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Written by Seawave & Red Skye.


Rating G










(To the Tune of Do Re Mi from The Sound of Music, sung by Julie Andrews & the Von Trapp children ...

Man what wouldn't I give to see/hear Patrick Stewart sing this 'lil ditty, LOL! ;D )




            Ro, an Ensign, now Marquis

            Q, get the hell off my damned bridge!

            Me, I like the Borg as

            Far away as I can be!

            So...Why the hell are we still here?

            Lal, put Commander Riker down!

            Tea...Earl Grey and make it hot!

            And that will bring us back to 




            Data, my android commander

            Aye Sir, co-ordinates are set      

            Me, I say make it so

            FarPoint a mission we had set

            So...Let's go where no one's gone before ...

            Put that phaser down, Lore!

            Tea... Earl Grey?  I could swear it was Darjeeling...  (Throws it behind him and a growl is heard) ... Sorry Worf...

            And that will bring us back to









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