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Summary: Data's final journey.


Author's notes:  References to Nemesis and The Immortal Coil by Jeffrey Lang.







                                                      THE FINAL FRONTIER



The brilliant light of the explosion almost blinded Data.  For one a nano second, he wondered if there was an afterlife for androids, indeed for any life form, or was there nothing - and he mused he was just about to find out.  Part of him afraid, the other at peace, knowing Captain Picard, his friend and captain was safe.


Data saw nothing but white.  He thought he heard someone calling his name, though very distant.


There was no mistaking it now.  Someone called out to him.  The voice seemed familiar, but strange.  Data did not know how to answer.

  "Data…" The voice called, gently.  "Don't be afraid."

The android felt someone take his hand, though his vision was hazy.  The other's

hand felt warm and welcoming,

  "Who … are you…?" Data managed to say.

  "Your guide into the Afterlife.  Don't be afraid," he said again.  "Come with me."

  "Where are we going?"

The other appeared to smile, but still Data could not see him. Though he did not

answer the android's question.


Data walked with the guide for quite a while.

  "Where are you taking me?"

  "To the others."


  "You will understand in due course."

  "Who are you?"

  "Someone who loves you dearly.  I have been sent to guide you in the Afterlife. I

understand what you're going through, Data as I went through it too."

  "Thank you, but you still have not answered my question."

  "I will in time."


As Data walked with his guide, his vision began to clear.

  "Here we are," the guide said, stopping.

Data looked around, amazed at what he saw.  His father, his mother and his


  "You are all here..." he said, unable to stop tears escaping.

With tears of joy, Juliana took her son's hand and smiled.  "Of course.  You will never be alone, Data."

Lal stepped forward and embraced him. "I have been waiting for you, Father."

Dr Soong smiled lovingly at his son.  "You didn't think we'd left you, did you?"

Data smiled and shook his head.  "I know differently now.  Death is not an end, but a new  beginning.  A new journey."

However Data felt something was missing ... and then he realised.  He turned to face his guide and saw the other's face clearly now.  The guide looked upon him with love and serenity. Gently, Data took his hand.

  "Thank you, Lore."






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