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My very own "Babylon" candles! Wish they worked! ;)










Pix that reminded me of the StarDust wall. My friend designed the 'Beyond the Wall' card


A lovely StarDust-esque 'Zoom' background a friend had - there is even a break in the wall! :D  Stormhold ahoy!



Another Stormhold-y looking place ;)  There's even a break in the wall.  Cover me, I'm goin' in! ;)


A screencap of the delightful, magical kids' fantasy movie 'Come Away.'

It is a coming of age movie of Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland.  Brother and sister in this movie.

This scene reminded me of the wall in 'StarDust'


This lovely drawing appeared in Christopher Vogler's fantastic book 'The Writer's Journey.'

I'd recommend it to all writers, both fiction and non-fiction

This picture reminded me of the old man who guarded the wall between Wall and Stormhold.







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