Once Upon a Time Dreams



Nightly dreams I have had in the Once Upon a Time Universe. Please do not archive.





I got on a scale and had put on some weight.  Rumplestiltskin appeared to me and giggled.

    "You're creeping up, Dearie.  Gotta watch that." And he laughed again.

    "I know," I said sheepishly.

I lay on his stomach ad het laughed once more and played with my hair and I played with his. He sighed, then hugged me and told me not to worry and used magic to help me let go some excess fat and didn’t expect a deal in return and I kissed him.



3/5/18 ~ Once Upon a Time & Dragons {How to Train your Dragon series}


            The Evil Queen, separated form Regina had shrunk our heroes down to pint size.  She’d also conjured a dragon, who had been caught in her spell.  She had hoped to use the dragon. Said beast was a Scauldron, a usually cantankerous oceanic beast.   He was huge, with a long neck, streamline face with fat chin. Now, however, he was happy to help the heroes, as it meant getting back home and to his usual size. He hated being small! Just like the heroes did.  The heroes were in a Victorian style room, with ropes with hoops hanging form the ceiling and Regina knew it was up to her to get to the crystal on the mahogany cabinet.  Fortunately, her mother had forced her to do acrobatics for her training when she was a girl.  She swung on the dragon’s tail to reach the first hoop, got some momentum up for the second, then the third, then the fourth and almost fell to her death on the last, much to everyone’s horror. The door started to open and everyone froze. They knew it was the Evil Queen, even before she came in. Regina reached the crystal and activated it, much to her other side’s horror.  The crystal’s power took everyone outisde, returned them to their normal sized and sent the grateful Scauldron home.  Regina integrated her darker half back into herself, knowing that she was part of her, and the two halves needed the other in order to live in harmony.


3/5/18 ~ Two Once Upon a Time dreams in ine night – woo hoo!

Rumple as Mr. Gold was up to his old tricks again and Belle was not impressed and rejected him, despite the fact that she still loved him, despite his garish new hairdo.  She was devastated when Rumple died and went to the Underworld to give him one last chance. Zelena came with her to the Underworld, to give Hades a second chance, as she still loved him also.  Both of the condemned were grateful that one person cared enough and promised to change their ways; lest they end up back in the Underworld {and Hades hated being a resident here, rather than its king.} Hades resurrected Robin, much to Regina’s delight and Hades and Zelena and Rumple and Belle, lived in pe ace in Storybrooke. And Belle made Rumple magic his long hair back! And Hades, not to be outdone, flamed his hair for Zelena...

            Converted to a FIC. When it is done is will be called HIGHWAY TO HADES and will available be on both my Disney Hades and Once Upon a Time Pages.


5/5/18 – similar to the dream above.

Rumple smoothed tings over with Belle, who made him magic his hair back to normal. She hated the short do!  Zelena went to the Underworld to rescue her love.  They embraced and Hades’ hair flared up in all its glory to be with his sexy love again.




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