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Summary: Zechs recovers from his final battle with Heero.






"DAMN YOU HEERO!!!" Zechs screamed, seething, as he licked his wounds so to speak.

He winced as pain shot through his entire body. Zechs swore again. He took a breath and began again, this time slowly, but that only prolonged the pain.

"Wish this was hurting him as much as itís hurting me," Zechs grumbled. "I hate you, Heero!"

He howled in pain as he reached a sensitive spot and swore like a trooper. He took a few deep breaths to soothe himself and he began again, this time faster, but that only made the pain more rapid.

"Blast you, Heero!" he snarled.

Tears almost came to Zechs eyes as he worked on a tender spot and held it the best he could. He shut his eyes as he worked past the offending spot, sighing with relief when it was finally over, but it didnít end there. Zechs was dreading working on the next spot, but if he didnít, who would? With an ancient curse spat at Heero, he braced himself and began.

"Ow! Shit that hurt!! Ooh! ... " Zechs stopped, almost unable to continue.

"What are you, a warrior or a coward?" he spat at himself, disgusted as he continued with mustered bravado. "Ow!! ... Ohh Gods above and below!


Zechs paced himself. He took a deep breath and continued, thanking the stars it wasnít as bad as heíd feared. And he thanked the Gods it was nearly over.

"Thatís the LAST time I use a two in one ...." Zechs swore, as he brushed the last of the knots out of his snow white hair.




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