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Summary: Data and Lore fight

Author's note: This story was a dream I had in the early 90's.

Rating G




Data and Lore had come into contact with each other a few days earlier. At first they fought, but then they had tried to resolve their differences.

Lore was jealous of his younger brother because Data had everything he ever wanted. Acceptance, friends, love. Lore could feel love, but he never received it in return. Data, however, could not feel love, but did receive it in return. All Lore ever wanted was a chance and to be loved. No one understood this, not even Data.

Lore spoke to Data about how the colonists treated him - Like a machine. They never accepted him, and always rejected him.

Data tried his best to understand Lore, but it was hard for him, as he could not feel the things Lore was feeling. He tried to put himself in his brother's proverbial shoes, as it were, but he could not understand how Lore could have killed all those people. Strictly speaking, it was the Crystalline Entity and the Borg that had killed them. Lore had been unstable at the time and that played a large part.

Lore was also bitter toward his younger brother, because Data was made to replace him. Lore had been disassembled, betrayed, he felt, by his own father, Doctor Noonian Soong.

He had felt very upset when his father was dying, but also angry for what he had done before. Dr. Soong explained to Lore why, he did what he had to do and Lore understood.

Lore had stolen the emotion chip designed to give Data emotions, as he thought it would solve all his problems. Apparently, it made them worse.

Lore was disassembled again, when he was with the Borg, and the chip had been removed. It had been damaged. Data had considered fixing it, but chose not to. Although it would take longer, he decided he wanted to get there by himself, but he kept the chip as a reminder of is late Father.

Later, Lore had been reassembled. Data had tried his best to fix his brother and give him a second chance. Admiral Haftel and Commander Maddox from Starfleet wanted to disassemble Lore again, but Lore had escaped on one of the shuttles, and now the two brothers were here, again.

Data was on leave for two weeks from the Enterprise. He rarely took leave, as he had no need for vacations, however, he felt he needed the time to sort things out with Lore.

Data beamed down with Lore to the planet Shalora, a planet similar in development to late twentieth century Earth. Its humanoid inhabitants, the Shalorans resembled Humans very well, indeed.

Lore watched Data walking over a patch of grass. He wondered. Even though they had seemed to have resolved their differences, Lore wasn't sure.

No matter how well they understood each other, it seemed they would never become friends. There was just too much mistrust between them and they had different perceptions, personalities. Different views and very different lifestyles. Just about different everythings. Apart from their construction and design.

Lore wondered if this was such a good idea after all. He had never been overtly fond of Data and now was no different.

Lore had tried to kill him when he came aboard the Enterprise for the first time, before he was beamed into space. He had lied to him, stolen from him and manipulated him.

He had always felt jealous of Data for what he had, but deep inside Lore, he knew it wasn't Data's fault for the way things had turned out for him. He wanted someone to blame and felt it was unfair. Data got off on the right side of the bed, and Lore was pushed off.

Lore felt he deserved something - A chance, at least, but he never got that, let alone, love.

But now, on Shalora, Lore just felt like striking out at someone and that someone just happened to be Data.

Lore had brought with him a Shalon, a lethal weapon, developed on Shalora. It had a similar appearance to Earth scissors. Two metal circles at the top attached to a single metal dagger, looking like a harmless letter opener. The short blade was extremely sharp, coming to an abrupt point. But that's not why the weapon was so lethal. It contained a power that adjusted to whatever life form it was stabbed into and instantly killed them. No one was immune. Not even an android. Death was instant. No cure existed.

The weapon was now banned and highly illegal had not been used for over a thousand years, when the bloody civil wars on Shalora had come to an end. All, but a few of the Shalon were destroyed. The few that were kept were taken into museums and heavily guarded, though not heavily enough for an android...

Lore tested the blade on his index finger. The skin split apart and chemical nutrients leaked out and wide smile spread across his face.

Lore put his hand on the weapon in his pocket, ready to strike. He followed Data into a Shaloran place of worship. Data was a few meters ahead of him. Lore clasped his hand around the Shalon and gradually began taking it out of his pocket.

He covered it with his arm and held it by his side. He then began to hold the Shalon in a threatening pose and rushed for Data.

Luckily, for Data, he saw Lore's movements out of the corner of his eye, and he had been prepared in case Lore tried something like this. As Lore lunged forward Data moved, and Lore missed.

Lore felt some regret. Did he really want to kill Data, or was he just angry in general? He didn't know. Anyway, it was too late to worry about it now.

Lore lunged for Data again. Data sidestepped grabbing Lore's wrist and with some difficulty, Data managed to grab the top of the Shalon and wrench it from of Lore's hand.

Enough 'Mr. Nice Guy' he thought. It is time to give Lore a taste of his own medicine.

