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Summary: A poem to urge Lore to try


Rating G


If Only You Try


You can do it

Don't doubt yourself

You have it within yourself

To overcome your doubts

Don't be afraid to show

Your true feelings,

Who you are inside

That is you, Lore

You may be able to hide it from others,

But you cannot hide it from yourself,

Even though you think you want to

You want to show others who you are

But you're afraid you'll look weak

It won't

That is your strength

Your feelings make you who you are

Be proud of that

When others see this other side of you,

They'll understand

But if you hide behind your egotistical facade,

Others will misjudge,

Because you blind them to

Who you really are,

Your kinder side

It does exist

You know it does

It will be hard at first,

But don't be afraid

Others will help you,

If only you'd let them

You're not on your own

If you do this,

Others will be willing

To give you another chance

As they'll see you're not all evil,

That there's good in you

You know this too

Try, Lore

It won't be so hard after a while

You'll grow used to showing the true you

And your life will be easier,

Not as much pain,


Or rejection

It's what you've always wanted

What you've always needed

You can have it if only you try




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