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Summary: A poem about Lore, as a child


Rating G


The Child


He may have the body and intelligence of an adult,

But emotionally, he's just a child

A unique child

He may be almost forty,

But has twenty-six years of his life missing

He's barely a teenager

Ever since he first opened his eyes

As a sentient being; a conscious entity,

He was mistreated, rejected

Because of what he was;

An android

They would not accept him as alive

And would not acknowledge his feelings

They were too stupid to understand

Too single minded

The colonists continued to reject him,

The machine, they thought,

Programmed to be like a human

Being so young, the android had no experience,

And like all children, hadn't learnt control

He could not control his emotions

And became unstable

Thanks to single minded human beings

They persisted rejecting him,

And his instability and pain increased

The colonists became afraid of him,

Petitioning the android's creator to replace him with another

Instead of trying to understand and repair him

The Child had made contact with a great Crystal creature,

Capable of stripping all life from a world

The colonists had made his life a misery

He had tried to fit in,

But they had knocked him back every way they could

The Child reacted in the only way he could

He told the Crystal Entity where the colonists were,

And earned it's gratitude,

It was his only friend

Before the colonists died, the android was disassembled,

And would later learn that his parents had escaped

The android, reassembled twenty-six years later,

Learnt had a brother, made to replace him

The Child was extremely jealous;

His brother had not suffered the hardships that he had

He had been accepted,

Had friends he could turn to,

and a comfortable, stable life

The Child hated humans for what they had done to him,

And so he contacted the Crystal once again,

But this time he failed,

And was beamed out into the cold,

Dark void of outer space,

Where he drifted for two lonely years

He was found by a mentally underdeveloped race,

With whom he stayed for a while,

Until, through an unusual circumstance,

He came into contact with his Father and brother

To whom he expressed negative emotions toward at first,

To his father, whom he felt betrayed him,

For disassembling him,

Toward his brother for causing him to drift in space

The android stood;

To leave the only family he had ever known

His father revealed that he was dying

The Child stopped dead in his tracks,

And showed how much he cared

Deep down under the resentment and hatred,

There was love

The Father explained to the Child

Why he'd done what he had,

And said that he had planned to repair him,

But things hadn't gone according to plan

Then the Father revealed,

Why he had brought the Child's brother here

To give him an emotion chip

He hadn't previously given the brother emotions,

In case he had become unstable

The Child stared at the Chip in awe,

Thinking it would repair him,

Stabilise his emotions

At last he would be stable again,

To lead a normal life

Have another chance to start again

He felt he needed that chip,

And so he stole it

Unfortunately, it had the opposite effect,

Instead of fixing him

Increasing his instability further,

It made him worse

But the child didn't realise this at first

And he hurt his father in the process

He later came into contact with a race of cyborgs,

Whom were nearly dead

They had lost their sense of purpose

The Child felt it was his calling to give them one

He organised them and helped them to become strong,

He realised he wanted his brother to join him

And began to put aside their differences

He knew his sibling would not join him willingly

And so he controlled him,

Transmitting a program from the installed chip

His brother was part of him now

A part he didn't want to let go

But his brother's human friends interfered

The android was against all biological life forms,

For what they had made him become,

And wanted them to pay for it

He didn't realise that they were not all to blame

His brother's friends found a way to break his control

He lost control of the Cyborgs as well,

And everything went haywire

Everything went to Hell

He had to escape

His brother caught him trying to flee

And held a weapon at him

The Child drew a weapon to fire on his brother,

But he was too late

His brother fired first

The weapon was set on a high stun,

So it had not permanently damaged him

But he was immobilised

And he knew what was going to happen

He was frightened, but did not show it

His brother began to deactivate him

Although he did not want to

The brother had always wished he could have made peace,

But he saw no other alternative

The Child's last words were:

"I love you Brother"

Which he meant, deep and sincere

The android was disassembled by the Federation

Whom say that they're out here to explore,

To seek out new life forms,

Not to interfere and absolutely not to destroy,

And yet look what they have done

They have taken the life from a unique being,

It could even be considered genocide,

Since there a only two in the universe

A race unto themselves

And no one ever bothered to understand this Child,

To find out why he felt the way he did

Why he did the things he did

They didn't care

To them he was just an evil machine

They didn't bother to look beyond the surface,

To find that under the evil, the false superiority,

Was an insecure child,

Who needed another chance, guidance and love

Perhaps someone, someday, will understand

Repair him

And give the Child what he has always wanted

The chance he always needed



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