(Originally set out in full script format)

AU = Alternate Universe


"Through the Looking Glass"

By Seawave & Red Skye






Data stands before desk facing Picard who sits behind it. Picard is looking at Data, serious. Data is also serious.

PICARD: Data, it's an offer. Not, a do it or else, command. (waves at the door) Go and get ready for the Halloween party.

Your answer can wait until you've had sufficient time to think it over. I'll ask you again tomorrow.

Data gives a nod.

PICARD: And talking about decisions. What or who have you decided to go as?

Data gives a smile and exhibits his fangs.



Data is dressed up in a flamboyant Count Dracula costume, complete with fangs and pointed ears. He looks rather demonic and is checking his costume out in the mirror.

Data's mirror shimmers and blurs. AU Lore is seen wearing Emperor of the Pakled Empire gear, all chocolate brown with studs and precious stones over it. Data looks startled. AU Lore's arm streaks out in a blur and grabs Data by the collar of his shirt and yanks him into the mirror fast.



Riker, with his face painted a greenish gray, is looking into a full length mirror. He holds up two bolts and holds them to his neck and observes the results. The mirror shimmers and blurs and AU Riker is seen. AU Riker looks just like Commander Riker and is wearing President of the Federation robes. Riker is startled.

RIKER: What the...

A hand comes out, grabs Riker and yanks him into the mirror fast. The mirror shimmers and blurs. After a moment AU Riker steps out, looking a trifle ruffled. He looks around. Behind him the mirror clears and shows normal reflections. AU Riker looks satisfied. He opens his hand revealing Riker's insignia and pins it onto his chest, then turns and smiles at the mirror as he straightens his robes.



AU Riker walks down the corridor, now in an ordinary commander's uniform, passing various people who smile. He passes a few people in various Halloween costumes. Geordi walks into the area and looks Riker up and down and smiles.

GEORDI: I thought you were going to the party as Frankenstein's monster.

AU RIKER: I changed my mind.(beat)Have you seen Data?

GEORDI: I just talked to him. He's still putting on the final touches to his costume. You might catch him still in his quarters.

AU RIKER: (nods) Thanks. I'll see you at the party.

He walks off. Geordi watches him for a moment then heads off in the opposite direction.



AU Lore is sitting at Data's desk. DOOR CHIME

AU LORE: Who is it?

AU RIKER: (V.O) It's me. Open Sesame.

AU Lore rises from behind the computer station.

AU LORE: Come in.

The door opens and AU Riker ENTERS. The door closes behind him. He looks at AU Lore. AU Lore looks him over and leans nonchalantly on the bench.

AU LORE: I gotta say I thought you had a screw or two loose Riker, but it worked just fine.

AU RIKER: You took care of Data? (beat) The way we

discussed? I don't want him showing up at an awkward moment.

AU Lore nods smiling.

AU LORE: I couldn't imagine a better place for my dear brother than did you ever wonderland.. With any luck he'll run into the Queen of Hearts and lose his head over her.

Riker looks at AU Lore, annoyed.

AU RIKER: Decapitating your brother wasn't part of the plan.

AU LORE: (oh so innocent) Would I do such a despicable thing to my beloved little brother...

AU RIKER: (bland) Do Pakleds look for things.

AU LORE: Your trust overwhelms me, Riker (smirks.) and just for the record, I not only left my dear brother in one functioning piece, I even gave him a small gift (nasty smile) Something our late great Father wanted him to have.



Mirrors are in a maze pattern. The walls, floor and roof are all reflecting surfaces. Data walks through maze looking, the into the mirrors. They reflect his image back and reflect back views of other Datas. Behind, Data a mirror on the roof shimmers and blurs. Riker falls through it with a cry of alarm. Data spins around and rushes to him, but he's too late to catch him. The ground mirrors shimmer. Riker keeps falling through it like a drowning man. His hand is the last thing seen. Data grabs it. Riker grips Data's hand tightly. Data slowly but surely pulls Riker out of the mirror, straining to do it. He manages to get Riker's head and shoulders up.

RIKER: (startled) Data! You too !!! (He looks down..

panicked) Something's got my leg!

Riker starts to sink back through the floor. Data gets set and strains to pull Riker out. He manages to pull him up more. Riker is looking desperate and screams in pain as if he is being pulled in half.

DATA: Brace yourself, sir.

And with that Data yanks with every ounce of his strength. He pulls Riker out. A monstrous clawed arm is attached to Riker's leg. Data and Riker hit the floor. The arm starts dragging Riker back. He starts kicking at it desperately.

RIKER: (frantic) It's pulling me back!!!

Data takes hold of Riker's arm, then the mirror shimmers brightly and becomes a mirror again. The hand is still clutching Riker's leg but disconnected from its body. Gooey black slime pours from the stump with bone and muscle showing. Riker leans forward and squeamishly, but hurriedly detaches it and tosses it as far away as he can. The hand hits a mirror. It shimmers, blurs and the hand passes through, disappearing. Data helps Riker to his feet. Riker is understandably shaky as he stands. Data lets him go and stands back as Riker turns slowly, looking around.

RIKER: Where the in Hades are we?

DATA: At this time, your guess is as good as mine, sir.

Riker looks at Data, then looks around.

A pile of monstrous dripping tentacles come down behind Data and then strike, wrapping around his body, pinning his arms and legs and covering his mouth. They lift him up. Data looks very surprised. He struggles and tries to yell to get Riker's attention, but the tentacles yank him up out of sight fast.


Riker looks around. RIKER: I don't know what's happening.. But we'd better...stick..toget...

He turns to look at Data.

RIKER: (finishes) ther...

He trails off, then and spins looking in all directions.

RIKER: (shouts) DATA!









"Through The Looking Glass"




Riker is running for his life, as something making horrible squelches and loud raspy heavy breathing is heard. Ahead of him, a mirror shimmers and blurs. Data reels out of it backwards as if pushed out. His uniform is out of sorts and he looks almost terrified. A streak of discolored skin from one end of his jaw to the other and his hair a total mess. He starts to fall. Riker skids to a halt and catches him, helping him catch his balance. He then lets him go. Heavy breath, squelching, etc gets closer. Riker looks around, then looks at Data.

RIKER: (pants) Data, you okay?

Data looks at him wide eyed and nods slowly, looking dazed.

DATA: (dazedly) Something..grabbed me..Dragged me into


RIKER: (pants) If we don't run...Something else is gonna

catch us both and do something I don't wanna know about.

Data looks around and doesn't need to be told twice. He turns and bolts, with Riker hot on his heels.



Picard is sitting at his desk. AU Riker ENTERS. He looks as if he hasn't seen Picard in a hundred years. He crosses the room. Picard looks up.

PICARD: Number One..I thought you were attending the Halloween party on the Holodeck.

AU Riker rests hands on the desk and leans toward Picard.

RIKER: Permission to speak frankly, sir.