Data started after Lore with the Shalon knife. Lore panicked. He was really in it now. He ran, trying to escape Data. Data was almost on him. A marble statue of a female Shaloran saint, towered above them, between her was a gap, then an antique piano. Lore almost got trapped in the gap, but he dodged Data. Lore looked at the piano. Data grabbed his arm and was about to stab.

"Data, wait!" Lore exclaimed. Then he paused. "Before you kill me, could I just play one song on this piano?"

The question caught Data off guard. He was surprised at first, as he did not know Lore played.

"Yes" he then said, "but be quick."

Lore nodded, sat at the piano and cracked his knuckles. He started to play a Pakled tune, which he quite liked, but would never admit it. The song had a sad tune to it.

Data had to admit, Lore wasn't that bad. In fact, he was quite good, but where had he learned to play? On Omicron Theta, before he was disassembled perhaps?

Data listened to Lore's song and had to admit it was quite enjoyable, though somewhat melancolly.

Lore finished the song and looked at Data, then back to the piano and played the Earth funeral tune. Data was about to stab him.

"Wait!" exclaimed Lore. "Give a poor android a chance ... Give me a chance to get up ..."

Data allowed Lore a little leeway, then started after him.

Lore ran for the back door of the place of worship. He tried to open it, but it was locked and there was no time to tear it off, because Data was almost on him. Data lunged for Lore. Lore leapt out of the way and bolted. Luckily, for him, the front entrance was open. Lore ran out into the street, almost bowling over a Shaloran Priestess.

Data bolted after Lore. Lore stopped in the middle of the street, on the median strip. He saw Data running across the street after him. He couldn't run across the other side of the street, as there were too many cars. He climbed the telegraph pole in the middle of the street. One which had metal steps all the way to the top. Lore scrambled up to the top and felt safe for a while, until he saw Data climbing it too, and became scared. He waited until Data was almost at the top, before scrambling down so fast, even startling Data. Data began to scramble down too. Lore ran along the median strip for a short while, then a Taxi drove past. He frantically motioned to the driver. The Taxi pulled up and Lore leapt inside, just as Data was down the pole.

"Get me outta here as fast as you can go!"

"Roger." The driver sped off, leaving Data on the median strip.

Shortly, another Taxi drove past. Data motioned for him to pull over. The driver obeyed. Data pocketed the Shalon and climbed inside.

"Please follow Taxi licence plant number T440 and do not make it look as if you are following."

The driver nodded and drove off.

Taxi T440 was still speeding away. It was starting to get dark.

Later, Lore's Taxi was passing an old unused factory complex. The surrounding grounds were overgrown with grass and weeds., It was the perfect hiding place. It was completely dark now, the only light being that of the stars and the moon.

"Stop here," Lore said.

The driver pulled over. Lore opened the door and bolted, leaving the driver yelling after him to pay the credits he owed, but Lore had bolted off into the night and was nowhere to be seen. The driver drove away in a huff.

Lore was frantically running about, but then he slowed. Why was he so frightened? He had been driving for over half a day. Surely he would have lost Data by now. Lore slowed to a walk. He walked past some rundown factory buildings.

But then, something, or someone grabbed his shoulder. Lore shrieked and spun around. A shiver ran up his back. There was Data with the Shalon. Lore's worst nightmare was beginning all over again.

"H... how did you get here?"

"I followed you. My driver switched off his headlights and engine noise, so you wouldn't suspect a thing ... It's time to meet your maker, Lore and I don't mean Dr. Soong."

Lore backed up, very nervous.

"You just used a contraction..."

But Data was not interested. he advanced on Lore.

"Listen, Data ..." Lore swallowed. "Maybe we can strike a deal?..."

"No deals, Lore. I've had it with you."

Lore was getting desperate. Data raised the Shalon.

"Uh, Data ... can we talk about this ..."

Data gave Lore a look that made it clear that he was not in the mood for talking. Lore turned to run away, but Data pushed him onto the ground, wounding him. Lore tried to move away. Data pushd him back down and readied the Shalon in his hand.

"Data ... Data ... I'm your Brother ..."

"And I am yours, Lore. Did you give that any consideration when you tried to kill me?"

Lore swallowed, but kept silent.

"I thought not." Data climbed on top of Lore and looked menacing. He gripped the Shalon, ready to stab. Lore became petrified, but what could he do? Nothing was going to get him out of this one.

"Say goodbye, Lore ..." Data stabbed down.


Lore shut his eyes, tight, waiting for the end. It seemed like an eternity.

Sensing he was still alive after a few moments, Lore slowly, cautiously opened one eye, then the other, only to see Data had stopped half a millimeter away from between his eyes.

Lore was relieved, but quite confused, and also unsure.

Data smiled at him.

"April Fool, Brother Dear."




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