could do for his wayward son.  But he still had some years in him yet.


Thalia and Lore fell in love with each other and she was to be his travelling companion.  Lore spoke to his father about putting Thalia’s consciousness in an android body as he didn’t want to outlive his human love and together they and Thalia worked on that.  She held Lore close and told him how much she loved him and he told her she was the best thing that could have happened to him and they shared a kiss.  Noonian smiled and wiped a tear form his eye, His boy was finally growing up.





In this dream, I had written a novel about Lore. It was not accepted by Pocket Books, but was accepted by Penguin, if I wrote it as a non-fiction book with an accompanying story.  It had a cover with me on the front holding my hand out to a wolf, which represented Lore. For copyright reasons, they could not use Star Trek images.  It was around 400 pages.  A documentary was also made.  I showed my friends and family and was quite proud of my achievement.



3/1/16 – First Trek dream of the year – Happy New Year!!


On the Enterprise Worf had taken a shine to an older human passenger.  She had short ginger coloured hair.  She was coming to his quarters to dance and Worf, this proud Klingon warrior was terrified.  What would he wear?  He decided his Klingon garb would not be appropriate for a first date.  He replicated item after item. His friend said to just be himself, but Worf wanted to make an impression.  He settled on blue trousers and a red skivvy. Anya seemed surprised when she saw him though they danced and both were in heaven, though Worf felt uncomfortable in the clothes he wore. 

Later he sat down with Anya and his friends worried that he might lose her and told her that he was afraid she would be offended if he dressed in his Klingon clothes.  She told his she was offended that he didn’t and she wanted him to be himself.  Riker’s father was also aboard, having recently being turned into an android, so he knew what it felt like not to be himself and that he missed the taste of food.  Data was helping him.  Worf was relieved he could be himself with Anya and they danced, she in a cobalt blue satin evening dress and he in full Klingon battle garb and it was prefect.  Laster he showed her his Calisthenics program and they had an invigorating workout and not just with the holodeck creatures...

Data became more concerned about Riker’s father and made some adjustments and adjusted his programming so that he could taste food and the older man was over the moon.  Data was sure it was Lore, still at large, who had turned the man into an android. Perhaps it was Lore’s idea of helping although his brother had a funny way of showing it.  Data could taste food now the chip was installed so he knew the pleasure of it.  He hoped all would be well with Worf, his new relationship and with Riker’s father and his relationship with his son and hoped when he did confront Lore it would be a pleasant reunion.



25/1/17  – First Trek dream of ’17!


Lore had come in his ship and was causing trouble on the Enterprise. Turns out, he wanted attention. He also wanted to reconcile his differences with Data.  Thalia, an Enterprise lieutenant fell in love with Lore. Dr Soong was also on the Enterprise and Lore sorted out his differences with his father.  Data and Soong merged before Soong died. Lore and Data were sad their father had died, but happy he was now part of Data’s matrix and not lost completely and astounded that someone had fallen in love with him and he took her aboard his ship. Picard asked Thalia is this is what she really wanted and it was. Her and Lore were to be married soon and Lore was heartened that someone loved him and he loved her in return. This was the start of his healing.





Lore had decided to turn himself in as he wanted to make amends.  He had to report to the Daystrom institute 4 days a week for rehabilitation. He had a chip placed in him which ensured he did not run off on his days off and it would inhibit him harming anyone, human, alien or otherwise. Lore was grateful for the time away.  He was very competitive with Data and raced Data down the stairs of Soong’s complex and beat him to Dr Soong’s office (Soong did not die in this dream) and was pivotal to Lore’s healing. Data now with the chip rolled his eyes at Lore’s competitiveness, though in private Soong told Data that Lore just wanted to be loved and Data warmed to his brother and his long healing process.






In this dream, Brent Spiner had become a travel guide. I was helping him film a 2-part episode, riding trains through the Australian outback. It was lovely to meet him again and to explore my own country.  We sped along on one train through the red outback, filming it at the back of the train.