Picard nods. AU Riker gives a nasty smile and clicks fingers.

AU RIKER: Go to hell.

Picard looks shocked, then vanishes in a Q style flash, his chair left spinning.



Picard falls through a roof mirror and drops to the floor. Slightly dazed, he gets to his feet and looks around.

PICARD: (breaths) Sacre Dieu!

In the mirrors are various scenes containing Picard as the star character - Dixon Hill, Locutus of Borg, Robin of Sherwood, being tortured by various species - Q, Nausicans, Borg, Cardassians ... Picard turns slowly, looking at all the mirrors. Behind him Locutus' mirror shimmers and blurs. Locutus steps out, Borgified arm outstretched.

LOCUTUS: Resistance is futile --

Picard spins around, then backs up. Running footsteps are heard. Locutus turns, sticking his arm out. Data races around a corner and runs right into the Borgified arm, gets zapped and staggers back out of sight. Locutus turns to Picard and starts toward him.

PICARD: This is illusion..It's not real..I refuse to play this game..

Picard continues to back up. Locutus is almost on top of him. Riker peeks around the corner, sees what's going on, then ducks back. Picard has his back to the mirrored wall. Locutus reaches forward. Picard looks panic-stricken. Riker comes hurtling around the corner, takes a Karate jump kicking Locutus in the back, sending him flying toward a mirror. It shimmers and blurs.

Locutus falls into it, twitching his arm.

LOCUTUS: (fading) You will be assimilated --

Picard gives a ta-ta wave.

PICARD: Not today..I think.

He looks at Riker, definitely suspicious.

RIKER: (pants) Let me guess you looked in a mirror..

And were dragged through it by your counterpart, who took your place and left you here.

PICARD: Actually it was your apparent counterpart. And there was no mirror involved until I arrived here.

Picard looks in the direction of the corner.

PICARD: Did I see Data before?

They hurry to the corner. Data staggers back into the area, looking dazed.

PICARD: Data! Are you all right?!

Riker moves to his side, grabs one of Data's arms to steady him and gives Data something to lean on.

RIKER: He's had a few bad moments already..

Picard approaches.

PICARD: Where are we?

RIKER: In my opinion - Hell.

PICARD: (dryly) Well that's where you told me to go.

Picard waves at the mirrors.

PICARD: This is my life these mirrors are showing.

RIKER: Be glad they're not showing you some of

things they've showed Data and I. (shudders) Things from your worst nightmares keep appearing.

PICARD: Like Locutus..

RIKER: (nods) Some worse than that.

Picard looks at Riker, then gives his attention to Data. Data looks back at him dazedly.

PICARD: He doesn't look good. (Concerned) Data, what's your status?

DATA: (stutters) F..F..Functional, s.s.sir.

RIKER: It doesn't pay to stay in any one place. We should keep moving and seeing if we can find an exit from here.

Picard nods. He looks around, then heads off cautiously. Riker follows, leading Data along.



AU Lore walks through Data's quarters, looking at everything, taking it all in.

AU LORE: (disdainful) Still spartan.

He then sees Data's violin, picks it up, tries to play it, but only makes a screeching noise.

AU LORE: Never could quite get the hang of that..Ahh well..

He smashes the violin on edge of bench, drops the bits and dusts off his hands. Then he looks down with a frown.

Spot wraps himself around AU Lore's legs, rubbing against him, purring. AU Lore picks up the cat, by the scruff of the neck.

AU LORE: (sweetly) Ohhh ... a pussy cat (grins) Let's test

whether or not there's enough room to swing a cat in here.. hmmm...


AU LORE: Damn. (Throws Spot onto the sofa.) Come in.

The doors slide apart and AU Riker ENTERS.

AU LORE: Did you take care of Captain Pick A Card?

Riker glares at him.

Au RIKER: Yes.

AU LORE: What did you do? Turn him into a fly and swat him? A frog?

AU RIKER: (ignores AU Lore's sarcasm) We need Deanna dealt with before she senses something's going on. She'll be at the Halloween party on the Holodeck.

AU LORE: (offers) I'll be glad to do that for you.. But first, I'll need a few things ...



Picard walks into an area followed by Riker, leading a still dazed Data. The mirrors start showing scenes from all seasons with Riker as the main character. Picard and Riker look around.

PICARD: It looks like this is your life, Number One.

RIKER: I'd rather find Data's. Maybe we can find Dr. Soong and get him repaired.

Picard looks back at Data and nods then turns and heads off again. Riker follows, leading Data along.



Set up like a haunted house's ball room with spider webs, suits of armour, creaky doors, etc. People in costume move through the room or cluster in groups, sipping drinks, chatting. In the center of the room, ghastly, flamboyant and ridiculous looking costumed couples dance to suitable music for the setting and occasion.


They are nursing drinks and chatting.

GEORDI: ...So then he reaches out and grabs her shoulder and she spins around grabbing his arm, and before you can say boo she's tossing him across the room.

BEVERLY: (laughs) Defiantly not a woman to play tricks on

in the dark.

Geordi nods with a grin.

GEORDI: She has a black belt in three different

forms of Martial Arts. (grins) And I knew it. That's why I wasn't game to join in.

BEVERLY: Lucky for you.

Deanna, dressed in a long, tight fitting black dress, (like Morticia - Addams family) wanders up to join Beverly and Geordi. They look at her.

DEANNA: Did you see Data or Will?

They shake their heads.

GEORDI: That's strange. I saw Commander Riker in costume, and Data too. They were both coming. (beat) Data was really

looking forward to this. His first Halloween party.

BEVERLY: I know. He came to me to put points on his ears and fangs on his teeth. (smiles) He walked out grinning at people and talking in a horrendous Transilvanian accent.

They all smile. There is huge puff of smoke and a flash nearby. The group spin around. As the smoke and flash fades, AU Lore is revealed as Count Dracula in a suitable pose. People clap at the excellent entrance. AU Lore stalks toward Deanna, stops before her and makes a flashy bow. He then holds out a hand to her, takes her hand, kisses it, then looks up at her.

AU LORE: (Transylvanian accent) Grant this poor cursed demon spawn a dance, M'Lady.

DEANNA: (Smiles) Of course, Dear Count.

AU Lore straightens, tucks her hand around his arm and leads her off. Beverly and Geordi watch with a smile.

BEVERLY: Now that is what I call an entrance..

GEORDI: I'd love to know how he did that..It wasn't by transporter.



A few hours have passed. Deanna and AU Lore are away from the main group and dancing arm in arm, practically cheek to cheek.

DEANNA: Your entrance was wonderfully dramatic, Data. You certainly impressed everyone.

AU LORE: (T.A) Did it impress you?

Deanna smiles and nods. AU Lore smiles, showing his fangs.

AU LORE: (T.A) Then I achieved my goal. I was only striving to catch your attention.

DEANNA: Mine? Why?

