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Summary: Another short parody ... Lore gets his revenge

 Rating G




These events take place immediately after the seventh season premiere, descent II


Picard is sitting in his chair on the Bridge.

PICARD: (Stands and turns to Data at OPS) Data, are you coming?

DATA: I am afraid I cannot, sir, and I do not know when I will be able to join you.

PICARD: What's the problem?

DATA: Lore got his final revenge my putting android strength super-glue on my chair. He was so upset when he read the script for the 7th season premiere, that he said if he couldn't be in the series, neither could I.

PICARD: Oh. Is there any way we can free you?

DATA: There is only one way, sir.


DATA: Lore said he wants a new contract, to be in the show again, to finally reconcile his differences with me. He wants everyone who had anything to do with the seventh season premiere, fired and he wants his own talk show, "Above the Lore!"

PICARD: Merde. What are Oprah and Jerry going to say?

DATA: Lore has already taken care of that, sir ... and if I may suggest haste. If I have to watch one more episode of 'Days of Our lives" through the viewscreen my circuits will short. Especially when Q is in it.

PICARD: All right, tell Lore we'll fix him up, he can sort things out with you .... and (sigh) he can have his show.

(Michael Piller has been tied to a chair and gagged and struggling madly)

DATA: (Relief) Thank you, sir.





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