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Most of these dreams I have at home at night, unless otherwise specified.




?/?/1989 ~ Truman Lodge – James Bond, License to Kill {Timothy Dalton}


I was sitting on a rounded stone fence with Truman Lodge, {played by Anthony Starke} from James Bond’s License to Kill.  I was relieved that he didn’t die {as he appeared to in the movie.}  I had convinced James Bond that Truman had just gotten in with the wrong crowd {being Sanchez’ accountant and all…}.  Truman wasn’t evil … just got in over his pretty little head … :}   He professed his apologies to James, Q and the gang, and we left.


We sat together on this fence, our legs dangling our cares away as he held each other.  We felt safe now.  Another person sat near us, though his face was buried in a newspaper with the worried of the world.  It was not long before he upped and left us alone on that fence, somewhere in Paris.  Truman held me gently.  He was so lovely.  He thanked me for saving, not only his life, but his soul as well.  He realised life was more than money and brains.  He told me I’d helped him find the love he’d always craved.  I smiled and held him, and we kissed, the Parisian sun beginning to set behind us.




?/?/1998  - James Woods –The Specialist with Sylvester Stallone – Rating R for

                        Language {Just typing the dream as I had it}


I had this dream shortly after I saw the movie The Specialist on DVD, Starring James Woods as Ned Trent, Sharon Stone as May Munro and Sylvester Stallone as Ray Quick. In the movie, Ned and Ray are bomb specialists that work for the Government, blowing up people like drug lords, etc.  In the beginning of the movie, {Ned} Woods and {Ray}  Stallone are about to blow up a drug lord, driving over a bridge.  Ray sees a young girl in the car and wants to abort the explosion.  Ned goes ahead with it, saying they won't have another crack at the guy.  Ray beat up Ned and gets him kicked out of the team.  Ned Wants his revenge and uses May to get to Ray, his card is that he can get May close to the US Mafia family who killed her family.  However she falls in love with Ray and betrays Ned - and kills the Mafia guys herself.  At the end of the movie, Ned was thrown in the air by a bomb rigged by Ray, but he wasn't killed.  He landed painfully on some stairs and was burned by some fire, but you never saw him die.--


In my dream, Ned had escaped the exploding building, staggering as quickly as he could to a side entrance out the back, ignoring the pain from his wounds. 

He laid low for a while, licking his wounds, so to speak, planning his revenge on Ray. He knew he'd have to take out May as well - a nuisance, but she'd come for his blood if he slew her lover Ray.  How anyone could love a lummox like Ray, was beyond him.  The guy always looked like he was on dope.  But for now Ned's revenge would have to wait.  At least he had the element of surprise.  Ray and May thought he was dead, but he wasn't ready to take them on.  His legendary short temper and tendency to explode like the bombs he so expertly triggered, he would just have to be patient and wait.


While playing the waiting game, Ned met a young woman called Yana.  She took pity on him and helped him with his wounds, his sore almost broken leg, twisted ankle, and burned skin.  At first he found it hard to trust another, but she was so kind - and she knew who he was.  She never informed the police, as Ned would've expected anyone in her position to do.  He couldn't defend himself like this, but she never took advantage of him.  He wasn't used to being mothered.  His own mother was a slut and had left when he was four, his father, an alcohol, drug fucked sports junkie.


Ned told Yana about Ray, what had happened between them and she vowed she'd keep Ned safe - even when he was well.

Yana's face was so kind, Ned found himself wanting to cry.  He'd never seen anyone so beautiful - not on the inside anyway.  He decided he wanted to stay with Yana.  Her inner beauty had made him realise there was more to life than revenge.  He didn't want to lose her in his lust for revenge against Ray.  Yana was much more important to him than that.


From FBI photos, Ray discovered that Ned was still alive,  He  cursed, vilely , throwing with great force a bomb casing against the wall.  May asked him what the matter was and he told her.  She didn't seem nearly as angry as he was, but knew sooner or later, Ned would cone after them, mad and hungry for revenge.