AU Lore looks into her eyes. Locking his gaze with hers, he pulls her closer as they move to the music. AU Lore starts gently caressing Deanna's back.

AU LORE: (T.A) Why not?

Deanna shivers and starts to pull away. AU Lore keeps his gaze locked with hers and keeps caressing her back. Deanna pulls back a little, looking a little worried.

DEANNA: Data, this isn't like you at all.

AU LORE: (T.A..hypnotic) I am not Data I am Count Dracula.. and you, my lovely lady, are all mine..

Deanna starts to look a little less worried.

DEANNA: You always throw yourself into the part, Data.. Become one with the character..

Deanna leans closer to AU Lore. AU Lore smiles triumphantly.



Picard, Riker and Data cautiously wander into another room of mirrors. Data's life is being shown. On mirrors, scenes from all seasons with Data as the main character are seen.

AU Lore appears in several. Picard looks around.

PICARD: How do we find the right period of his life?

Riker releases Data. Data dazedly keeps wandering, swaying a little. Riker catches his arm.

RIKER: Data, stay put. Stand still.

Data looks at him dazedly and nods slowly. Riker lets him go again and then looks into each mirror. Data stays put swaying on his feet.

RIKER: Look for a scene with a human that looks like Data. That'll be Dr. Soong.

Picard turns his attention to the mirrors and walks toward them, examining the scenes being shown.



There is flash and a puff of smoke which fades to reveal AU Lore carrying Deanna in his arms. He has his face buried in her neck. Deanna is definitely enjoying it. AU Lore carries her across the room to the bed and lowers her to it. He then pulls back from her and looks down. Deanna smiles up at him and AU Lore starts loosening his collar.



Data looks around dazedly and then he stares into a mirror. He gets a wide eyed look of pure horror.

DATA: (screams) NOOOOO!!!

Riker and Picard spin at Data's scream.

RIKER: Data!

Data is totally out of it. He races toward the mirror and dives right into it. Picard and Riker go for him. The mirror shimmers and blurs for a moment longer, then becomes a normal mirror. Picard and Riker skid to a halt before the mirror, seeing their own reflections.








"Through The Looking Glass"




AU Lore is still in the Count Dracula get up, looking very dishevelled. Riker stands before AU Lore, looking at him.

AU RIKER: Well? Did you take care of her?

AU Lore smirks and wiggles his eyebrows. AU Riker looks uneasy at that. AU Lore gives an even bigger smirk.

AU LORE: Relax, Riker. I didn't hurt her. (beat..smiles) She's with Data.

AU RIKER: (relaxes) Okay. (beat) Access all his logs personal and otherwise. I'll go to my quarters and access my own.

AU LORE: As you command, Mr. President.

Au Riker gives AU Lore a look. He clicks his fingers and AU Lore is dressed in Starfleet uniform. AU Lore jerks.

AU LORE: Would you mind warning me next time you do that?!

Riker smiles, then EXITS Data's quarters. AU Lore walks to and sits by the computer.

AU LORE: Computer, display all personal logs at maximum speed.



The text begins to fly up. AU Lore looks at the screen and snickers.

AU LORE: Awwww, so you felt left out at the Academy

(Gestures..Melodramatic)..My heart bleeds for you, Brother Dear.. (snarls..and glares at screen) How do you think I felt on the damn colony?



Riker sits at the computer terminal, looking at the screen.

AU RIKER: Computer, are there any diplomats, ambassadors or

VIP guests currently aboard whom I should know about?


AU RIKER: Are there any arriving in the next 24 hours?



AU Lore is still sitting by the computer, reading Data's personal logs..A moment passes. AU Lore widens his eyes in surprise.

AU LORE: Why Brother Dear...I never knew you had it in you. (smirks) Tasha eh...I remember her..(a few moments pass) Armus, huh? (beat) Alas ... Poor Tasha ...He knew her well...

AU Lore laughs, then resumes studying the screen. A few moments pass. AU Lore rolls his eyes, looking bored. He is about to turn off the screen. He then does a double take.

AU LORE: (very interested) What's this..I have a niece..

He looks surprised at that and curious.

AU LORE: (very curious) Computer, display visual record of Lal.

A full body picture of Lal (Hallie Todd) appears.

AU LORE: Oh (beat) I had a niece..(looks sympathetic at that)

I Wonder if Daddy dear knew about her? (Smiles to himself) Uncle AU Lore...hmmm...I like the sound of that...(pause) Whaddya know, Data takes after Dear old Dad after all! (laughs) Often Wrong Data...Nah, doesn't work... (thoughtful) How about dead wrong...how about very dead wrong...couldn't be more dead wrong if he tried!

AU Lore laughs and looks ready to keep it up for a while.



AU Riker is still sitting near the terminal. He leans back in the seat.

AU RIKER: (keys insignia) Riker to Lo..(stops)Data. Have you

finished yet?

AU LORE (V.O): No, I'm only half way through.

AU RIKER: We need to talk. Face to face.




Riker and Picard are walking along a corridor of mirrors, as a shadow falls over them. Very loud beastial noises are heard

They spin around and look revolted and horrified.

PICARD: Merde!

RIKER: My sentiments exactly.

PICARD: (disgusted) What is that?!

RIKER: (suggests) BIG, UGH-LEEE and HUNGRY!

PICARD: I can see that, Number One...

RIKER: You want to run for it or try diplomacy, for a change?

PICARD: I'm tired of running...

He steps forward, hands out in a peaceful gesture.

PICARD: I'm Jean Luc Picard Captain of the Federation Starship USS Enterprise. We mean you no harm.

The beast gives a deafening roar. Both men gag and cover mouths and noses.

RIKER: (muffled) A strategic retreat?

PICARD: Agreed.

With that they spin and bolt.



Worf is questioning Ensign Valotra, dressed as Morticia.

WORF: Have you seen Counsellor Troi?

VALOTRA: (smiles) Oh yeah sure. I saw her...and Data.

WORF: Together?

VALOTRA: (amused) That's an understatement. He was all over

her like ice over Antarctica. And she wasn't discouraging him.

Worf stifles a growl.

WORF: Are you sure she was with Data?

VALOTRA: (smiles) Absolutely..I'd know that nose anywhere.

WORF: When did you see them last and where?

VALOTRA: Count Data swept her up into his arms, covered her with his cape and vanished (gestures) in a puff of smoke. I haven't seen either of them since.

Worf looks at Valotra then walks off, still scowling.



Lab is as seen in DataLore. Deanna and Data are lying on the floor. Deanna is in a heap, her dress torn and her hair is out of sorts. She looks lost and frightened. She shakily gets to her hands and knees and looks around. She then scurries behind a large piece of machinery as fast as she can.



Geordi is looking around, concerned. Beverly walks up to join him with a questioning look on her face.

BEVERLY: What's the matter, Geordi?

GEORDI: I'm worried. I haven't seen Data or Deanna in over three hours. Worf's been looking for them for over an hour.

