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And pix of my cool Moshi Monsters Room and village!!



I call my adopted Monster Davi.  His BFF is Poppet and goes exploring with her and his girlfriend is Luvli (Luvli Aro). He gets on with Zommer, Katsuma and Furi too. 

Davi's favourite Moshlings are Squidge, Mini Ben, Roxy, Tessa, Ti Amo, Peekaboo, Bodge, Cali, Lubber, Willow, Liberty, Fernando, Angel, Hip Hop, Fumble, Hocus, Carter and Vampi'Ella {A moshling I designed  for the 2014 'Design a Moshling' competition - please go to my Moshling page to see pix of Moshlings}





Pirate Diavlo!!




Davi mad!

Davi's cool robot costume at the Party Palace!


Cool Diavlo stuff!








Luvli Aro - Davi's girlfriend



Poppet - Davi's BFF. She and Davi are about to go of on an adventure!



Edler Furi - Davi's Mentor


Tamara Tesla, Davi's favourite Monstro City personality



Tamara was in love with Roary Scrawl - something to do with a love potion...

Cute baby Tamara by Psycho Teensie


Cool Diavlo cakes!!










Pix of my cool Moshi Monsters House and Village






As you can see, Davi has a lot of cool, lovely and cute stuff.


But his abdolute favourites are:



Cuddly vampire and his friend the Cuddly Human

Davi sleeps with these :)



My Little Mutant Harry Trotter & Rainbow Star


Cuddly Pirate


Plush Fernando


Davi wants Cuddly Pilot & Cuddly Queen!!!








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