Ray didn't want to rush into it - as far as he knew, Ned had no idea Ray was onto him, so Ray kept a low profile.  He learned about Yana, he thought she was another one of Ned's bimbos he was screwing over, but observing her and Ned, he was surprised that he did indeed have genuine feelings for her.  Actually Ray was surprised Ned had feelings at all, but that didn't deter him from his goal - he wanted Ned dead.  he wanted Ned to pay for what he had done to him.  He wanted Ned to pay for using May.  There was a list longer than his arm.

And then Ray had an idea.  He could use Yana to get to Ned, much as Ned had used May to get to him.  Yana was obviously in on whatever Ned had planned.  She was his accomplice and Ray knew he had to take her out as well as Ned.  Ray found out where she lived and planned a little revenge of his own.


On a calm day when Yana was with Ned, Ray went to her house, jimmied the door and began to set bombs.  Under the carpet, in the sofa, in the phone, fridge and TV - one would at least get her.  He knew this would draw Ned out - the death of one he cared about would enrage him - Ray knew that.  He forced himself to believe he was doing the right thing.


Ray had left long before Yana had come home that afternoon.  When she walked down the driveway to her apartment, she could sense something was wrong.  She approached her door, saw it was wide open and gasped slowly, but saw nothing had gone missing, her TV, stereo were still there and even although she had not entered her house yet, she could see her computer in the other room.  Something definitely wasn't right - her place looked too neat.  She looked around at her carpet, her phone, which looked like it had been moved.  She became scared.  It began to smell like one of Ray's jobs. She didn't know how, but she had a feeling if she entered the house, she may not come out again.  She could practically see flat bomb pads under the carpet, although nothing was visible, but he didn't want to take the chance.  Yana became afraid and felt tears brimming in her eyes, becoming afraid for both her and Ned.

She took out her yellow mobile and called him, afraid, but relieved when he answered.

Ned became enraged when she told him.

  "Don't worry, Yana," he said gently.  "I'll be there as soon as I can."

In less than thirty minutes Ned was there, worried about Yana.  he saw her sitting at the front of her ground floor apartment crying.

  "I'm here," he said gently, helping her up.

  "I was so scared ... I hate feeling like that... I didn't know what to do..."

Ned put his arms around her, comforting himself as well as her.  "It's all right..." he whispered.  "It's my fault ... I got you into this."

She looked at him.  "I wanted to help you, Ned.  I care about you."

He smiled and nodded.  "I know.  I feel the same."

He looked into her apartment and shook his head.  "This is Ray's work all right, I can smell it a mile away.  Good thing he wasn't too careful and a good thing you got suss."

  "I sometimes have a sixth sense about things like this."

Ned looked at her. "So you've had a bombed rigged house before?" She chuckled a little

Ned smiled.  At least her nervousness was beginning to ebb.  He opened his briefcase and took out a black device with two nodes sticking out form the top.

  "What's that?"

  "An infra red Bomb deactivator.  Works on little numbers like these."  He activated it.  The bombs showed up as little red dots.  Dispersed all over the carpet, the telephone, TV, stereo, the door, washing machine, computer and bed.

  "Thorough, isn't he?" Yana said.

Ned scowled and nodded, deactivating all the bombs with his device.  "It's safe now."

She sighed and kissed him on the cheek.  "Thanks."

He clasped his hand around hers, sensing she was still nervous.

Ned picked her up and carried her inside.  She smiled and hung her arms around his neck.  It was nice to be carried.  Once inside the lounge room, he gently set her down.

  "How could he do this?" Ned scowled.  "You've done nothing to him."

  "He obviously wanted to use me to get to you."

  "That's not his style - usually.  He's such a wuss when it comes to innocents."

  "Maybe I'm not an innocent as far as he's concerned."

  "That's no fucking excuse!  I'm the one he wants!" Ned calmed.  "Sorry.  Didn't mean to yell.  But fucked if he's gettin' away with this!"