BEVERLY: Come to think of it, I haven't seen them for a while.

GEORDI: Most of the people I talked to had more or less the same thing to say. Data was playing Dracula to the hilt. And Deanna wasn't fighting him off. Then they...

BEVERLY: You don't think...

Geordi gives her a meaningful look.

GEORDI: (meaningfully) Data and Deanna?

BEVERLY: Well you heard what I heard. And to me it's sounds like Data carried her off to be alone with her. After all, Dracula is a very...erotic myth. Maybe Data did a bit of research first and went over- board. (pause) Deanna is as susceptible to flattery as the next woman.

GEORDI: This is Data we're talking about...

BEVERLY: Two words...Tasha Yar. (beat) Then there was Jenna D'Sora.

GEORDI: Well, when you put it like that. (pause). There's a way we could check - discretely.



Picard and Riker are exhausted, leaning forward, hands on their knees, wheezing and gasping for breath.

PICARD: (gasps) I think we lost it.

RIKER: (gasps) I sure hope so.

Suddenly, a Romulan woman, T'Lara steps out of the mirrors, dressed in a future Commodore's uniform. Attached to her belt is a small boxlike object. She aims a futuristic phaser at Riker. Riker and Picard are too exhausted to run anymore. They just look up at her.

RIKER: (gasps to Picard) Maybe this time diplomacy will get us somewhere.

PICARD: (gasps back) I certainly hope so.

T'Lara approaches, aiming her phaser at Riker.

T'LARA: William Thelonius Riker..You're under arrest. If you attempt to escape..I will shoot (long pause) To kill..

RIKER: (gasps) Wait! I don't know what you're talking

about..But I know you've got the wrong person.

T'LARA: No, Mr. President. I don't.

RIKER: For the first part. I'm William Thomas Riker. (gasp) And it was my twin in Presidents robes who put me Data and

Captain Picard in this damned maze.

T'LARA: (to Picard) Jean Claude Picard? Captain of the USS

Surprise NCC 170-B?

PICARD: (insulted) Jean-Luc Picard. Captain off the USS

Enterprise NCC 1701-D (gasp)Formerly of the USS StarGazer. Son of Yvette and Maurice Picard. Anything else I can answer to convince you?

T'LARA: You were Lotus of Borg.

PICARD: Locutus. And that's not something I'm proud of.

T'Lara keys her insignia, keeping her phaser trained on Riker.

T'LARA: Admiral, I think you better come through.

PICARD: An explanation (puff) would be appreciated.

T'LARA: How much you learn is up to the Grand Admiral, sir.



Geordi and Beverly stand before a computer panel. Geordi reaches out and touches it.

GEORDI: Tell me where Counsellor Deanna Troi is.

COMPUTER VOICE: Deanna Troi is no longer aboard the Enterprise.

Geordi and Beverly share surprised looks.

GEORDI: Tell me where Data is.

COMPUTER VOICE: Lt Commander Data is currently within

his quarters.

BEVERLY: Is he alone?


Geordi and Crusher share a look. Crusher looks smug.

BEVERLY: I bet he fixed the sensors for her.

COMPUTER VOICE: (finishes) Commander William T. Riker is with him.

Geordi and Beverly do a double take at that.

GEORDI: Riker? (beat) He didn't show up either. (Keys insignia) La Forge to Riker.

AU RIKER (V.O): Riker here. What's up Geordi?

GEORDI: Where's Counsellor Troi? We've just been told she's no longer aboard the Enterprise. The last time anyone saw

her was with Data in his Dracula get up and now he's with you.



AU Lore is sitting at the computer and Riker is standing over him.

AU RIKER: Are you alone, Geordi?

GEORDI (V.O): Dr. Crusher's with me.

AU RIKER: Just a minute, Geordi. Standby.

AU Riker keys his insignia and turns AU Lore. There is a flash and AU Lore is Count Dracula again.

AU RIKER: (quickly..to AU Lore) People might get suspicious if they see you out of costume. Crusher and Geordi're getting suss. Why don't you show them where Data and Deanna are.


A wide smile creeps across his face.



Geordi and Beverly are looking at each other.

BEVERLY: Am I the only who thinks there's something

wrong going on here?


BEVERLY: Maybe. I think we better collect Worf.

GEORDI: Good idea.

With a flash of light and smoke, AU Lore appears and smiles at Geordi and Beverly, showing his fangs. They look at him, startled. They then look uneasy and back up a little.

GEORDI: That's not Data! It's flesh and blood!

AU LORE: The man with the x-ray specs. I've always wondered about that Visor of yours. Tell me..can you see through the ladies uniforms, hmmm?

AU Lore smiles and stalks them. They back into a dead end. AU Lore chuckles and grabs their throats in a blur of movement.

AU LORE: (dramatic) In space ... no one can hear you


All vanish in a flash of light and smoke. FADING EVIL CHUCKLE









"Through The Looking Glass"




Picard, Riker and T'Lara watch as AU Data steps out of a mirror. Data is dressed in future Grand Admiral's uniform.


They look well and truly surprised.

PICARD: (rasps) Mon Dieu! You're the Grand Admiral of

Starfleet! But how...

DATA: I'm from your future, Captain.

T'LARA: He says the President pulled him through a mirror into the maze. (beat) And that you were pulled into here by your twin.

DATA: (sarcastic) Really?. Then where am I now?

RIKER: (rasps) Your other self dived into a mirror (beat)

And that was the last we saw of him.

DATA: I'm not inclined to believe you..

PICARD: (rasps) Then believe me..I saw it happen..

Data looks at him.



The doors to the lab open to reveal Dr. Soong in silhouette, with a phaser in one hand and a torch in the other. A moment passes and he shines a torch into the lab.

SOONG: Who's in there?

He shines the torch on Data. Data whimpers and curls up further into a ball.

SOONG: Lights.

The room is illuminated, revealing Soong to be in his sixties. Deanna is trying to hide behind something, terrified. Soong walks into the room heading for Data. Deanna tries to get further out of sight and makes a noise. Soong spins, sees her and looks very surprised.

SOONG: What on Earth?...

He takes in Deanna's appearance. She looks at him wide eyed. He moves toward her, pocketing his torch and phaser. He holds his hands out to her in a reassuring manner.

SOONG: I don't know who you are, or how you got into my lab, Miss, but I'm not going to hurt you.

Deanna watches him for a long moment and stops backing up.

SOONG: What's your name. What happened to? (pause) Stupid question I can see what happened ... Who ...

Deanna points to Data, huddling in the corner. Soong stares at her wide eyed and shocked.

SOONG: (shocked) Lore?!

Deanna nods. Soong looks at Data, devastated.

DEANNA: (gasping) He..he..he...

SOONG: (calming) Sshh..It's all right. I promise you. Lore won't hurt you again. I give you my word on that.

Deanna tries to gather her dignity and her wits.

DEANNA: Who are you? Where am I?

