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Septimus even gave me his seal for this page >;)



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Funny Septimus Page




When I first saw the movie when Septimus fell here I thought 'Damn! Not the cute one!'




Septimus is innocent (for a change) of the zombie


Tristan stabs Septimus Zombie . Even Primus looks worried!




 Look even Septimus claps for Tristan!  Sweet!




He's mad now!



                                                                                                            From the StarDust Website http://www.dsire.com/archive/stardust/site.htm 

                                                                                                                                                (Not sure if the stars still work though :( but it is a very cool site)



The Red spark in the background is said to be Septimus


He goes into the fireplace. A fellow StarDust fan thought this may be Septimus going the other way as all his brothers ascended,

but I like to think of it as Septimus sticking around with some unfinished business in StormHold... >;)




Wet Septimus - Love the pout!!! ;)


                                                                                                                      Septimus Rides!












This looks sooo cute!!!!



2 Septimus Wallpapers



Not about our Septimus, but very cute and interesting looking



Sep would make a *gorgeous*  Pirate King!                                                                               Verrrrrrry Nice!


Stuck with his brothers....


A candle for Septimus...



Septimus waistcoat - notice it's the Roman numeral for 7


Septimus look alike, Neil Oliver, host of The History of Scotland series, a fantastic series on Scotland.

I think Neil looks like a cross between Mark Strong as Septimus and Robert Carlyle, another very cute Scottish actor. (Robert was in The Full Monty and plays Rumple/Mr Gold in 'Once Upon A Time')




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