Ned picked up the phone.


Ray sat in his apartment, looked at his grid.  "She should be home by now ..."

He swore when the telephone interrupted his train of thought.

He picked up the receiver.

  "Ya fuckin' cocksucker!  If you EVER hurt her, I'll kill ya, ya fuckin' shit!  Ya fuckin' cunt!"


  "You bet your tiny dick it is ya worthless motherfucker!"

Ray scowled.  "You defused the bombs."

  "Duh.  Brilliant deduction, Sherlock.  She's not as dumb as you think.  Ya left the door open, moved the phone and the mess on the floor.  Gettin' sloppy in your old age, Ray."

Ray's mouth curled, but he refused to be baited.

  "What's she ever done to you, you dickless shit?  I'm the one you want.  Leave her out of it."

Through the threats and swearing, Ray could tell Ned really cared for Yana, more than Ray thought initially, and he felt a tad remorseful for what he tried to do.

  "I'm sorry," he said.

  "What?  I didn't quite catch that."

  "I said I'm sorry, okay!?"

  "Ooh.  I think I'll call the Guinness Book Of Records.  FUCK YOU!  If you hurt one hair on her head, I'll hunt you -and May down and-"

  "You leave may out of this, you bastard."

  "Why?  Because you love her?" He put on a mock caring voice.  "Because she means soooo much to you?  Well HOW THE FUCK DO YOU THINK I FEEL??!!" Ned forced himself to calm down.  "I don't give a shit about you, Ray, but I do give a shit about Yana, as hard as you find that to believe.  Not that you give a shit, but she's opened up a whole new world to me and I'll me fucked to buggery if I'm gonna let you take that away from me!"  He paused.  "Revenge used to be the only think that kept me going - seeing you blown to bits, but there's more in my life now."

  "Glad to hear it."

  "Shut up.  I'm not finished.  All I want now is her.  Stay the hell out of my life and I'll stay the hell out of yours.  You're nothin' to me compared to her, Ray.  I'm not gonna lose her."

Despite his hatred for Ned, Ray couldn't help feeling a little glad for him.

  "Congratulations, Ned.  I never thought you had it in you."

  "Had what?"

  "How to love.  Took me a while to find it myself, but you, I never thought you'd find true love if it came up and bit your dick off."

Ned smiled.  "Yeah, well..."

  "Deal," Ray said.

  "What deal?"

  "Deal. You stay out of my life and I'll stay out of yours, water under the bridge, yada, yada, yada."

Ned nodded.  "Deal."

  "Good luck, Ned."

Ray hung up.

Ned replaced the receiver.

  "I'm glad it's over," Yana said.

Ned smiled warmly.  At last he was free, free from Ray and free from his hate.  He looked over into Yana's caring eyes.

  "Thank you," he said.

Her face illuminated when she smiled.  "For what?"

Tears almost started to brim in his eyes.  He put his arms around her and held her close.  "For everything," he whispered.

Their faces neared and they kissed lovingly, cherishing the day they met, how they had brought joy into each others loved and the love they shared.



?/6/2004 ~  Frasier


Frasier and his son Frederick were playing Ming Mong {mobile phone photo messaging ping pong}. It got out of hand at a restraunt and Niles got mad at them.




5/6/14 - Biggles


Biggles helped a school raise money to help with a massive oil spill.  Together they did it and Biggles and his team were pivotal in helping clear up the spill.




6/6/15 ~ Sex & the City


The four girls, Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha were all out dancing and having a great time.  Samantha got down and waved her arms about. Big was watching them form the sidelines, wanting to go up to Carrie.  In the end, he did and they had a small kiss and caught up.




7/6/15 ~ Sex & the City


Big and Carrie had decided they would abstain from sex with each other. Neither could stand it so they slept around. Big had an affair with Charlotte. In the end Charlotte came clean and Big apologised. Carrie slapped him and was angry with Charlotte for not resisting, but they made friends again.  Big and Carrie realised they loved each other and got back together.




