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Summary:: Data and Lore Solstice Special.

Rating PG




'Twas the night before Solstice, and all that was stirring were two arguing androids, standing in the centre of the room.

"You always have to be better than me, don't you?"

"Lore, I do not see what-"

"Oh, yeah. Sure. Mr. Perfect. Mr. know everything."

"Nobody knows everything, Lore."

"Well, you like to think you do .... You know what this is about. No sooner do I publish a second book, you go and do one as well, with more points than mine, just to make yours look better!"

"Is that what this is about? I brought out volume two of 'Life's instruction book' because I wanted to, and I just happened to think of more points than the first volume."

"Oh, sure."

"And, Lore, I was the first to come out with volume one of my instruction book - and If I remember correctly, which I do - you came out with your book soon after, with more points than my first volume - so who is trying to be better?"

Lore scowled. "You always have to win arguments, don't you?"

"I was merely-"

"Being a pain in the ass."

"Lore, I was just trying to point out that-"


Lore lunged for his brother, grabbed him, drew his fist back and prepared to slog Data in the face. Data shut his eyes.

"Lore, please do not."

"Why not, you little turd?"

Data opened his eyes a little. "Because it is Solstice?"

"Not good enough." Lore drew his fist back further and Data shut his eyes again. Lore brought his fist to Data's face, then flicked his nose. Data opened his eyes and saw Lore smiling awkwardly at him.

"Sorry," he said. "You just make me so mad, sometimes."

"And you drive my processors up the wall."

Lore laughed, a gentle sound.

"Listen, why don't we forget about the books? I've got one my second volume of my destruction book with more points and so have you."

Data smiled. "I was going to suggest the very same course of action."

"Let's get something to eat. Let's see now, what've we got? Chocolate truffles, salad and champagne."

"If you do not mind I will pass on the champagne."

Lore smiled. "Data, you don't really think I'd drug you on Solstice eve, do you? Here, I'll share a glass with you."

"All right then."

Data and Lore dined together.

"I made the truffles with replicated ingredients," Lore said. "A friend of mine taught me the recipe on Omicron Theta. She made them for a party before she ..."

"Before she-" Data said.

"...Died ..." Lore concluded after a while. "She died at least two years before the Entity attacked, but I'd rather not talk about that."

"Of course not. You are trying to forget your past and start a new life and I must say, you are doing well, for just starting."

Lore smiled. "Thanks, Data .... listen, I didn't get you a present, because I wasn't sure what you wanted. I didn't know what in the universe to get you."

"That is all right, Lore. I did not know what to get you either."

Lore nodded, as they finished the food and drink together.

"I'd better go now," Lore said, as he stood up ad walked away from the table. Data stood up and walked into the main room. He accidentally kicked the chair with his foot, and saw a small parcel there, with a note on it. TO DATA it said, in large writing. Data opened the card, and smiled at it's humorous message, then he began to tear off the wrapping. Inside was a small book. "500 ways to say you're sorry. By Lore."

Data opened the book to the title page. To Data, love Lore.

Data raced out of the room, and was relived when he caught up to Lore.

"I am so glad I caught you."

"Why did you bother coming after me?"

Data showed him the book. "I thought you said you didn't get me anything."

Lore gave a small smile. "So I lied."

"So did I," Data said, handing his brother a small parcel.

TO LORE, Lore read.

Lore opened up the card and laughed at the funny brother card.

"You're sure getting the hang of humour, Data."

"I enjoyed your humorous alien card also, Lore."

Lore began to tear off the wrapping paper and saw it was a small book, written by his brother. "500 ways to understand a misguided Brother."

Lore looked at Data and smiled. "You really shouldn't have."

Data smiled. "It took me quite a while to complete."

Without thinking Lore threw his arms around his brother and hugged him. Data smiled and did the same.

"Happy Solstice, Lore"

"Happy Solstice , Data."

And the two watched the sun emerge on the horizon. Soon it would be Solstice day, but the good spirits of the two brothers were to last beyond this Solstice and the next. Perhaps longer than anyone can imagine. Forever is a long time coming.




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