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Rebel Dolls, Creatures and Playsets





The original Bubble Power She-Ra with the pretty face. It's such a pity that the remake looks awful.





Starburst She-Ra


I think it's the Taiwanese Bubble Power She-Ra (far right) that had the prettiest face.


Cute She-Ra toy sword



Expensive newer She-Ra doll - San Diego Comic Con, 2016 - WANT!!!!  Lovel face!


Another pricy one, San Diego Comic Con,  2004


Gorgeous She-Ra doll. Sadly, she was a commission and not for sale :(



Cute She-Ra costume


Cute custom  Adora - not sure who made her.


Newer Adora doll



Frosta doll





Gorgeous Frosta toy art - scanned in my card - love the face!


A cool comparison - not sure who made it. Want the Guardian Goddess dolls!!!




A comparison I made




Awesome newer Frosta Dolls


LOVE the whispering Woods set! Frosta looks cranky!


Someone on a website suggested this model of Elsa's gorgeous castle from Disney's 'Frozen' would make a good

'Castle Chill' for Frosta and I agree! I wants one, preciousssss!!! ;)



Angella doll - very different looking from the cartoon, but still pretty



Original Glimmer doll



Newer Glimmer doll, more true to her colours in the Filmation show. I prefer doll hair I can brush!


The Original Castaspella doll - again very different from the show, but still pretty



Newer Castaspella doll, more true to the colours in the series. Personally I prefer a doll with hair I can brush.


Very nice custom Castaspella - not sure who made her.


My custom Angella (made from an Angella doll with a 1st wave She~Ra head and puffy rainbow crystal  angel wings)

Castaspella {I re-painted a Castaspella doll} and Peekablue with a real peacock feather.




Original Double Trouble doll, showing her good and evil face. SHe was a spy for the rebels. Sadly she was never in the show, but featured in the mini-comic 'Adventure of the Blue Diamond'


Newer Double Trouble toy


Cute Kowl figure



Original and newer Mermista


She-Ra and Sweet Bee



Actual Sweet Bee (left) and cool custom Sweet Bee (right) in bee colours - not sure who made her


Original and newer Perfuma doll



Original and newer Flutterina doll


Gorgeous custom Madame Razz figure with Flutterina with custom wings by SilverStorm5


Cool Netossa doll


Newer Netossa, She~Ra and Frosta dolls. Hate the cranky look on Frosta's face :(



My Custom Spinnerella doll. (Painted a Fluterina doll body and used an Entrapta head)


Another Spinnerella Custom- lovely - not sure who made her


Newer Spinnerella doll. Nice, but not as nice as the original :(



Gorgeous, cute and very clever bead She~Ra bead dolls by Ana Biyeni (From left to right) Flutterina, Perfuma, Netossa, Spinnerella


Two gorgeous and very cute custom Spritina, the Twigget by Chetarah 100.  Not sure who made the second one. I wants one, preciousssss!!! ;D


Gorgeous custom Spritina, not sure whyoby


Star Sister Jewel Star, prototype, never produced in the 80s


Gorgeous custom Jewel Star figures- not sure who made these



Star Sisters Starla - prototype, sadly never produced in the 80s.


Gorgeous Custom Starla - not sure who made her.



Star Sisters Tallstar prototype, sadly also never produced in the 80s.


The Star Sisters were later produced in the Masters of the Universe series. Seen here with the newer She~Ra and Bow figures.

Cool Whispering Woods set up!



Sea Hawk action figure. Sadly no Sew Hawk figure was made in the 80s


Sea Hawk in beautiful and awesome Whispering Woods set by Octacvio.  I wish Mattel made one like this!



Original He-Man




Original Teela




Original and newer Sorceress dolls





Roboto and Sy-Klone, two of my favourite He-Man characters




Swift Wind, She~Ra's horse



Crystal Swift Wind



Arrow, Bow's horse





































Breakfast in bed, anyone? ;)


Cool She-Ra attire



Horde dolls and Creatures



I thnink Catra looked beautiful as a doll and in the toy art, but ugly and cranky in the series




Cute Clawdeen



Entrapta - lovely doll!






Newer figures. Sadly neither Scorpia nor Octavia or Shadow Weaver figures were made in the 80s I know of.


Original Evil Lyn doll


Newer Adora, Evil Lyn and Teela dolls. I prefer the originals that I grew up with.



Newer Evil Lyn dolls


She~Ra Voice Over Actors


Melendy Britt ~ Princess Adora, She~Ra, Catra, Castaspella, Mermista


Erika Scheimer ~ Frosta, Loo~Kee, Queen Angella, Imp, Flutterina, Perfuma, Peekablue Spritina. Daughter of Lou Scheimer


Lou Scheimer ~ Founder of Filmation ~ Swift Wind, Light Hope, Broom, Kowl, Horde Troopers, male Twiggets {RIP ~ Oct 17, 2013}


George DiCenzo, Bow, Hordak {RIP ~ 9 August, 2010}


Linda Gary  ~ Glimmer,  Sweet Bee, Tallstar, Madame Razz, Shadow Weaver, Scorpia, Entrapta, Teela, the Sorceress {RIP ~ Oct 5, 1995}


Diane Pershing ~ Netossa, Spinnerella


John Erwin ~ Prince Adam, He~Man, Beastman


Forest candles for the voice over actors who have sadly passed from this world



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