Lore had been repaired and rehabilitated and both him and Data were looking after Lal, who turned out to be a handful, though they both loved her and raised her together.






Lore had been caught and was going to be rehabilitated.  He escaped and beamed down to a planet.  Renni, a StarFleet cadet had fallen in love with him and went to help him as the Federation had given StarFleet the go-ahead to kill Lore if he got violent.  Renni was able to convince Lore to go with them peacefully. He was astounded that someone from StarFleet cared so much that she resigned and spent four years with him. Helping him combat his inner demons of rejection through his rehabilitation of the Daystrom Institute and when he was released, Lore created an android body for Renni in her image so they could spend the rest of their lives together.



27/8/17 – Had this dream whilst holidaying up at Port Macquarie

Going undercover, Data was disassembled and sent through the mail. He was re-assembled at the other end and managed to catch the culprit. Lore who had been at the other end, ended up helping, hoping it would help his case. Data and Lore hugged and reconciled.




Benign aliens were coming to Earth on a certain night. Thousands gathered atop a hill one night. I was there, eagerly set up a picnic blanket, under the stars.  They came in a massive starship and spoke passionately to humans to set aside our differences, that the aliens from Independence Day would never return, that we were safe and these new aliens would protect us. The next day, I went with friends to a lab at the bottom of the ocean, where Doctor Brackish Okun (played by Brent Spiner in the movies) hid, paranoid about another alien invasion and them posessing him as the insectoid aliens had done. He was scared when we came and we were able to coax him out of hiding.  He met the new aliens, who regarded humanity with love and compassion. This heartened him and he decided to move his lab closer to humanity and worked with the benign aliens.






The Enterprise was trapped in a world, in a world, in the ocean of that world.  Aliens were afraid of the Federation, thought they’d disrupt their way of life. Picard and Data assured they would not and forgave the aliens’ misgivings. The aliens were also curious about humans and so they allowed the Enterprise to escape and both species learned about the other.






A hard-hitting Starfleet officer, Harding had said the only way to cure people that had gone berserk and savage through a frequency they had been exposed to was to kill them. Captain Picard was not convinced.


Data had repaired Lore’s instability, though the android was still hurting.  Azaria, a young Ensign had another idea.  She was psychic and thought the sounds of Adélie penguins. Harding thought it ridiculous. Picard and the Enterprise crew were less obvious and rude, but they doubted it.  Deanna knew Azaria definitely beli8ved it would work.  Harding thought they were wasting time. With captain Picard’s permission, Azaria went with Data and Lore to the colony. They had the penguin sounds on the computer.  When they arrived at the berserk colony, they tried it and it worked.  Harding and the others were astounded, but Harding wasn’t convinced they would turn back.  She tried ot kill them.  Lore stunned her, though accidentally killed her on high stun.  She was a nasty piece of work and felt no sadness, though he was worried that he would get disassembled again for killing a human.  It was proved that it was an accident. Azaria was relieved, as Harding would have kept on killing and she was supposedly stable.  Azaria and Lore fell in love, Starfleet gave them a small vessel and they went to explore space and compared notes with the Federation. Lore hugged his new love with just the right amount of pressure. They even went to Earth and played with various penguin colonies!




Lore had redeemed himself by saving an entire star system and the Enterprise. He’s agreed to undergo rehabilitation at the Daystrom Institute, as he didn’t want to be unstable anymore.  Data and Juliana, his mother visited him as often as they could.  After Lore was fixed, Data took some long service leave; he’d hardly taken any leave and he and Lore went on an adventure together in a shuttle Picard had kindly loaned them.  Lore rook up residence on Terlina III, where his father had spent his last days.  He made peace at Dr Soong’s gravesite and vowed to continue his father’s work.  Data was happy for his brother and visited whenever he could. {In this dream, Data did not perish in Nemesis} and Lore adopted B4.  Data rose to the rank of Admiral, before retiring to become a professor at Cambridge. Lore and Data often visited each other and Lore’s work was highly acclaimed and it heartened him to feel wanted.





