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Summary: It's your mission to find out ;)

Rating: M






16. You have INGRESS/EGRESS atop your front door

15. You sigh every time you hear the name Michael

14. You sigh every time you hear a man with a French Accent - Especially if they have long hair ...

13. When you hear anything about France, you sigh (Sigh...)

(Those Parisian Millennium Fireworks, Michael would have been proud!!)

12. Metallic creaky doors give you the creeps ... Eeree erree erree rrr! (It sounds like that!)

11. If someone gets killed on any show, or on the news you say 'they've been cancelled'

10. You say "Oh My God!" if you hear of anyone really being called Nikita (I did!)

9. You secretly think Operations has lovely eyes and a sexy voice

8. You smirk when you hear the word Operations

7. You want to lock Operations and Madeline in a room naked

6. You fantasize about certain characters together, even if they never show it on screen

5. You come up with a million and one ways to come to Michael's defence, even when he's being a complete and

utter s**t

4. You start thinking if the Section crew were real, they'd cancel you because you know too much

3. If someone finds out a secret of yours, such as a hiding spot, you pick up an imaginary comlink and say mimicking

the voice "Michael (Or Nikita), Situation's been compromised!"


2. You shriek out loud at the kids movie "Madeline'

1. 'If someone pisses you off, you stare at them, coldly and say in Michael's quiet voice, "Row 8, plot 30."

0. You ring up someone and say in a dark sexy voice, 'Josephine...'


Tanja, Ex Section I Operative ... Why haven't I been cancelled? Ask Michael ;)




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