13/8/15 ~ Earth’s Children {Clan of the Cave Bear}


Ayla was with Jondalar by the caves.  She told him of her dream about seeing the Clan again.  She had been down in a small valley when Uba, her Clan sister had called to her.  Ayla started to run away, but Uba called to her again.  Ayla went to her and sat before the new Mog-ur of the clan, waited until he tapped her to speak. She explained the spirits had spared her, so the Clan would not be afraid that she was a spirt. Durc was thrilled his mother was alive and thriving and Ayla was thrilled the Clan was thriving. Broud was surprised, though not pleased Ayla had survived. The next part of Ayla’s dream was that she met travelling people form her own Clan who knew her parents and were thrilled the little girl they left with was still alive though saddened at the death of her parents.  They went back to their clan and gave them the news. 

Both Ayla and Jondalar believed it was a message that both clans were alive and well and knew Ayla was too.  Ayla was relieved that all was well with both clans as it had troubled her since she left. She hugged Jondalar and they went to see Jonayla playing with Grey. 




18/8/15 ~ Downton Abbey {Please see 2017, 2018 and 2019 for other Downton Abbey



I was visiting Downton Abbey. Carson greeted me.  He also saved Edith, who fell off a balcony by catching her.  Even Mary was worried.  Carlson and Edith dusted themselves off. I was relieved Edith was okay and began talking to Lord Grantham, walking about the grounds, thanking him for inviting me to dinner.

            “It’s quite all right,” he said and we all went upstairs to sample one of Mrs Patmore, Daisy and the kitchen’s famous Downton dinners.




6/9/15 ~ Sex & The City 


The girls were all miserable with the wrong guys.  I was helping them get the right guys.  I helped Miranda get back with Steve and Charlotte back with Harry.  I helped Miranda get back with Smith Jarrod and Carrie back with Big {John}. They all thanked me and invited me to join their ranks.  I was delighted.  I chose Michael as my boyfriend, a man dumped by Charlotte as he was 34 and still liked to bathe with his mother {nothing sexual, just playing} and I thought it was cute. My mother and I shared a pair of purple embroidered satin boots that we had altered as they were too long. They looked great now! And all the girls were back with their guys and I had my Michael who loved to play in the bath with me too!





31/8/16 – Spartacus


Spartacus and his followers were advancing on Rome, but being careful not to be caught as they knew that meant death. Argon and Nasir fought together.  Naevia fought like a wild thing, enraged by the death of her love Crixus a few months earlier.  Spartacus fought like a God.  They travelled the land and stayed on one farmers land near a massive cliff and hid from a band of Romans too big for them to fight. They hid behind a flock of sheep. Naevia wanted ot fight, by Spartacus motioned her down.

            “We’re hiding like cowards,” she hissed.

            “We’re conserving our numbers to swell and fight another day,” Spartacus countered. “If we fight that garrison, we’ll all be killed.”


            Meanwhile, Crassus was amassing his troops for what he was confident wold be the final showdown for Spartacus and his band.  They sent word to Spartacus to meet by the stairs with the coloured glass balls. 


            Spartacus travelled there, hoping to come to an arrangement to free more trapped slaves. He hoped to avoid conflict.  They arrived at said stairs and when the Romans saw them, they began throwing more coloured glass balls at Spartacus and his people, which exploded on contact, cutting into them.  So much for a peaceful solution, Spartacus thought and fled the trap, however Crassus and his men gave pursuit and started cutting Spartacus’ men and women down mercilessly. Naevia jumped into the air, although when she landed, she landed on two Roman swords, cutting into her legs and roared in pain as she fell.  She avoided another Roman sword and stood shakily continuing to fight.

            “They fight when they know all is lost,” Crassus said, reluctantly admiring his adversaries. Naevia was run through.

            Spartacus, Argon and Nasir witnessed.

