~Sparkly Star Images ~   


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One image toward the end is M rated}




Temp starry tattoo
















                                                                                                                           Blue Star











~ Starry decor ~







































~ Starry Stationery ~
























I was pleasantly surprised to find a star pattern in this package I got. I don't think the star pattern is intentional.  Just looks pretty.


~ Starry Food! ~






Look!  It even has Pluto!! :D   My fave planet and still a full planet IMHO.










Made this cake for my 49th birthday in 2012 - was yum!  Made a non-dairy and gluten-free version



First one is a gluten-free cinnamon cake and second one is a dairy-free baked Basque coffee cashew cheesecake I made in my silicone star mould


A friend made this one!






Me with starry gingerbread person I decorated for a charity event raising money for mental health awareness and ending stigma.


Savory halloumi and baby spinach cakes I made in my starry silicone moulds



Starry glitter jelly!  {Jell-o}








Cafe sadly closed during covid :*(


You can get a cool machine which makes these!






~ Starry backgrounds and pictures  ~   














I photoshopped the second one










~ Stars in the bathroom ~



                                        Bookmark                                                             Bath bomb                                                                                               Front of a gift bag     











~ Starry toys!   Starry playtime! ~


Me bear is called Starry van Gogh





Very cute!!!










~ Starry art & craft ~





The starfish fabric square was given to me by a neighbour.  The last is a starry silicone mould for soap, chocolate, plaster, resin ...





Moons and stars for 'Weaving Bridges,' 2022, celebrating Aboriginal culture on Sydney's Northern Beaches. 

I am honoured and proud to be a part of it







Some of the moons were woven in up-cycled fan faces rescued from council rubbish clean-ups





Here are they up at one of local libraries.  So lovely :)







Check the Star 'Wars' C-3P0 one!


I wove the starfish in the background with my lovely art therapist


~ Starry Kitchen ~
















~ Starry nature and space ~















Sunflower starfish and walking starfish



Lovely planet!


~ Starry make up ~








~ Starry statues ~



I am wearing my 'Believe in your Elf' funny Xmas shirt!  LOL!!




~  Starry Party Time!  ~






Balloons only put here for starry cuteness.  Please choose more sustainable party things







~ Starry Solstice~Xmas ~





















~ Starry clothes and accessories ~








The one on the right is a crystal starry belly  button ring - pretty!



Lovely Camilla blouse and clutch purse.  LOVE Camilla!!!







Light and dark starry shirts at 2 different shops!  They go well together!






<e on my 47th birthday in 2019 at a lovely Greek restaurant.  I am holding a Greek 'Mythos' beer. 

Don't drink much at all but wanted to try Greek beer.  Wrap is a Hades wrap - one of my favourite albeit misunderstood Greek Gods. 

He is not the devil nor is he evil.  He rewards the good and punishes the evil.  I *love* mythology, especially Greek,

Egyptian and Celtic/Arthurian. 

The second pic are my cute jammies!  I don't DO boring!

The third pic is a hand print of my right hand that my friend made.














~ Miscellaneous starry stuff ~










Check out Pluto in the first photo!  Still a fully-fledged planet IMHO!!!


Peace bus!


Soap stone




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