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27: You are amusingly aware that Zechs rhymes with 'sex'


 26: You cannot look at the number 6 again without sniggering or sighing


25: You can never go into a photographic shop again without looking at a 4 * 6 frame and not snigger or have interesting thoughts ...


24: You cannot look at a multiplication table without having naughty thoughts about 6 times anything.


23. You thought the scene with him sipping his tea and reminiscing before White Fang came to him was really touching


22. You love it where he leaves with Noin in the end


20. You thought the scene with him meeting his beloved sister Relena for the first time was really touching and you watch the episode over and over again


19. You are on a number of Zechs mailing lists and post constantly on these and other lists about him and his Gundams


18. You scour ff.net and other websites for Zechs fanfic, fan art, other pics and sound files and look at, read and listen them over and over


17. You snicker like a naughty schoolgirl at the title of the GW song ‘Zechs Comes.’ You love the song and any other song revolving around Zechs and wish there were English versions


16. You were sad when the Tallgeese was destroyed


15. You get cranky and bored when he’s not in an episode


14. You are also bored when he’s not in an episode for very long, but at least he was in it!


13. You get excited when he’s coming up in the next episode and can’t wait to see it


12. You get even more excited when it’s an entire episode revolving around Zechs


11. You watch episodes revolving around him over and over


10. You come up with cute & silly nicknames like ‘Sexy Zechsy’


9. You howled and sighed when he took his mask off for the first time


8. Those eyes .... Ohh those eyes .... You want to go skinny dipping in those cool blue lakes ... Sigh ...


7. You think he looks very sexy fighting in either of his Gundams


6. You love both of his Gundams’ names. MMM Tallgeeeeeese .... Epyooooon.... Even though Tall Geese sounds a bit silly come to think of it


5. You love all his three names. Zechs Merquise ... Zeeeeeechs ...Miliardo Peacecraft .... Mmm Mmmmmilliardo .... and of course Preventor Wiiiiiiiind ...


4. You squealed with delight and cheered when his mask finally broke and thought he was incredibly bloody sexy at the end of that episode ... Where he’s lying on the grass ... Sigh ... Ohh Gods above and below! And of course you watch this episode over and over! Especially the mask breaking and the ending scene!


3. You got cranky and disappointed later on when he donned the mask again and loved it when he got rid of it once more


2. You sigh and howl when his hair beautiful luscious, long white blows in the wind ... Sigh ....


1. That voice ... Ohh that voice ... Sends shivers through your entire body ... (Good ones of course!) ...

Sigh ....


0. You were relieved beyond words that he did not die in the whole series!


Vive La Zechs! :)


Face it, you’re in love with the guy. I am ;)



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