            “She goes to Elysium to join Crixus,” Spartacus said sadly.


            Nasir was the next to be cut down and Argon grieved, then turned his rage toward the Romans, before he too was cut down. Spartacus screamed in anguish and knelt beside his dying friend.

            “We die free men,” Argon said, before his mortal eyes closed for the final time,

            Crassus approached Spartacus, kneeling beside his fallen friend.

            “So you kneel.”

            Spartacus stood. “I kneel for my friend. I kneel for no slave master.”

            “I admire you, although it is my duty to end you.”

            Crassus removed a dagger and quick as a flash, slashed Spartacus several times. Spartacus drew his sword and they fought.  Two Romans speared Spartacus and the great Roman hero knew it was over for him in the mortal world.

            “I die, but my legacy and cause will live on.”

            Crassus nodded, then bid the two Roman soldiers to leave his enemy be to die in peace.


            Spartacus’ followers found him upon the path and knelt beside their fallen leader.

            “The greatest honour is to fall from this world a free man.” Those were his last words before he too entered the land of Elysium and to this day, almost three millennia later, the world remembers the name of the Thracian slave turned hero, SPARTACUS…



2/1/17 ~ Downton Abbey 


My mother and I who adore Downton Abbey had won tickets to meet the stars on the set. We were ecstatic. Dan Stevens {Matthew} was giving a tour of the set.  We met Sophie McShera {Daisy} and Phyllis Logan {Mrs Patmore}. I was ecstatic to meet one of my favourite actress and favourite Downton Abbey character Jessica Brown Findlay {Sibyl}.  We saw the kitchen library and other large rooms and had lunch at a garden party outside Highclere Castle.  A jolly good day!




19/7/17 – M*A*S*H


I was a nurse, assisting Hawkeye {Captain Benjamin Pierce} to save a badly wounded patient.  It was hard work, but we did.  I was in love with Hawkeye and not just because he was cute.  He was a kind, caring, dedicated doctor and a fine human being.  I hoped I was the one to capture his heart and go home with him when the war was over.




8/8/17  – M*A*S*H – More M*A*S*H dreams below


Hawkeye and Radar were engaging in a friendly argument.  Hawkeye won. He left the shack, he was set upon at gunpoint by a spy.  He put his hands up. I was in the shack and came out.  The man whacked Hawkeye unconscious.  I dodged and whacked the gunman unconscious. Radar took his gun.  There was an abandoned shopping trolley and Radar and I put Hawkeye’s unconscious body in the trolley and I rode it fast down the hill to the 4077 so Hawkeye could be treated. I was worried about him. The spy was caught and executed by the Koreans. Justice was done and while I neither Hawkeye revelled in the fact the guy was dead, it made us feel safer Hawkeye fell in love with me and we were married before Hawkeye went home and I with him. – See 31/10/17  for anotehr M*A*S*H dream.




9/10/17  ~  800 Words


I had some to Weld and Monty was helping me find a home.  I got one near George’s.  George and I fell in love and became the talk of the tows. Shay and Arlo warmed to me and George and I were married.  I understood he still loved Laura dearly and I was okay with that as he loved me also.




14/10/17  ~ 800 Words


New people had moved to Weld and Monty was helping them purchase a house, excited to sell another one.  The new couple had not get found their wings and looked out of place. George felt sorry for them, as he and his family had felt the same way when they first moved to Weld upon the New Zealand countryside. He took the new couple, Barney and Lizzy under his wing and with George’s help, they settled in in a few months, loved it and became valued town citizens.




18/10/17  ~ Amelia Bedelia


I met the quirky Amelia Bedelia and we hit it off.  I found her nice, albiet a little strange and she thought the same of me.  I helped her with gardening, organising books and craft and we had a great time.




