~ Alice In Wonderland Pics ~


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Wonderful Alice {Mia Wasikowska}




Gorgeous Mad Hatter {Tarrant}













Other Mad Hatter and Alice productions



Pasadena 'Alice in Wonderland'









Disney cartoon Alice









Cute Madeline {Maddie} Hatter from 'Ever After High,' daughter of the Mad Hatter and a she's Rebel! Coolies!





'Once Upon a Time' Alice and Mad Hatter


Mad Hatter cosplay



Gorgeous Mad Hatters and White Queen at Sydney Supanova, 2016



The last one is at a local costume shop



Kid playing with cute white rabbit bubble glove.


Tea charms and Tea sets



Matcha Green Tea! ;}












Cute Tea Party charms 

{You can get many of them on www.etsy.com}







Want the books one!   I bought the 'Nourish your soul' one.







The second pic was at my fave cafe where they printed pictures on your coffee or chai.
Sadly, they closed down and lost their business during the coronavirus pandemic, WAAH.  I LOVED that place!


My NaNoWriMo {National Novel Writing Month} victory celebration.  

Notice the Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn cup with the unicorn tea strainer. Earl Grey

The 'white cup' is an iridescent crystal rainbow cup and says, 'You're Magic'.  Chai.

There's red berry wine in the medieval style goblet, cold brew tea in the water bottles and

cool Japanese matcha green tea on the vintage style glass

The spoon says, 'Nourish your soul'.  The bottles say 'Do something magical today.' and 'Stay magical.' Sweet.



Chinese pu'er {pu-erh} tea from a tea cake in my special tea cup





Yours truly on mega cute tea party ride at same Easter Show. Heaps of fun and ad you could make the cup go faster around if you wanted to.

Thanks for Leah for the pix of me.



Beautiful yarn is called 'blue wonderland.'



~ Cute kids tea sets ~


I used to play tea parties when I was a little girl :}




Sooooo cute! High Tea!



Tea party!



Gorgeous White Queen {Anne Hathaway}


Cool sign at my local library










At Australian Film, Television and Radio School library



Cool Harry Potter haystacks with Wonderland sign




Tiny Door made for library competition, 'Alice in Wonderland' by Monet Casper and Breanna Jay.






A lovely place called 'Looking Glass Bay,' Gladesville, Sydney, near where I lived in the '90s.  The last pic is old Gladesville hospital stairs.




Beautiful tea and Alice in Wonderland cakes at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, 2019.  Sorry, not sure who made the second one.




Not sure who made these lovely cakes, sorry




GORGEOUS Mad Hatter cake made by a friend of mine.


GORGEOUS Mad Hatter mosaic table that I saw.  WANT!!!!




Some lovely Alice In Wonderland wallpapers here:







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