Disclaimer: Blake's 7 was created by Terry Nation


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Summary: Zen's thoughts


Rating PG







"I have failed you I am sorry " My final words and I meant them.

I'm so sorry. I have failed you all. The Liberator was your home, your defence. It was my home, my body. And now it is gone. Now I am gone. I can no longer guide you. Dear brave, but lost Blake, arrogant but resolute Avon, feisty Jenna, gentle Cally and of course comedial Vila. And I can no longer protect you. No longer help you. No longer can I hear your voices, or feel you within me. I am sure you will find your way without me. Did you realise I cared for you all so?


When the Liberator exploded, I felt myself ripped asunder. I felt myself die.

At first I was afraid, for you all, for myself. But a few moments after my destruction, my death, strangely I felt at peace, knowing you would go on to fight the evils of this Universe, my friends. The Universe is alive and wise. I know you will find a new ship. A new home.

Grieve not for me as I have transcended my physical presence. I have ascended. I am now an energy being and the Universe is my Garden.




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