30/1/17 ~ Around the World in 80 Days {Pierce Brosnan mini-series} – Had this dream

            in Crossman, Western Australia


Passepartout won a horserace and was congratulated by his friend Phileas Fogg.  He used to be Fogg’s servant. Now Passepartout had a servant of his own, a little Indian man, called Patu. Like Fogg, Passepatrout was a kindly master.




31/10/17  – M*A*S*H {And Happy Halloween!} – Also had this dream in Crossman,

            Western Australia – Another M*A*S*H dream on 13/7/18 below



Hot Lips was heartened when the 4077 M*A*S*H unit threw her a birthday party and that Hawkeye was behind it.  Almost in tears, she thanked him and the Unit as they celebrated with the best food and cake that was available.



11/12/17 ~ The Penguins of Madagascar


The Penguins, Skipper, Kowalski, Private and Rico were up to their usual antics, saving the day with their flare for intrigue and I was helping them and became friend ot them, which was really cool.  I was the only human who knew of them. I was proud and honoured that they trusted me.




24/3/18 ~ Keeping up Appearances


Rose had finally found a fellow she really loved and settled down. The romance came back to Daisy and Onslow's relationship. Save with Hyacinth and Richard and Hyacinth had mellowed.  Stranger things have happened...




8/7/18 ~ Blackadder

            Blackadder had been marked for execution for betraying a king in a neighboring land.  Fortunately, he was ‘saved by the gong’ when one of the king’s daughters. Sorcha, killed her iron-fisted father and took over as Queen.  She hated how the man was so cruel.  She had fallen in love with a price of a rival land and her father had forbade the marriage as he wanted to take over that kingdom. Now they ruled in peace.  He was astounded to become king, as he wa sthe youngest and would never get to rule his own land.  He adored his new wife. Sorcha thought her younger sister Dax may be a problem, although Dax was in love with a scribe, who wanted to become a knight, though she convinced him that scirbery was safer and couldn’t bear to lose him and the world needed his words. Dax was not interested in the throne and knew Sorcha would have killed her if she was. Sorcha was happy for her sister and relieved he didn’t have to kill her as she loved her.  She warned she would kill Blackadder if he betrayed her and there would be no rescue and the black snake knew it and bowed low. Secretly, he was happy for the two princesses, their princes and their newfound happiness, but he had a reputation to uphold and being mushy would just not too, but secretly, he was just as awwww... as Baldrick and Percy.





8/7/18 ~ The Goodies ... Goodie Goodie Yum Yum!


            I, Tanya, had been honored to be the first female member of The Goodies. Tim was curious but unsure, Graham was dead-set against it and Bill was the one who brought me in.  Bill and I were in love.  I helped Bill and Tim and Graham eventually warmed to me. Eventually, Bill and my daughter became a fifth Goodie!




13/7/18 – M*A*S*H -  And happy Friday the 13th. It’s supposed to be a sacred, lucky

day, you know. - More M*A*S*H dreams below.


Dr Hawkeye Pierce had fallen in love with a nurse, Angella.  {Pronounced An-gell-ah -short a.} They planned to get married when the war was over.  A bomb hit and Angella desperately tried to get the children to safety.  She was thought to have died in the explosion. Hawkeye was heartbroken, cried his heart out and was comforted by his fellow M*A*S*H buddies.

Angella’s body was frozen for an experiment and her injuries treated in 2018. When she came to, she was still 30 and realised that much time had passed. Hawkeye was now in his ‘90s and happily married with three children.  He was astounded at the turn of events and still loved Angella. His wife was understanding.  Hawkeye held her close and Angella knew they could not be together and this embrace would have to last her until they met in the afterlife.

She decided to study to become a fully-fledged doctor, as she had her whole life ahead of her and would not spend it being sorry for herself. Hawkeye supported her decision and for old times’ sake, gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. That would have to last too.

            She took in Klinger who had gone back to wearing ladies’ dresses, as he hated the retirement village he was in and was pretending to be crazy again.  Klinger decided he liked ladies’ clothing so much he continued wearing them and Angella and him joked maybe now he really was crazy.

