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Summary: The Pakleds find something interesting.


Rating PG




The powerful Starship Enterprise left, leaving only the starfield in view. Grebnedlog, the Pakled leader watched through the viewscreen of the Mondor and turned to Reginod.

"They are smarter than us."

"We are not smart," Reginod chimed in dismay. "Did they trick us?"


There was a pause.

"It was a good trick," Reginod said. "We did not know."

Grebnedlog nodded, part of him angry, the other part wondering. Wondering if it had been right to take Geordi. They had not meant to hurt him, but Grebnedlog found himself now thinking it had been bad to take Geordi from his friends. They cared about Geordi and it had been wrong to shoot him, even if the phaser was only set to stun. Humans were so tiny! Grebnedlog was now convinced the more he thought about it that the Enterprise's 'crimson forcefield' had been a trick. The Pakleds had wanted weapons to be strong and powerful, not weak and slow. Even if it had been a trick, at first Grebnedlog could not believe how violent the humans had been, threatening to destroy the Mondor, and now he began to realise he too had succumbed to the ways of violence. He had hurt Geordi. Weapons were violent. Grebnedlog and the other Pakleds had believed weapons would make them strong - they had not thought of themselves as a violent race.

"We have no big weapon," Reginod said.

"We have phasers," Grebnedlog said, knowing some weapons were necessary for defence. "We do not need a big weapon. Weapons are violent. Weapons are bad."

Reginod took a few moments to think, before he nodded and agreed. "Weapons are bad."

Grebnedlog relayed this news to the other Pakleds on the ship, Ecirg, Navonodo and Eodnicam and they quite agreed with Grebnedlog, and wondered why they hadn't seen that before.

"There is a lot of things we need to know," Grebnedlog said, wondering if they would ever see Geordi or the Enterprise again.

The Mondor sailed through space unmolested for over a year, the Pakleds aboard trying to modify her to go faster, sometimes with the unwitting help of passers by. Grebnedlog was careful not to hurt them as he had with Geordi.

Grebnedlog looked at the newly modified warp core and was pleased.

"This will make us go faster," he said with an excited smile. "Watch," and the ship made warp seven.

"This is good!" Reginod said, as the stars whizzed past. "We can go faster!"

Grebnedlog pulled the ship out of the test-warp.

"There is something outside," Eodnicam said suddenly.

Navonodo jumped up and down.

"What is it?" Grebnedlog asked.

"Not know," Navonodo replied. "The scan thing says it is a human."

Grebnedlog frowned. "A human outside? Where is his ship?"

"Maybe he not have one," Reginod said. "Maybe he fell out of his ship."

"How can he be outside with no ship?" Ecirg said. "It is cold and there is no air."

"Is he dead?" Grebnedlog asked, wondering how anyone could be outside with no ship.

"Scan thing doesn't say," Eodnicam said. "He is very still. Maybe he is dead."

"Use transport beam thing," Grebnedlog said. "Bring him inside. "If he is not dead, he will be cold and maybe he is hungry."

The five Pakleds gathered in their sick room, where the humanoid figure materialised on one of the beds. Grebnedlog touched him, then withdrew his hand at once.

"He is cold!"

"We must make him warm." Eodnicam pulled a blanket over him.

"Computer make it hotter in here!" Navonodo barked.

The computer obeyed her command.

"He is dead," Reginod said. His skin is white and he is not moving."

Grebnedlog looked sad, though he wasn't surprised. He did a double take when he saw movement, and was about to dismiss it when he saw the pale hand move. "He is alive!" He jumped up and down.

All the Pakleds stared in amazement as their patient began moving, as the temperature warmed up his body.

"How can he be alive, Grebnedlog?" Ecirg asked. "He was cold and there is no air outside."

Grebnedlog simply shrugged. The stranger opened his eyes. At first his vision was a blur, which slowly came into focus. He could now hear and see the seemingly dim-witted aliens who had rescued him. They were ... large and you couldn't describe them as pretty ... but the one they called Grebnedlog had kind eyes and the stranger smiled, despite the lingering cold in his body which, thankfully was slowly warming.

"He is not human," Reginod announced, waving a tricorder about.

"Oh," Grebnedlog said then he turned to the stranger, noting the strange colour of his eyes. "I am Grebnedlog," he said. "We found you outside. We brought you inside. We warmed you up. You are okay now. If you are hungry and thirsty we will bring food and water. What is your name?"

The stranger looked up at Grebnedlog and smiled.

"You may call me Lore."




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