Lore had stolen some electronic goods from the Enterprise.  He had found a medium-sized abandoned starship and was doing some home-renovations. He had also found a human woman, dying on another damaged starship and nursed her back to health. Tahnee Persephone McLeod had been most grateful and they had fallen in love.  Data found Lore and StarFleet impounded his starship. Lore agreed to go to the Daystrom institute for rehabilitation, not disassembly for four years. Tahnee went with her husband. They had been married on the Pakled homeworld. Lore was heartened that she had decided to stay with him as she was a free woman. Data wr heartened that his brother found love.  At the end, of the four years, Lore had been rehabilitated, was not unstable anymore and Tahnee helped him deal with his painful past, as she had had one also, abused on a colony.  She had joined an organisation like StarFleet as she wanted equality, which included androids. Lore loved her all the and at the Daystrom institute, they fixed Lore’s starship and went off to explore space. Lore had been agreed to give his findings to the Federation and fight for equality and justice. Data was surprised at how much his brother had matured.  Tahnee agreed to having her consciousness put into an android body in her likeness, so she would not grow old and she and Lore would be with each other for a very long time.



Data repaired an android girl with a toy friendly T-Rex, He showed her around the Enterprise and she reminded him of Sarjenka and Lal.  Data got permission to repair Lore and repair his instability and they parched thigs up between themselves.  Lore went to work at the Daystrom Institute.




I joined the rebels to aid them in defeatring the Empire and the First Order and met with the rebel Leader.  They were also fighting on the Star Trek front, enemies like the Borg.  I met with the Trek actors, who were really the people they played, explaining how I got into TNG.  {This part is real} In 1987, I saw the episodes on video, it seemed confusing; there were so many, I go one out to see Spock, sure The Next Generation was set after the original.  I saw McCoy in Encounter at Farpoint and was fascinated by the android Data, {I loved Transformers} though, was too caught up with school work and the staggering number of episodes and all new released $7 each and remained new releases for ages and could not afford them.  I got The Voyage Home, recommend by the video shop assistant and loved it, saw and loved Spock and the whales. Rock around 1991, the year I was to graduate year 12 and halfway through the year there was a Star Trek special on with Patrick Stewart or The Sound of Music for the umpteenth time, although I wanted to watch both, I decided on Trek as I’d never seen it before and decided to give it a go, remembered Encounter at Farpoint and rekindled my love for Data and away I went, becoming a Trekkie, a fan the of the newer shows, although I liked the original too} The actors loved my story.  Brent Spiner was there, also Johnathan Fakes, Nana Visitor and some others and also Liam Neeson Qui-Gon Jinn from Star Wars, happy I was helping the rebels save the Universe.





I was helping save the Universe with Brent Spiner, Viggo Mortensen, Aragorn from The Lord of The Rings and Data and Lore. And we did it!





Data was cooking food for the children on the Enterprise, cooking organic food and teaching the parents how to cook too, a lost art with replicators.  A girt was teased and Data comforted her and gently spoke to the teasers.  Lore came to reconcile his differences with Data and agreed to work for the Daystrom institute in their research, as long as they promised not to disassemble him and to help StarFleet to redeem himself.




Ezri Dax turned out to be Deanna’s half-sister, much to their surprise, Lwaxana had fallen in love with a Trill when Deanna was three the love did not last and Ezri was born on Trill.  Deanna helped her hone in her newfound telepathic abilities and they helped bring peace to warring worlds. The people wanted to erect statues, though Deanna and Ezri politely refused, heartening the people that their saviours were just like them. The God of those worlds, guardians, more enlightened beings, thanked the women, as they could influence gently, but they too had something of a Prime Directive, which forbade direct interference and they were heartened.



