These are nightly dreams I have had about various Astro Boy characters from 2002 until now. I will be updating it as soon as I have more Astro Boy dreams! Please do not archive, though you may link directly to this page.

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Most of these dreams I have at home, unless otherwise specified.





{I saw these dreams in black and white as I have been watching the original 1960 B&W Astro Boy series} Astro Boy was competing at a carnival, being cheered on by Astro Girl, his sister.  He was doing expert aerobics.  There was a primal drummer going for his own robot, who wanted Astro Boy to lose, so he started a Death chant.  Astro Girl stopped him by covering his mouth and Astro Boy won. The other evil robot attacked and Astro Boy destroyed him and the drummer was arrested when Dr Elephan arrived. Astro Boy was hurt until a girl robot, Alin, whom that drummer had made, did a Life chant.  Astro Boy and Astro Girl thanked her and they became great friends and Alin helped them and Dr Elefun solve crimes and save future days. Alin’s creator repented fo rhis crimes, thinking robots were evil until he learne dthe error of his ways. Astro Boy and Astro Girl forgave him and he bought a small cittage in which he lived with Alin, who he considered his daughter.




Astro Boy saved Dr Elefun from invaders.  He also fell in love with a lady robot called Avalon, who looked like Astro Girl, except had a pretty female human face and long white hair. They adored each other. At first Astro Girl was jealous as her brother was spending a lot of time with his new girlfriend, though Avalon was kind and also took Astro Girl on adventures, then Astro Girl loved her and they became great friends. Dr Elefun was heartened.



25/4/19 – Astro Boy & Knight Rider - for more Knight Rider dreams , please visit my Knight  Rider Page here


This dream was in full colour. Kitt made friends with Astro Boy.  Astro Boy flew ahead and sussed out the danger, saving KITT, Bonnie and Michael’s life and diffusing a bomb.  Astro Boy flew KITT about, though the Trans Am liked it better on the ground and gave Astro Boy a tour, with turbo boost included and the little robot loved it and they remained friends.





I met Astro Boy and we were both excited to fly around on an adventure.  I met Astro Girl and also Dr Elefun. A dream come true. I had always wanted to meet Astro Boy, his family and Dr Elefun.  Our adventure was also televised.





Astro Boy went into a room and started finding some lost things and played a computer game which tuned out to be real and he saved real lives.




29/10/20 - This dream I saw in colour


Atlas had created a train robot to take over the humans. Lonnie and her husband Gary were on it. Gary was a red head with long hair and a beard.  The robot transformed and stood on Gary who didn’t get out of the way in time.  Lonnie screamed and found anger deep inside of her to fight the Atlas train.  She didn’t know at the time, but Livian had given her the power to defeat the train.  Gentle Livian loved Atlas, though did not agree with his hatred for humans.  Lonnie took to the air and slammed the train robot down with a blast of water from a nearby lake.  She could not bear to look at Gary’s body.  The train begged when she used a beam intending to melt it and she screamed that he showed no mercy for Gary of the other humans aboard and she blasted.  Astro helped, astounded that a human had such power, but Lonnie did most of the work. Gary’s spirit came to her and spoke gently to forgive.  The train robot relented and want away ot think about its life. Atlas had not even given it a name and she called it Gary. Livian put Gary’s and Lonnie’s consciousness into robot bodies, so they could live forever. They had three children form when they were humans and did not love their parents less now that they were robots.   Astro Boy was heartened. The children became robots when they were ion tier 20s so their parents would not mourn them and they worked for peace between humans, aliens and robots.  Even Atlas was heartened by that.




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