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Summary: An Ode to Lore.

Rating G


Ode to Lore


Dear Lore

Your positronic neural net

Is as twisted as an androids may get

Your intelligence, strength, speed, and extraordinary senses

Contribute to your knowledge and natural defences

I find myself intrigued by your actions and ways

A development you have created over many months and days

Understanding is what you most need

But it is up to you to sew the seed

If you wish others to do the deed.

Cynicism, I have found is quite essential

For you to protect yourself from harm

But have you thought that it may be good

To let others in?

Understand you, they would

To help you let the pain go, and deal with it

Accept them, as they will you - they will know your woe

Do not be afraid to let your real self show.

Oh Lore...

The erratic behaviour you display

And often the things you say

Are taken the wrong way

And although you are not prefect, Lore

I do not know of any other

Of whom I am proud to call My Brother.





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