Lore had taken over a planet of young people and taught them how to rebel against their oppressors. They loved him.  When the fighting got out of hand, the Federation were called in ad were, of course, wary of Lore.  The young leader of the rebellion Bia, adored his leader and although unorthodox, the Enterprise crew, including Data could tell Lore really cared for his charged.  The fighting stopped, the oppressors either killed or promised to turn over new leaves and Lore was satisfied the planet was at peace.  He agreed to go to the Daystrom institute to help them in their research, as long as they dd not disassemble him and fixed his instability and a deal was struck. For sone reason, Data and the Enterprise crew knew they could trust Lore, also turning over a new leaf. And Lore wanted to find a new love and strangely enough, not being an oracle, he knew he would eventually find on




1/1/21 – Happy New Year!

I was at a sci-fi and fantasy convention and I saw The Lord of The Rings, Red Dwarf, Doctor Who, Twilight, Transformers, Gundam Wing, Knight Rider, Harry Potter, He-Man, She-Ra, Sailor Moon, Star Wars, various Star Treks and more.






Ensign Shandra Violi beamed up two shards of the Crystalline Entity to the Enterprise, being careful to erect a should around the transporter pad, in an effort to save it from Kila Marr’s deception and discover what the beautiful creature was all about, just like her crew.  She was reprimanded for not asking permission, however there was no time.  The Enterprise crew managed to communicate with the Enmity who turned out to be horrified that it was killing planets to feed.   Picard and the crew beamed the shards out to space and formulated new ones, bringing the Entity back, showing it a star map of suns it could feed on without dependant planets and it was inspired by the space explorer who had resurrected it, eternally grateful and it went on exploring and feeding, non-violently, like a whale through the oceans.






Picard was on the Holodeck, having an Indian Adventure, round about the same time as Gandhi.  He loved it; it was a lovely escape.  He invited Data and the crew to join them in their spare time, he was having so much fun.






Brent decided to get creative in a different way and make clothes.  He made some Transformers clothes and sneakers.





I was putting up compilation posters of both Lore and Data and they loved them and reconciled their differences.




I had a dream of my ST:TNG parody fic BAAAAAAAR TREK: D GENERATION - Over the Limit - Where Captain Jean-Luc Bacardi was giving orders to Lieutenant Commander Daquiri.  And Daquiri’s misguided brother, Liqueur was lying in wait, biding his time.

You can find the hilarious fic here.





Data and Lore teamed up and helped free slaves on a planet.  Lore had to serve for 10 years at the Daystrom institute as a scientist to atone for his crimes.  He slowly became an advocate for mentally challenged people.





The Elves were melting down old metal to make their ornate swords, daggers and arrow tips.  Arwen was given a pair of beautiful sandals, with leather that resembled leaves, by the Hobbits, who had measures her feet and she loved them and thanked the Hobbits very much.  They all watched the Elven smiths deftly making the swords.




Data met Fillmore from Cars.

            Yo, Dude, I’m Fillmore.”

            “I am Data.  I am an android.”

            “Cool.  I’m a peace bus.  I love to explore and I use organic fuel.  Be yourself. There’s no one better qualified.

“Indeed. I am part of a starship which explores space.”
            “That’s also cool.”

            Data and Fillmore bid each other farewell.




20/12/21 - Two Star Trek dreams in one night woo hoo!

There was a new Star Trek show all about Data and Lore.  More new movies came out.




24/12/21 - Happy Xmas Eve


Lore and his wife were having a homey book on a world with a pit of ugly, insane aliens.   They sat on the grass.  She was drawn down int the pit and landed on a ledge and Lore went to rescue her.  He killed some of the aliens, then called a ship to take them away as they did not belong here and he rescued his beloved.




31/1/21 - Happy New Year’s Eve


Data and Lore teamed up to save a threat to the Enterprise.  One of the aliens punched Deanna in the face.   Lore’s instability was repaired.  They saved the Enterprise and a city on a below planet.




7/1/22 - First dream of the year - Happy New Year!!


Lore’s instability was repaired and he helped Data repair Lal.  Data was overjoyed when Lal came back to life and reconciled his differences with his brother.




Lore returned to the Enterprise to pay for his crimes and be rehabilitated at the Daystrom Institute.  There, he fell in love with an intern and they kissed and later got married.




