Seawave as the Crystalline Entity ...

Or is that the Xmas Entity?  ;)  LOL!

{With thanks to my Granny (RIP) for making the dress and thanks to my mum for the pic}

Sadly I have mislaid pictures of my in my gorgeous mustard coloured Star Trek: TNG Data uniform which my beautiful granny made :*(


Seawave as Lal - I think I got the look just right here!

Lesley made the costume.  Not bad, huh?

{With thanks to Lesley for this pic}


Seawave as a long haired Lore - Didn't look too bad. 

Better than her school photos anyway! ;)

Again, the talented Lesley  made the wonderful Lore jacket.  He looked so cool in brown!  I got the jumper 2nd hand and dyed it brown and I sewed on a brown ribbed headband.


Lore costume with classic Lore smile and gold make up. 

Okay, so Brent does it better ... ;)

{With thanks to my mum for these 2 pics and the many costumed pics she took of me!}


Seawave as Dr. Soong. It had to be done  ;)  {Costume looks great, ah?}

{With thanks to Garfield for this pic}


One of these days I'll knock up a Juliana costume and get a wig :)

What can I say, I love the Soong clan!    XXOOXOXOX   ;)


I made a Lore stand up out of my Data one!


Lore's Wedding.  Dress made by Sew Unique and fantabulous Lore costume drawn by Red Skye

{With thanks to my Gran (RIP) for the pic of me}


Lore's wife's {Persephone's} costume, made by Sew Unique and picture credits go to my mum again!

For story please read Brother's Keeper ~ A Lore Untold




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