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No profit is made here, apart from enlightening fans.

Summary: The Gundam Wing folk introduce themselves

Rating PG – Humour




"I am Treize Khushrenada. I hate pink flowers and I’m going to get rid of them all. Why? Because I’m king of the world, that’s why!"

"I am Lady Une. I want peace. I want to kill you all. I want peace .... I want .... Oh bloody hell. I don't know what I want. What do you want Mr Treize?"

"I am Hilde Schbeiker. All the Duo fans hate me."

"I am Sally Po. My braids are really big dreadlocks that I can’t brush out."

"I am Trowa Barton. I copied my hairstyle from Miss Noin, except hers looks better." *Pout*

"I am Lucrezia Noin. My hair is better than Trowa’s. And you *really* want to know why Zechs is called the Lightening Count?" *Smirk*

"I am Heero Yuy. I am going to kill Relena. I am going to kiss Relena. No ... this time I am really going to kill her ... I am ... Oh bugger."

"I am Duo Maxwell I am the God of Death, I’m sexy as hell and I love my hair."

"I am Catherine Bloom and I like Trowa’s hair. So there!"

"I am Quatre Raberba Winner. I am a real pussy cat. You even say my name Cat-ra."

"I am Dorothy Catalonia and I have really freaky eyebrows."

"I am Wufei Chang! I am sexist pig!"

"I am Zechs Merquise. Duo’s not the only damned sexy one on this show ... and that mask is so damned hot inside."

"I am Relena Peacecraft. I want world peace right now and I can say ‘Heero’ 157 different ways. Wanna see?





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