SOONG: You're on Omicron Theta, in my laboratory. You may have heard of me. I'm Doctor Noonian Soong.

Deanna stares at him, wide eyed.

SOONG: Obviously you've heard the Mad scientist rumours.



Picard and Riker finish the water and hand the glasses back to AU Data. AU Data takes them and tosses the glasses through a mirror. The mirror shimmers and they pass through it. Data then looks at Picard.

AU DATA: You will excuse me if I test you.

Picard nods.

AU DATA: When did I get married?

PICARD: (surprised) Married?. (pause). You didn't. Well,

not yet.

AU DATA: I'll take your word Captain. (beat) It's a pleasure to see you alive again.

PICARD: Yes, well, I'm sure it is.

The ceiling mirrors shimmer and blurr.

T'LARA: (yells) Look out! Something's..coming through!!

Beverly and Geordi drop in literally. They begin untangling themselves. Everyone looks at them.

RIKER: It's sure getting crowded here...

AU DATA: Shut up, Riker.

Riker looks offended. Beverly looks around at Data, comes up to her feet looking vicious, ready to attack. Geordi scrambles to his feet and grabs her first holding her back.

GEORDI: No, Doctor that's...

PICARD: (roars) ENOUGH!! I want and explanation and I

want it now! (beat) Doctor, Geordi, explain how you got here.

Beverly points accusingly at Data.

BEVERLY: He grabbed us, sent us into space. And now we're here.

PICARD: (uneasy) Data's on the Enterprise...(pause) Why did he try to attack you, Doctor?

GEORDI: That wasn't Data on the Enterprise. It was flesh and blood. (points at Data) and he's an android.

PICARD: This is Data. We've established that much.

GEORDI: (mutters) I wish someone would establish what's going on.

PICARD: He's from our future and he thinks he has a good reason for warranting Riker's arrest (turns to Data) And I want to hear it.

AU DATA: Riker has the power of the Q. (beat)And he is using it to travel in time in an attempt to change history.




Basic colonists sickbay. Deanna lies on a bed, unconscious. Soong looks over her. There is another doctor with him, looking at Soong. Soong looks at the Doctor.

SOONG: Was she raped?

DOCTOR: No she wasn't, but there are some bruises, which suggest a struggle, and skin under her fingernails (meaningfully) pale skin. (long pause) You found her in your lab. With that droid of yours. (pause) I tried to warn you he was unstable, Soong. (beat) What more does it take to convince to something about it?

SOONG: I didn't see any scratches on AU Lore, so you better analyze those skin flakes and prove they're AU Lore's.

DOCTOR: (hhmph) No wonder the others call you Often

Wrong. You can't see the obvious. Even when it's as plain as the nose on your face. What more do you need? A corpse, with every bone in its body broken?

Soong has had enough.

SOONG: (roars) ENOUGH! Lore did not rape this woman, although he could have done so. Perhaps things just got out of control.

The doctor gives a 'hmph.

Soong strides to door then stops and spins to face the Doctor.

SOONG: I'll do what I have to do. But you better be damn sure it was Lore.

DOCTOR: It'll take several hours to do the analysis. And I'm sure as hell what the result will be. And you better take

action. Because if you don't, I will. (beat) With a Phaser.

Soong looks threatening.

SOONG: (deadly) If you so much as touch my son...



Picard, Riker, Geordi, Crusher, T'Lara and Data are continuing the previous Mirror maze scene.

BEVERLY: Riker changing history? I don't believe it.

RIKER: After all the trouble I went through to preserve it, there's no way I'd tamper with it. Not now. Not ever.

DATA: T'Lara, if he opens his mouth one more time, shut it permanently.

T'Lara nods toying with the phaser and giving Riker a look that says she'd be happy to. Riker shuts up. Data looks at Picard, Beverly and Geordi.

AU DATA: Riker came back in time to stop the Enterprise from being destroyed.


AU DATA: If I told you that, I would be as guilty as he is.

GEORDI: So you'll let the Enterprise be destroyed, huh? I can't believe that.

AU DATA: I can't let history be altered. It's unfortunate that the Enterprise must be sacrificed. I wish it were otherwise, but what Riker is doing could drastically alter our future. We are at peace with all our neighbors, the Romulans, Cardassians, Ferengi, Tholians, and many more, you have yet to meet - And we've even neutralised the Borg threat. And you want me to risk all that - more lives than there are stars in the sky, out of sentiment.

GEORDI: Well, put like that...I can understand why you're trying to stop him..But If you expect us to help. You're crazy.

AU DATA: (to T'Lara) Find the entry to the Enterprise and

begin your search for the other Riker there. Contact me the moment you find him.

T'Lara nods.

AU DATA: And if you run into my past self wandering around...

T'LARA: (cuts in) I'll contact you straight away, sir.

Data nods. T'Lara spins, holsters her phaser and strides off. The Enterprise group watch her, then look at AU Data.



Lore is dressed in colonists gear. He stands over Data, very curious. Data for his part is now unconscious. Suddenly AU Lore spins and looks at the door. ANGLE ON DOOR: Hold on door for several seconds. Door opens revealing Soong and other Doctor. Soong is looking at the Doctor, annoyed.

SOONG: I told you I'd deal with him.

DOCTOR: Knowing how you feel about that droid - I don't exactly trust you.

Soong walks into the lab, then turns around.

SOONG: Fine. Go Ahead. Lock me in here if you don't trust me.

DOCTOR: I'll do just that. You deal with that droid, Soong, or I'll...

SOONG: (snaps) Save your threats. (sadly) I said I'd do it and I will.

Doctor hits the controls and the door closes.

Data lies on the floor, still unconscious. AU Lore is nowhere to be seen at first. Soong approaches Data - Show AU Lore, hiding out of sight behind a piece of the room fittings. He peeks from behind it, very, very curious.



Riker, Beverly, Picard and Geordi watch AU Data, suspicious.

RIKER: (mutters) For all we know he could be AU Lore.

AU DATA: (to Riker) For all I know, you're the one who started all this.

PICARD: Enough pointing the finger. (to Data) For the record, Data, in our universe Riker turned down the power of the Q. He lost it soon after he was given it.

Data looks at Riker with a raised eyebrow.

RIKER: I didn't like the strings attached.

AU DATA: Hmph.

RIKER: You don't believe me?

AU DATA: You honestly expect me to believe you turned down the power of the Q?

RIKER: Well you turned down the chance to become human.

AU DATA: (surprised) I turned down the chance to become human?

Picard, Riker, Geordi and Beverly nod.

DATA: (raises eyebrows) Hmph.



Data is strapped down to the table. He has regained consciousness. He looks around, frightened, and lost, hoping this is all a bad dream. Soong is approaching.

SOONG: I'm sorry I have to do this, AU Lore.

Data stares at him, wide eyed, still trying to comprehend what is happening. Soong walks closer.