            Hawkeye and Klinger died on the dame day. In tears, Angella attended the heartfelt double-funeral.

            Angella graduated as a doctor and went on to save many lives, into her death 70 years later when she joined her love Hawkeye in the afterlife and Klinger with his wings game to greet them, in a lady’s angel dress...




6/10/18  – M*A*S*H



Nancy was a new nurse, madly in love with Hawkeye, though too shy to approach him.  He took a while to notice her, but when he did, they got together and eventually ended up getting married and settling in America when the war was over.




10/11/18 ~ Downton Abbey 


Lord Grantham had hired a large bus for a family outing to the beach. The aristocrats took up the front and the help flled the back.  They played games on the bus together and played at the beach with each other, both castes forgetting their places and playing with one another.




3/11/18 ~ The Simpsons


Sideshow Bob ended up exonerating himself and made himself a hero by saving the town {not the first time he’d saved the town} but this time he was recognised for it.  He let go his longstanding beef with Bart, realising he’d had a colourful life and if not for Bart, would not have and may still be traipsing around after Krusty, Gods forbid!  He reconciled his differences with his brother Cecil, went into acting and was ecstatic when cast as Ralph {pronounced Rafe Rackstraw} in the HMS Pinafore and even heartened when Bart and his family came to the opening night.  Robert became popular, loved, forgiven for his past crimes, put out opera and operetta albums, relishing in his new life, which he reluctantly had to thank Bart for.  He even met an intellectual woman, Saffron Westphalen and they hit it off like wildfire. Heck, Bob even invited the Simpsons to the wedding and later, baby shower of their son, whom they called Rafe. Ahh, happy endings!




16/11/18  ~ Watership Down {1991 ~ 2001 series} ~ Please see 13/10/19 and

24/4/21 for more Watership Down dreams



Hazel, Fiver and the others found their new warren at Watership Down in the English countryside.


Later, the warlike Woundwort wanted to spread terror and find them.  The Watership down rabbits fought them off with the help of other woodland creatures.


The Watership Down Rabbits continued to love, work and exist in peace.  Campion and Blackberry had a litter of kits, as did Bigwig and Spartina and Strawberry and Clover.  Dandelion found a doe called Willow and settled down with her, starting a new burrow, now that far from Watership down.  Strawberry and his family especially and the others visited often.


A woman writer who had bought Nuthanger Farm, had found Watership Down and at first the rabbits were terrified, but she proved to be a friend. Silverweed, although ha had lost his visions, couple together with Fiver and together they could speak to the woman’s mind and she to theirs and they could communicate.  She wrote about the rabbits’ story.


She bought the land surrounding Watership Down and in her will she vowed it be protected forever more and it was.  Both her descendants and the descendants of Watership Down lived in peace.





3/6/19 ~ Downton Abbey


My mother and I were watching a live Downton Abbey show with the original cast, which was wonderful.  I got to meet my favourite, Jessica Brown Findlay {Sibyl} and my mother got to meet her favourite actress, Elizabeth McGovern {Cora.}




13/10/19 ~ Watership Down {1991 ~ 2001 series}



Living in peace now, Campion and Blackberry exchanged vows, kissed and cuddled, madly in love.  Fiver renewed his vows with Vilthuril, Hazel with Hyzenthlay and Bigwig with Spartina. They were all playing with each other’s cute kittens.  Campion was the most playful and very, very gentle.




11/3/19 ~ Downton Abbey



Set after the Downton Abbey movie. Lord Grantham, Cora and his daughters, Mary and Edith were allowed to stay at Downton Abbey, much to their relief.  Tom married Lucy and she lovingly became Sybbie’s stepmother.  Robert was relieved tom’s newfound title did not go to his head and he knew Tom still loved Sibyl, who he sensed was smiling down upon them all. He senses Isis’ spirit also smiling down on them, his beloved Labrador. All was well.






