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This fic is written for no profit, bar the happiness it brings the fans. Rock on!

Summary: One of the Holograms is melancholy.


Rating G - Self realisation.




Who will know my name? I yearn for truth, I long for honesty, but how long must I endure my pain ...

Who will know me when Jem is gone?

I feel trapped, but free, if that makes sense. I laugh at myself, for how ridiculous that sounds. I should know the answers, but I do not.

I long to tell the other Holograms how I feel. They love me as I am a part of them, as they are a part of me, but will they, can they understand?

I am ashamed of my insecurities and I am afraid to tell the others. Will they laugh ... I am sure they will understand ... won't they? They are my only friends. The only ones who really know me - who I really am.

I go deep within myself to meditate. All is silent, and I ponder my secret thoughts. This is the only space I have to be me. I hope that does not sound selfish. I need to be alone sometimes, to go inside, to shut out all but the silence and the freedom. I feel warm, at peace. Here, my doubts and insecurities wash away and I am, once again light and fresh.

But no one can know my name, but still I wish and hope that someday, perhaps, maybe ...

But not today.

She speaks to me, commands me, and I obey, though I am not her slave. I obey her because she is my friend. She is the reason I exist.

"Showtime, Synergy..."

And I change Jerrica into Jem once again.

The show must go on.




Author's note: Is this story about Jerrica or Synergy? You decide. Perhaps it can be both.


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