Brent was mucking up behind the scenes, being Lore, then Data. Jonathan, Patrick, Marina, Levar, Gates and Michael joined in the fun.


4/3/22 - Two Trek dreams in one night, Woo Hoo!

Data and Lore finally reconciled and Lore consented to work for the Daystrom institute and help them with their research as penance for his crimes.  He ended up saving billions of lives.



Brent Spiner had a magical disc which he gave to Data to repair and rehabilitate Lore.   Lore had to work at the Daystrom Institute for 100 years for penance, then travelled the Universe with a woman, Persephone, who he met there and made and android body for.  Captain Etienne Picard, Jean-Luc Picard’s grandson, now grown, proudly conducted the Ceremony and Data was best man, also proud of his brother and how far he’d come.




I was drawing the Tenth and the Eighth Doctor, from Doctor Who, followed by Data and Lore and Lal.




Deanna had made contact with a microscopic species thought parasitical and malevolent.  The race that wanted to, but could not eradicate them was placed in a lake on an planet uninhabited by biological life, save trees and vegetation.  Deanna sensed the pain of the so-called parasites.   They had expressed deep remorse for the people and animals they killed in the past.  Captain Picard had misgivings.  Deanna emerged herself in the lake and the microbes entered her body and she was able to transition them to the light.  The other species was astounded, thinking they were evil.  They had transitioned now.



Data found holovid tapes when he went to visit Omicron Theta again which contained stories of the colonists, his parents and Lore and listened to them, taking him back and learning things he never knew about the colonists and his family, like how Lore was rejected and emotionally hurt by the colonists.  Data later found Lore an reconciled with him.  {A nice recurring dream} ‘

Descent?’ In the words of Tasha Yar: “It never happened.”  And should never have.  Data and Lore should have reconciled like in my dreams and fanfics as I feel this is more in keeping with Gene Rodenberry’s beautiful vision of a peaceful, utopian future, not two brothers fighting. :*( - {AND that beyond atrocious episode harmed people with rea life mental challenges, most of whom are NOT dangerous, stupid or lazy.


8/1/23 – First Trek dream of the year – Happy New Year!

Spock was being philosophical and he helped Data and Lore reconcile and managed to do a mind-meld on Lore and rid him of his insanity and Lore redeemed himself, by saving a planet with millions of biological lives, humanoid, animal and vegetation, all indigenous to that world.





{In real life, as you know I hated Descent. They totally ruined Lore’s character and he and Data’s relationship.}  In this dream, he abducted Data and they reconciled their differences.  Actually, I wrote a fic about this, entitled A BROTHER’S ANGUISH.  I also wrote a parody of that episode, which I hate to name, entitled, DECENT .  Both on my Data and Lore Page.




8/1/23 – First Trek dream of the year – Happy New Year!

Spock was being philosophical and he helped Data and Lore reconcile and managed to do a mind-meld on Lore and rid him of his insanity and Lore redeemed himself, by saving a planet with millions of biological lives, humanoid, animal and vegetation, all indigenous to that world.





{In real life, as you know, I utterly and completely *loathed* Descent.  They totally ruined Lore’s character and he and Data’s relationship.}  In this dream, he abducted Data and they reconciled their differences.  Actually, I wrote a fic about this, entitled A BROTHER’S ANGUISH.’  I also wrote a parody of that episode, which I hate to name, entitled, DECENT .  Both on my Data and Lore Page.




Captain Kirk and Harry Mudd had come into the future and were fighting.  They slid down a mountainside ad almost died, shocking both of them.   Mudd decided to stay on the planet wondering if he should turn over a new leaf.  He felt screwed over his entire life, but screwing others over had not brought him joy. He liked the peace of the planet.  Data brought Captain Kirk back to the Enterprise D.  Kirk decided to retire on Earth and live in Iowa, where he was born.




Captain Picard had a Chinese dynasty set up on the holodeck, complete with dragons.  The others joined him in an adventure.  Even Data was fascinated.  Even Q poked his head in for some fun, being hi usual obnoxious self, but all in good fun.




More dreams as I have them…


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