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Summary: A poem about Lore needing understanding.

Rating G




All he needs is love, understanding

And a chance

Things he never received

The colonists all rejected him,

Because they did not understand

How Lore could be alive

And have real feelings

Feelings which could be hurt

And they were

The more they rejected him,

The more hurt Lore became

And the more bitter and unstable

The more human Lore was,

The more the colonists were convinced

It was only a program

Which hurt more

They never saw

Never understood

His feelings were real

Perhaps their hearts were blind

Then again, they were only human -

And a lot of humans are prejudice toward

That which they don't understand

Just because he was an android

So what?

He was as human as they ever were

Perhaps even more so,

But, sadly, they never realised

And the colonists saw their fate

As clear as Crystal

They were so damned single minded

And it cost them dearly

Lore was disassembled shortly before,

The Crystal Entity attacked,

Because the colonists wished it

They were afraid of him

As he was unstable

But can one blame him?

Lore felt betrayed by his own father,

Whom he thought loved him,

But Doctor Noonian Soong felt,

That sadly, it had to be done

And then there was Data,

The younger brother,

Of whom Lore is extremely jealous

For that he cannot be blamed

Data has everything Lore ever wanted




All of which Lore never received

One cannot blame Lore

For the way he became

If he had been accepted

As Data had,

Things would have been different

But sadly, things turned out the way they did

And now no one is willing

To give Lore a chance

No one understands

The hell he's been through

The pain he's endured

Not even his brother

Lore is not evil, as people believe

He's misunderstood


His sarcasm hides his pain

Lore believes emotions are

More trouble than they're worth

He told his brother this

"I don't have to imagine,

I know how hard it's been

You'd be surprised, Data,

feelings do funny things"

And he was sincere

He was warning Data

To be prepared

For the pain

He'd been through

Lore took the emotion chip

Not to spite Data;

He thought it would solve

All his problems

Evidently it made them worse

Lore threw his father across the room

This was a result of the chip

Which totally unbalanced Lore

Made him even more unstable

It was not his fault

Lore did not kill his father

He loved and cared for him

And forgave him

For what he had done

And Noonian Soong forgave Lore

His son

Doctor Noonian Soong was the only one

Who understood Lore,

And what he went through

He was there

But sadly, Doctor Soong

Is no more

No one understands Lore now

Or what he needs

All he needs is love, understanding

And a chance

But who will look deep enough

Into his soul

To understand

And love him?

And will Lore find that person

Or that person find Lore

Before it is too late?




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