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It’s elementary, My Dear... The Game is ON ... Or is it Afoot?




These are nightly dreams I have had about  Sherlock Holmes and Watson {Some dreams are Benedict Cumberbatch, from 2018 – onwards, the first ones were Robert Downey Jr. and Blackwood, played by Mark Strong from the movies} I will be updating it as soon as I have more Sherlock dreams. Please do not archive, though you may link directly to this page.

Dream Dates are written Australian/UK format as in Day/Month/Year.

Most of these dreams I have at home, unless otherwise specified.



24/12/09 – Happy Xmas Eve ~ Had this dream after the Sherlock Holmes movie, starring Robert Downey Jr. in the titular role. Benedict Cumberbatch dreams come later.


Blackwood was escaping Sherlock.  He went into the drains and found a scared woman hiding out there. Blackwood was depressed, the woman was terrified and feeling unloved and unwanted.  He wanted to protect her.  When they came out, she begged for his life and he was not hung but went to prison for his crimes and she visited him every day before he was released, twenty years later and they married. He was heartened she waited so long.






In this dream, Blackwood form Sherlock and strict Miss Hardbroom from The Worst Witch hit it off and got married.




1/11/18  {Benedict Cumberbatch}


Even though Sherlock was desperate, he kept his cool, using his deduction to find a bomb planted on a train by none other than his arch nemesis, Moriarty, as a birthday present for him.  Strangely, Watson and I urged Sherlock not to open it. He was convinced it was a bomb, we were convinced it was some sort of poison. As it turned, it was not a bomb, but noxious, sulfurous waters from Sicily, that the ancient Greeks referred to as Stygian waters. Sherlock wore a HAZMAT suit and helmet when he opened it.  He was relieved it was not a bomb and albeit a little embarrassed and he had to admit there were times when even the Great Detective needed a little help. Moriarty rang his mobile and Sherlock answered and pretended to snore to goad Moriarty as those ‘Stygian’ waters would have put him to sleep, perhaps permanently. He ended the call abruptly, then smiled as we took him to his favourite restaurant and he told us he’d had a really happy birthday.  There was no bomb, no one was hurt and he was wide awake to enjoy his smokey puttanesca and berry panna cotta of which it was elementary he enjoyed tremendously!



29/9/19  {Benedict Cumberbatch}


A woman wanted to kill a clumsy, dim witted man, as she accused him or causing her mother’s death by heart attack.  He coughed, sneezed and spluttered, which the daughter thought he caused the cardiac arrest.  Myself and another woman also coughed and sneezed as the woman fell down, however the daughter was hell-bent on murdering the poor man.  I suggested we get Sherlock & Watson on the case and hoped the woman held off her anger.  Thankfully, she agreed, though in case she let loose and could not contain her anger, we moved the now terrified man to a safe location only accessible by boat and the daughter had no boat.  We hired a speedboat. I took the man to the secure building.  Sherlock induced the woman had the heart attack moments before the man spluttered, confirmed by Watson, who declared the woman was going to have the heart attack in any case, due to poor health and eating habits.  The daughter was still distraught, naturally, though the poor clumsy man was safe and the daughter apologised and he forgave her, though still shaken.  Along with Sherlock and Watson, we attended the mother’s funeral and let the daughter grieve and speak to her mother’s spirit to settle unfinished business and left her in peace.





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