SOONG: It's your own fault. Look what you did to that poor girl. I know you didn't mean to harm her, but you're unstable.

Data's mouth moves, but no sound comes out. Soong reaches the table. Data realizes where he is and what is about to happen. He gets a petrified look. Soong reaches for his off switch. Data goes limp. Soong pulls a tool out of his pocket and starts working on Data's neck. He has a sad look on his face.

Soong starts working on Data.

SOONG: I don't know where I went wrong..I was so sure I had it right. Looks like I'll have to. (pause) What is that?!

Soong stops working, reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pair of tweezers, then works on Data's neck.

SOONG: (muttering) I know I didn't put that there.

Soong half turns, holds up tweezers, toward the light (revealing the chip from Brothers.) Soong looks confused.




The doors open, revealing T'Lara inside. She EXITS.


T'Lara strides down corridor, obviously knowing where she's heading. She passes AU Lore. AU Lore, now in uniform, facing a computer panel.

AU LORE: (different voice) Computer, where is Holodeck Two?

T'Lara keeps going, not noticing AU Lore.

COMPUTER VOICE: Holodeck Two is on Deck 11.

T'Lara turns a corner.


AU Lore looks around, then leans on the wall, slaps his insignia.

AU LORE: Data to Riker.

AU RIKER'S (V.O_: Riker here, go ahead.

AU LORE: Are you alone?

AU RIKER (V.O): Yes.

AU LORE: We've got trouble - with a capital T - and it stands for T'Lara.

AU RIKER'S (V.,O): T'Lara! Data's deputy! Oh sh—

AU LORE: (cuts in) My sentiments exactly (pause..nervous)

Riker...where T'Lara is - Data is.

AU RIKER'S (V.O): Worried, AU Lore?

AU LORE: No, I'm not worried - I'm petrified! I might be insane, psychotic, a pathological liar even, but I'm not stupid. If Data gets me before we're done, he'll do more

than just disassemble me. He's not the wimp he used to be, you know.

RIKER (V.O): He's not here yet, so stop panicking. He hasn't caught us (beat) yet...Computer, Locate Commander Data.

COMPUTER VOICE: Commander Data is currently on deck 13

AU LORE: That's me. Phew.

AU RIKER: If Data was here, the computer would've given two locations, so it's safe to assume he sent T'Lara on ahead to scout the ship.

AU LORE: You want me to take care of her?

AU RIKER: No!. That'll really get Data's attention. Just follow her - discreetly.



T'Lara is kneeling on the floor. She opens the box and pulls out a high tech bomb and attaches it to the wall. T'Lara gives an evil smile and chuckles.

T'LARA: So easy... All I had to do was hint an assassin from the future destroyed this ship... and you fell for it...and you did all the hard work for me...establishing a time gate here... Perfect. The President of the Federation and the Grand Admiral of Starfleet will soon trouble us no further ....


The digital timer starts ticking away from sixty minutes.








"Through The Looking Glass"




AU Lore stands by a covered access shaft. Worf strides up and stops before him.

WORF: (demands) Where is Counsellor Troi?

AU LORE: She's safe. And we have a bigger problem. A Romulan saboteur with a bomb.

Worf looks startled.

AU LORE: She is deadly and the bomb is deadlier. Any transporter activity will set it off in a microsecond. She is in the access shafts with it. She has accessed our communications system. She knows our actions against her through it.

WORF: Then don't use it or transporters. Locate her with sensors.

AU LORE: That will activate the bomb.

WORF: I will locate her myself.

That said, he moves to shaft cover and removes it, revealing the shaft.

WORF: Contact my staff - face to face. Have them enter the shafts to join me in the hunt.

AU Lore nods, spins and hurries off. Worf turns and prepares to crawl through the shaft.



AU Riker is looking out of the window. Reflection of the room shimmers and blurs, revealing AU Data. Riker steps back fast.

AU DATA: What gives you the right to reshape the past? To destroy what we have achieved in the future.

AU RIKER: (defensive) Someone from the future reshaped it.

I'm making sure they don't.

AU DATA: You're a fool, Riker - I was there. I survived the Enterprise's destruction along with hundreds of others. I know

what happened. You don't. You weren't there.

AU RIKER: It wasn't an accident, Data. It was a bomb - A Trilocite bomb, from our time that destroyed the Enterprise, killing over 600 people. Killed Deanna, Geordi, Picard, Beverly, Worf...

AU DATA: (cuts in) Riker, Trilocite is too unstable to create a bomb - let alone travel through time. And need I remind you -

One microgram equals the explosive force of a supernova - No one would have survived a Trilocite explosion. Not even I.

Riker looks stunned, then the reflection shimmers and AU Data is gone, leaving the room's reflection in the window. Riker drops into the chair and spins to stare at the desk top, thinking about his decisions. The door opens and AU Lore ENTERS. The doors close behind him. AU Lore walks to visitor's chair, spins it and straddles it, looking at Riker.

AU LORE: You look like you've seen a ghost.

AU RIKER: Data. I saw Data...

AU LORE: I sent Data to (beat) which Data?

AU RIKER: Our Data - in a reflection.

AU LORE: Oh sh-- He definitely knows we're here. How'd

you get away from him?

Au Riker looks AU Lore dead on.

AU RIKER: What if I was wrong! What if the Enterprise was destroyed in the natural course of events - not by time tampering.

AU LORE: It's a bit late for doubts, Riker. We're here. We've already upset their cosy little lives - Now if you're wrong - you have to decide - Do we leave now, restore everyone to their places and let them die, or do we do what we came to do - prevent the destruction.

AU RIKER: I know your choice - Let it be destroyed.

AU LORE: Yes. Let everything happen as it was meant to. Riker, don't destroy our future. Preserve it. Their actions, their deaths saved trillions. Think of those lives.

Riker looks at AU Lore, surprised.

AU RIKER: I find that rather bizarre, coming from you.

AU LORE: You don't know me, Riker. I'm more than a psychotic, pathological liar.

AU RIKER: Yeah. You're an ego maniac. You're sarcastic, sadistic and self centred.

AU LORE: You forgot cynical.

AU RIKER: That too. (pause) So why did you agree to this insane plan to save the people you despise?


AU Lore gets a lost in memories look.



Lore stands statue still beside Data. Data remains off the platform. A lead runs from Data's head to Lore's. Lore is wide eyed and twitching. The door opens and Lucia, a colonist ENTERS, looking around.

LUCIA: You want...

She sees AU Lore with Data and freezes, stunned. She then runs across the room to AU Lore, snatches the lead and pulls it out of his head. AU Lore staggers and falls to his knees. Lucia drops to one knee beside him. She reaches out and touches his shoulder.

LORE: (stutters) T..thank y..you...

LUCIA: What in the name of Asimov did you think you were doing, Lore?!

Lore regains his equilibrium and looks at her wide eyed.

LORE: I was being accused of his crimes - I wanted to know if he had committed any of it. It was a huge frame up by someone.

