These are nightly dreams I have had about various Red Dwarf from 2011 until now. I will be updating it as soon as I have more Red Dwarf dreams! Please do not archive, though you may link directly to this page.

Dream dates are in the format day/month/year


Finally finished typing up all my dreams!!! :D


Most of these dreams I have at home, unless otherwise specified.






Optimus Prime (from Transformers) saved Rimmer’s life when he was a solidigram. For which the solid hologram was too grateful.  Optimus Prime chucked to himself.  Was it possible that a being could be too grateful?  He graciously accepted some gifts form Red Dwarf that Rimmer gave him, before making an excuse that he was needed back home and left before the ever grateful hologram could shower him with even more gifts and appreciation.






Rimmer as playing Tetris with maintenance droids.  Kryten was horrified and rescued and repaired them and called Rimmer a smee heee! Lister called him a smeg head and bade he should feel remorse for his actions.  In the end, Rimmer did and confessed he felt angry about how he was teared all his life and Lister said he could change from now on, so his best to make a difference in the Universe and when they got back to Earth, Rimmer used his influence to help the underdogs, egotistical people to let go, so they did not end up like him, bitter and dead.  He was hailed a hero when he saved many millions more lives than died on Red Dwarf.




24/12/19 ~ Happy Xmas Eve!



A forty-something technician named Tanja had rendezvoused with Red Dwarf, to help them find their way back to Earth.  She wore a short black skirt, which flared out and spun every time she did.  The skirt was black with gold trimmings.  She was unlike any technician they’d ever seen.  Despite himself, Rimmer fell in love with her, Kryten Kat and Lister niggled him about it.  So in love were they, Rimmer hardly got angry with them, although he pretended to.  Serenely, they though it was good for him and it was joy seeing him get the rod out for once.


Red Dwarf was in imminent danger, as one fo the engines was about to blow and good things Tanja was there, otherwise they would all ave vied, twice in Rimmer’s case. Tragically, Tanja died in an explosion and Rimmer was heartbroken.  He asked Lister to turn off his hologram permanently, so he could be with her spirit.  Lister and the others were sad, even though it was Rimmer, though grated his request and oddly enough they missed him though he travelled in spirit with his new love and visited sometimes and promised not to be too anal ...







Rimmer was upset as the Red Dwarf Co was not accepting new recruits and mad tat Lister got in. They were both highly offended when an officer asked if they were brothers.  Lister remarked that he was not an anal, rigid snob and Rimmer that he was not a lazy fat slob and both highly offended the officer thought they came from the same womb.

            Lister goaded Rimmer and said.  “Smeg head! Live it!” and pumped a fist and jerked his forearm.

            Well I never!” Rimmer scoffed and was eventually accepted due to thousands of resignations and the needed someone to clean the chicken soup machines.  Rimmer was again, highly offended that this was a waste of his ‘talents,’ although at least it was a foot in the door ... marginally.

            At least he was in ... but the adventure would turn out more than he and Lister bargained for and way more than they signed up for beyond their wildest dreams ... or is that nightmares ... ;)



1/1/21 – Happy New Year!

I was at a sci-fi and fantasy convention and I saw The Lord of The Rings, Red Dwarf, Doctor Who, Twilight, Transformers, Gundam Wing, Knight Rider, Harry Potter, He-Man, She-Ra, Sailor Moon, Star Wars, various Star Treks and more.






Lister rescued the Cat from the Polymorph, just like in the series 11 episode.   Rimmer gained a backbone, became a little nicer {not much…} and Kryten learnt to stand up for himself.







Rimmer, Kryten, Lister, Cat were on a mission to save the Universe, Rimmer trying not to let it go to his head that he’s now a God ;)






There was one polymorph left over from Cat’s litter. It became Rimmer and was exactly like him until he praised Cat, then Cat shot it exploding, it in green slime.  The real Rimmer was shocked.

            “Are you mad?! You could have killed me!”

            “Don’t tempt me.”

            “How the hell did you know?!”

            “You’re never nice to me…”



            CONVERTED INTO A FIC … CAT’S CRADLE {Coming at a later stage}






Rimmer was being snobby as usual, but the guys knew it was all for show.  He was melancholy and they did their best to cheer him up.  In Rimmer tradition he pretended to ignore it, but really appreciated it.







I wrote a Red Dwarf episode adventure and met both the cast, then the episode was real and I met the characters.  It was set after The Promised Land.






Lister went on an adventure with the crew and they navigated their way around a wormhole.






The crew finally got back to Earth, however, it had so changed in three million years and even though it had become a thriving utopia that celebrated their surprise return, however the crew, could not get used to the new Earth and chose to continue to explore deep space.








Starscream from Transformerswas doing his own aerial Terpsichore in the sky to the Red Dwarf theme song.







More dreams as I have them





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