The Crystalline Entity (DataLore, Silicon Avatar)



Entity made from 13 crystal Xmas/Solstice snowflake decorations, painstakingly interlocked and stuck together using super glue. The Entity took ages to make! Fell down twice and smashed :( Had to put her/him ? back together again!

The Crystalline Entity was such an interesting character and I wanted to learn more about him/her/it. I wonder if the Entity had a name? Damn you, Dr Marr :(  This is what fanfic is for, you see, to explore what the writers of the show/movies did not.


The Probe {Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home & the book The Probe}



Probe made from a long beeswax candle, wick cut off, painted black with gloss oil based paint. Silver rod is a large hollowed glue stick, screwed and glued into the candle and painted silver. Sensor is one of those blue and white balls made from tiny beads of soft plastic. You can get them in toy or pet shops. It came with a bell inside which was removed. A hole was cut into the ball to insert the base of the rod/glue stick.


I find the Probe fascinating ... I love whales & dolphins!





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