20/11/19 ~ Gentle Ben



Gentle ben was playing with Mark outside the house.  There was a mother bear with a lost cub, which Mark and his father, Tom and mother, Ellen helped find.  They came home for tea and helped Ellen make dinner.




27/2/21 - M*A*S*H  - Another M*A*S*H dream on 21/1/22


Hawkeye, Radar and Houlihan were checking supplies.  They got rid of some old rusted ones and ordered new ones.


Radar had a dream of the future.  When he woke up, he told Hawkeye.  “Twenty-twenty one! Can you imagine that?”

     “Ahh who knows what the future holds...” Hawkeye said.




24/4/21  ~ Watership Down {1991 ~ 2001 series}



General Woundwort of Efrafa and his troops constructed a foreboding looking rabbit out of stone; the entrance to their den.


            “That was what we’re fighting against!” Hazel emphatically told his brethren.  “Freedom for all rabbits! Watership Down forever! Rabbits to me!”  Campion was his right-hand-man.


            A brutal fight ensued, though Hazel and his band emerged victorious, destroyed Efrafa, killed General Woundwort and Vervain, the some of the others joined Hazel, free of Woundwort’s tyranny, others went on their way to join new dens or start warrens of their own.  Some were loners.

            Hazel and his friends lived in peace from then on in.





21/1/22 - M*A*S*H   - MA Rated – Another M*A*S*H dream below


Hawkeye and BJ were joking about penises and Sherman came in. They stopped and he said, “Don’t let me stop you.  I do have a sense of honour you know.”

      He sat down in the mess with the boys.





18/2/22 – Popeye


Popeye was eating spinach to save his beautiful Olive Oil from Bluto and he did.  Bluto later found a woman who was mad for him and he for her and he and Popeye made friends.





1/6/22 James Bond & Doctor Who  {More Doctor Who dreams on my Doctor Who page}



The Doctors, 10 and 13, from Doctor Who teamed up with James Bond to get rid of SPECTRE and Bond to help rid the Daleks and the Cybermen and other universal baddies and together, they succeeded. 


{In this dream I saw Daniel Craig as James Bond, but feel free to envisage your fave Bond.}




2/7/22 - M*A*S*H   - MA Rated – Another M*A*S*H dream below


A drafted pacifist called Michael was drafted to the M*A*S*H unit in Korea and Hawkeye helped him deal with nightmares.  His friend Douglas was  drafted also.  They were both readers and ecstatic when Hawkeye lent them some books sent form home to others in the unit.  They later left, wounded, yet alive.




8/4/23 ~ Victoria ~ Jenna Coleman series


Victoria became queen and she saw a person who was bitter and twisted and she turned them around to be more loving.  Victoria also saw a man contemplating suicide and turned his life around too.  Her and Albert saw some children playing and became heartened.




29/4/23 ~ ‘Allo ‘Allo


The gang were on another adventure by the resistance, rescuing the painting of the Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies by Van Clomp.    After bungling and almost getting caught by the Nazis, they got it back, safely put into a knockwurst sausage in René’s café, appreciating times of pace and what they had.




29/6/23 ~ Downton Abbey



A baby from a guest fell down the stairs.  Sybil was the only one who could calm him down with her compassion and looked after him until Doctor Carson came.  Baby was a little bruised, but fine to everybodys’ relief.





4/6/23 ~ ‘Allo ‘Allo


Rene struggled to fob off the affections of Lt. Gruber and keep his affair wit Yvette private, amongst missions from the Resistance, with hilarity ensuing and all ending ion good fun.




21/8/23 ~ ‘Allo ‘Allo


Another adventure with the Resistance and hilarity ensuing with Lt. Gruber … ;)




2/9/23 ~ Dirty Dancing



Baby was kidnapped and put into a square wooden box.  I helped Johnny Castle find and rescue her.  He lifted a frightened Baby pout of the box and cradles her to his chest.  Aww.  He beat up the kidnappers and had them arrested as Baby recovered and they danced the night away.





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