Recipe for one tub:



1 tub good quality  French vanilla ice cream (creamy type)  - If you are dairy intolerant there are non-dairy creamy style French vanilla ice creams you can substitute.

½ cup chocolate drinking mix (Italian such as 'Vittorio dark chocolate' is best)

3 teaspoons Japanese green tea matcha powder

1 bunch of fresh thyme (use lemon thyme for more unique flavour)

½ teaspoon cayenne pepper

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

2 tansy flowers (or chamomile flower)

¼ cup good quality honey (or dark agave syrup)

½ liter filtered or still spring/mineral water

Handful of fresh pomegranate seeds

2 packets of red colored popping candy - strawberry and/or cherry flavour - (such as Pop Rocks - Do not use one with bubble gum in)

A few fresh (or tinned) berries for topping






Place thyme and tansy (or chamomile) in a small pot and cover with the filtered/spring water.  Bring to the boil, then cover.  Boil for 5 minutes, add honey and stir until dissolved. Remove from heat and let stand.  (Do *not* drain the water - *Very* important!!)


While the thyme/tansy/honey infusion is brewing/standing, place all other ingredients except pomegranate seeds, popping candy and infusion into a blender and blend until well blended.


(If you don’t have a blender, place ice cream in a large bowl and fold in other ingredients  - except thyme/tansy/honey infusion, popping candy and pomegranate seeds.) and mix with a fork.


Now, place mixture in a bowl and slowly mix in the thyme/tansy/honey infusion  - add less if it is too watery.


Before serving (or eating all by yourself ;) sprinkle with pomegranate seeds, berries and popping candy  (Add popping candy *just* before serving as it will lose its pop otherwise.









Each ingredient represents an aspect of Rumple/Mr Gold’s personality and what he seems to be aspiring to.



Creamy French vanilla ice cream represents Rumple being such a smooth operator!  How he can be deceptively sweet, yet mischievous (Too much ice cream is not god for you!) The richness if the ice cream also represents, Mr Gold’s wealth, smooth deal making and just how darn sexy and delicious he is! The Dark chocolate represents Rumple’s decadent, yet alluring darkness, adding a little more sweetness as he’s not thrilled about the things he’s done.  The cinnamon represents Rumple’s spicy, exotic allure. I recommended Italian for the drinking chocolate as Italians are passionate and vibrant like Rumple (and there’s another Italian reason… Keep reading ;)


The thyme represents the passage of time between the two realms, and the two world’s interconnectedness.


The cayenne pepper, guess!  Rumple’s visceral appeal, he and Mr Gold’s vicious streak. This is tapered by the honey (or agave syrup) calming matcha green tea, and tansy/chamomile, representing Rumple’s gentle, loving side, even if he doesn’t feel worthy of that love. The green tea also gives an interesting flavour representing the myriad of emotions and interesting character Rumple/Mr Gold is! The berries represent love and Mr Gold’s opulence. The fresh, tart pomegranate seeds give the ice cream an interesting look and represent the cycles of life and death, the cycles Rumpelstiltskin went through as the man he was, too afraid of life, to abusing his powers as the Dark One, dealing with that guilt and feeling unworthy of love (much like Hades of ancient Greek myth as the God of the Underworld, even though the God didn’t abuse his dark powers, still he felt unworthy of love until Persephone came to him) The ruby crystal pomegranate seeds also represent and the debonair aura of Mr Gold. So the ice cream represents all facets of Rumple/Mr Gold’s personality and his coming full circle into who he wants to be and realising he is worthy of Belle’s love.


And last, but not least, the popping candy, J need I say for Rumple’s delightful, cute peppy quirkiness!



Although I invented this blend, inspired by Robert Carlyle Rumple/Mr Gold, this weird & wonderful concoction to me also deliciously represents the quirkiness, curiosity, dangerous mystery and also the craving for love of the suave, yet dangerous and peppy Aro Volturi from Twilight, played so beautifully by Michael Sheen.  And Aro secretly adores my ice cream ;)   ‘Cept for him I call it  ‘Happy Endings.’  Belissimo!   Rumple/Mr Gold is a lot like Aro (rich, devious, quirky, violent {and gorgeous ;} although also doesn't think he's worthy of love)


(Inventor’s note: I wish they’d portrayed Aro better in ‘Breaking Dawn 2’ L  He’s nowhere near that evil in the book and in the Book he and Carlisle were desperate to avoid a fight. Aro and Carlisle are old friends.  If there’d been a fight in the book, it would’ve been started by Aro’s brother Caius.  Who’s so not getting any ice cream ;)




Disclaimers/Credits:  Once Upon a Time created by ABC.  Twilight created by Stephenie Meyer. I make no monetary profit from my fan creations. It’s a labour of true wuv! J  Rumple’s Gold/Happy Endings hugely inspired by Kate owner of Sara’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream a real ice cream store in Steveston an idyllic small town in British Columbia, Canada (the real Storybrooke, where the show is filmed as shown on the behind the scenes documentary with the season 1 DVD box set.) Kate invented a gorgeous range of special, amazing and *delicious* looking flavours for all the Once Upon a Time characters including a delectable chocolate one for Mr Gold and a delightful flavour entitled Once Upon a Time for the theme of the series made with real fresh thyme. So thank you, you cool inventress you! This is SO on my places to visit! I once saw one of those travel documentaries with 10 of the best places to go in the world for Ice Cream, they’d better make that 11 now! Or Rumple and Aro will get cranky and we don’t what that  … Or do we >;)


My Rumple’s Gold  also of course inspired by and dedicated to Robert Carlyle who so deliciously brought Rumple & Mr Gold to life. Happy Endings of course is dedicated to Michael Sheen, Aro & Stephenie Meyer.  Hugs!  Ti Amo!



Enjoy in moderation, for if you indulge too much, you’ll have to go to Carlisle (or is that Carlyle ;) for dental and the doctor will give you orders to run full throttle up and down the streets of Storybrooke naked until you lose those extra pounds and regain your health {and dignity} ;)  


However do NOT under ANY circumstances, no matter how temping, shiny, red & delicious they look, accept any apples from Regina.




Some screen caps I took from BTS documentary so you can see the deliciousness and try some on your next voyage to Storybrooke!



                            Note Mr Gold’s pawn {no not Porn… )                                                                                            YUMMY GOLD!

                            shop in the background ;)















Sweet!  They all look so wonderful!  Hope to try them all sometime!


* ~ * ~*