Lore grabs Lucia's shoulders.

LORE: Lucia, he's my brother.

LUCIA: (winces) Lore, you're hurting me.

Lore is instantly contrite and sits back, releasing her.

LORE: I'm sorry ... He's from our future, somehow sent back in time. I accessed his memories. (pause ... shudders). I wish I'd never done it.

LUCIA: Lore, you're as crazy as they say you are if you think he's from our future.

LORE: No, Lucia - He is our future.

Lore curls up, wrapping his arms around his legs, resting his chin on his knees.

LORE: A future I don't want. (soft). A future without you.

Lucia looks surprised, then smiles slightly and runs her fingers gently through his hair.

LUCIA: I love you too, Lore. Pull yourself together and look at it objectively. You and I both know no one approves of our relationship.

LORE: (sadly) I know...

Lore looks at her.

LUCIA: I could name quite a number of people who could and would set this up to try to drive you mad for real. (waves at Data) He's not from your future. He's your father's other android - with fake memories.

LORE: No, Lucia. He's everything I said he is. (looks across the room) I have seen my future - Our future - His future. If I deny it, or try to change it by acting now, I'd be condemning billions...trillions to death ....

Lore is upset. Lucia starts running a hand up and down AU Lore's back, soothingly. AU Lore stands. Nothing is said for several seconds.

LORE: Lucia, can you erase my memories?

LUCIA: (shocked) No!

LORE: Block them then - Block everything I learned today - I don't want this knowledge. I don't want to know what I'll become. What I'll do..without you...

Lucia frowns.

LUCIA: Did you see me die?

Lore shakes his head.

LORE: No. He didn't, so I didn't. But..I know how you die...And I don't want to live with that. I want everything erased.

Lore then looks at her.

LORE: But first..

Lore takes her into his arms, tilts her back, smiles at her and they kiss.



AU Lore snaps out of his review and looks at Riker.

AU LORE: Why did I come along? (beat) Curiosity. I always wondered about an event in my early life. It involved Data and Deanna being sent back in time to Omicron Theta.

AU Riker looks surprised.


AU LORE: Today. I sent them both there.

AU RIKER: (startled) What?!

AU LORE: I met Data before he was created. I accessed his memories of his life until this very day. I know Deanna was there too. It's suffice to say I regretted accessing my brother's memories, because I knew what I'd become and that was...(long pause)...horrifying to me.

AU RIKER: So why didn't you do something?

AU LORE: I did. I had the memories blocked off - conscious memory wiped. I made the choice to preserve the future - Data's future because he helped to save trillions by being in the right place at the right time. (pause) I preserved the future - and paid the price with my sanity and the life of the woman I loved.

AU RIKER: What...?!!!

AU LORE: The crystal creature turned her to dust before my very eyes, then came after me. I wanted to die with her,

but my blasted programming made me run - made me preserve my life. I hated myself for what I had done.

AU Lore looks Riker dead on.

AU LORE: I knew that would happen and I made the choice to ignore the knowledge - to take what the future held. Are you

willing to ignore the foreknowledge of the lives of people who mattered the most to you? - Are you half the man I am, Riker? Can you give up the past and face your future, knowing they'll never be part of it?

Riker stares at AU Lore, amazed.



Beverly, Picard and Geordi are in a huddle, talking. Then one by one, they vanish. Data approaches Riker.

AU DATA: Hopefully that means you counterpart listened to me and stopped trying to alter the past.

RIKER: He's not me.

AU DATA: No. He's what you might have been. I'm what Data might become. (beat). You're not from my past, Riker, but an alternate universe. A time line created when you had to choose between keeping or giving up the power of the Q.

RIKER: I guessed that much. What'll you do to him?

AU DATA: I'll make sure he goes back to our time and destroy this time gate. Prevent him using it again to reach the past.

RIKER: Tell me one thing ... What sort of a man would I have been?

AU DATA: Deanna, Geordi, Picard, Beverly, Worf, Alexander, and hundreds of others died when the Enterprise was destroyed. You were not aboard. You learned of it and went berserk. You went looking for someone to blame. Chose the Borg and annihilated them.

Riker looks shocked.

AU DATA: That took some time. When you returned, you found the Federation at war with the survivors, (beat) Guinan and I, among others were On Earth. You decided to bring about peace - Your way. You terrorised all our enemies into making peace -into joining the Federation and forgoing violence. You were brutal, vicious, merciless.. You made my brother look like a saint.

RIKER: Thanks.

AU DATA: You asked. (beat). I created this place with Q's assistance, captured you and imprisoned you here and forced you to see what you'd done - what you'd become. And it horrified you. In time you regained your sanity and were freed. Eventually you became President of the New Federation and your reputation was enough to make the peace a long standing real peace.

RIKER: Because they were too terrified to do anything that might set me off again.

AU DATA: Exactly -(beat) No matter the cost of achieving it - the end result was a true lasting peace. And to protect it, I will do anything.

Riker looks into a mirror. It blurs and shimmers.

AU DATA: He is coming. You should leave. Walk into the mirror and it will put you back where you were when he placed you here.

Riker takes a deep breath.

RIKER: I can't say it's been nice meeting you.

Then he steps into a mirror and vanishes.



AU Riker steps out of the mirror and looks around.

AU RIKER: Computer, what's the date?

COMPUTER (V.O): StarDate 4686.0

AU Riker gives a slight nod.

AU RIKER: It only felt like half a lifetime...



AU Data watches AU Riker and AU Lore approach.

AU DATA: Lore?

AU LORE: The one and only.

AU DATA: You are a pain in the looking glass, Lore. And your taste in company is deteriorating, Riker.

AU LORE: (retaliates) So's yours, Data. T'Lara's a Romulan

traitor to the Federation, peace and future. She's the assassin we came to stop.

AU Data looks 100% surprised.

AU LORE: Never did trust Roms. I followed her when I saw her on the Enterprise. I saw her plant a bomb there.

AU Riker and AU Data both stare at him.


AU DATA: We have to stop her.

AU RIKER: No. It happened - It will happen. I was wrong to try to change it.

AU DATA: Riker, this is an alternate universe - not our past. I realised it when I remembered Geordi giving up his VISOR - after you received the power of the Q.

AU RIKER: Oh my God!..

AU Riker grabs AU Lore and shakes him.

AU RIKER: (frantic) Where!! Where's the bomb?!



Worf has the bomb open. There are two wires: white and blue. Worf has his fingers on the wires. He looks tense.

WORF: It is a good day to die.

Worf chooses the blue wire, then prepares to pull it out.

WORF: ...But then so is tomorrow...

Worf yanks out the wire. There is a huge explosion of light.





The Enterprise explodes.

WORF (V.O): Oops.









"Through The Looking Glass"




Beverly, Geordi and Riker, are gathered around a biobed on which is Data lying on, unconscious.

BEVERLY: He's coming around.

Data's eyes flutter, then open. He stays still, but looks at everyone around him.

DATA: Doctor...Doctor Soong?

Beverly frowns.

BEVERLY: No. Doctor Crusher. Data, what...

DATA: Lore!... Lore was with Counsellor Troi!

The trio share looks.

DATA: The bomb...Worf pulled the wrong wire. The Enterprise exploded..killed everyone. (then he gets a confused look) But I am on the Enterprise. How is that possible?

Then Geordi moves closer to Data with a smile.

GEORDI: I...I think you've been dreaming, Data.

RIKER: Lore with Deanna, Worf blowing up the Enterprise... hmph...Sounds more like a nightmare to me.

DATA: Lore was on the Enterprise, Riker was President of the Federation ...

RIKER: President Riker?

He grins and straightens his uniform

RIKER: (finishes) I like it...

Geordi looks at Data and grins.

GEORDI: You most definitely have been dreaming.

DATA: Dreaming? (pause) But it seemed so..so..real...

BEVERLY: Dreams often do.

Data nods, slowly, sits up and looks around.

DATA: I am in Sickbay. What happened?

BEVERLY: We went looking for you when you didn't show up at the Halloween party. We found you unconscious in your quarters.

GEORDI: Of course being human, we panicked and hauled you in here to find out why.

RIKER: I think I put my back out carrying you here.

GEORDI: And all the time you were just having a snooze and dreaming away.

DATA: Snooze?

GEORDI: Sleeping. (grins) Do me a favour, Data next time you decide to take a nap give us a little warning, hmmm?

DATA: I did not decide to do it. (beat) I was thinking about...Leaving the Enterprise.

The trio share surprised looks.

GEORDI: Why, Data? Aren't you happy here?

DATA: (nods) Yes, Geordi, (beat) but I have been offered a First Officers post on the USS Sydney. It is a pure research vessel.

GEORDI: Data, that's great! It means they've finally realised your more than just a walking, taking computer.

DATA: But it means I have to leave the Enterprise.

RIKER: Not so great. (beat) We'll miss you, Data. It won't be the same without you.

Data looks at him.

DATA: I am still deciding.

Beverly taps Data's arm, catching his attention.

BEVERLY: Data, when humans dream, their dreams sometimes help them to realise that they want, to sort out their

feelings. (beat) Maybe you should talk to Deanna before you make the decision.

GEORDI: Yeah. It's a big step. Maybe she can help you interpret your dream.

Data nods.



Deanna is looking at Data and shaking her head slightly.

DEANNA: That wasn't a dream, Data, that was a nightmare.

DATA: So Commander Riker said.

DEANNA: You want me to interpret it for you?

Data nods.

DATA: I would much appreciate that, Counsellor.

DEANNA: That's easy. Think about it, Data.

DATA: I dreamed my counterpart from an alternate universe, Riker's counterpart, and AU Lore's came here, to alternately change the past and to save it.

DEANNA: And what created that alternate universe? Why were Riker and AU Lore trying to change it...or save it?

DATA: It was created when Commander Riker made the wrong choice and accepted the Q power.

Deanna nods slowly.

DEANNA: That was the main component of the dream, Data. The disastrous results of wrong choices made by the participants. Riker made the wrong choice. I made a mistake trusting you ... Lore when my instincts told me something was wrong. Geordi and Beverly made a mistake when they decided to see if we, or AU Lore and I were (blush) Alone together. Your counterpart made a mistake trusting the wrong person and was betrayed.

DATA: (slow) Then I was...concerned that I would make

the wrong choice.

Deanna nods.

DATA: But in my dream, My counterpart made the correct choice - To come after Riker and stop him from changing the past. Lore made the choice to accept what the future held, even knowing what it would mean for him.

DEANNA: (smiles) Hmmm...In my opinion, Data, I think that

was wishful thinking on your part. You wish your brother had been different, that there was hope for him.

Data gives a nod.

DATA: In the dream my counterpart was. The Grand Admiral. More wishful thinking?

Deanna smiles.

DEANNA: Do you want to be the Grand Admiral, Data? Do you want to be the one who makes all the big decisions, whose

every command could mean the difference between life and death?

DATA: (definite) No. I would not feel comfortable with such a position at this stage in my life.

DEANNA: Perhaps in the future you will.

Data considers.



Picard is sitting behind his Desk. Data is sitting in the visitors chair.

PICARD: We were worried about you, Data. I'm glad it turned out to be nothing serious.

DATA: As am I, sir.

PICARD: Well, (pause-fidgets) have you made your decision? Or do you need more time to think about it?

DATA: No, sir. I have made my choice. You may tell the Captain of the Sydney to take her offer and s....

PICARD: (shocked) Data!

Data frowns, confused at Picard's exclamation.

DATA: ...Select someone else for the position, sir.

Picard relaxes.

PICARD: I thought you were going to say (beat) S... something else..(beat) You're turning it down.

Data nods.

DATA: I would like to remain aboard the Enterprise, sir, as

your Second Officer.

PICARD: Are you quite certain, Data? By accepting the offer you'd become a Commander. It would be a definite step up the ladder of command and another step toward Starfleet accepting that you're more than a machine.

Data gives a faint smile.

DATA: The fact that the offer was made is a step toward their acceptance of my nature. (beat) I do not wish to

be in command.

He makes a slight, almost embarrassed gesture.

DATA: I am not comfortable when my decisions may be the ones that decide between life and death. And as a First Officer I would have to make those choices more times than I would as a Second Officer.

Picard nods.

PICARD: Quite true. Perhaps when you have more confidence in your abilities, you will be an excellent First Officer.

DATA: I do not want to be an excellent First Officer on another ship. I want to stay here. My friends are here. This has become (beat) my home.

Picard smiles and nods understandingly.

PICARD: Understood, Data. I know exactly how you feel. (beat). I'll let the Sydney know that they can offer the position to someone else.

Data gives a nod.

DATA: Thank you, sir. (stands) Unless there is more to discuss.

Picard shakes his head with a smile.

PICARD: No. There's nothing else that needs to be said.

Data turns and EXITS.



Data ENTERS Spot hisses and runs off. Data looks startled and then looks around and walks over to computer station and sits down out of view.


Data rises back up holding the broken violin with a startled look. Then there is a flash and Data is holding an unbroken violin. Data looks even more startled. Loud ecstatic purring is heard. Data looks down.

DATA: Spot? But you ran to the other side of the...

Data spins to look at mirror and trails off.


A reflection of Grand Admiral Data is seen. He nods in satisfaction and then turns and walks away. As AU Data walks away, AU Lore quickly steps into view puts his hand to his nose, wiggles his fingers and blows a raspberry at Data. AU Riker's arm comes into view yanks AU Lore away.

Data's eyes widen and his jaw drops. He stares at the shimmering mirror.


The mirror now only reflects Data's and his quarters and Spot in the background, leaving Data wondering - was it only a dream?








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