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It is a bright sunny day at the Gadget residence, the sun shins, and sprinkler sprinkles the newly cut lawn. Inspector Gadget, Penny and Brain, play outside, Gadget yelps madly as he's splashed by the sprinkler and Brain falls onto the grass, laughing. Penny giggles.

"A good thing I'm dressed for the occasion," Gadget says in his swimming shorts. "A good inspector is always prepared. It's a nice day today."

"It sure is, Uncle Gadget," Penny agreed, "but in the middle of Winter?"

"Who's to complain? We're having lovely weather."

"Yes, Uncle Gadget."

Penny splashes Brain as a decoy then bounces over to him, pony tails bouncing with her.

"Brain, something worries me about all this."

Brain gives a bark and a nod.

A muffled sound is heard from the compost heap.

"What was that?" Gadget spins around. "It better not be an alligator."

The muffled sound comes again. "Ga....ggoowwwt...."

"Stay back, Penny. It might be an alligator. It's happened you know."

"I don't think, so, Uncle Gadget, look."

A man's moustache clad face appears, with a banana skin on top of his head.

"Chief Quimby! You're not an alligator thank goodness but what are you doing in there? There's plenty fresh food in the house."

Quimby spits some compost out of his mouth. "No, Gadget - I am not hungry. Here's your latest assignment." He hands the Inspector a white piece of paper.

Gadget begins to read ... "enihcam gnignahc-rehtaew a nelots sah dam ... Chief, I can't understand a single word! You'll have to get Inspector Ethnic."

Quimby looks impatient. "Gadget..."

"Ohh, sorry Chief, had it back to front .... Mad has stolen a weather-changing machine and is planning to use it to alter the worlds climate, if Dr. Klaw's world domination demands are not met within 24 hours he'll freeze the world .... That's diabolical, Chief ... Oh ... and this note will self destruct in twenty seconds."

"Gadget, the world's counting on you. Your assignment is to find where Dr. Klaw's hiding the machine and destroy it. Intelligence says it's somewhere in China. Your flight departs in an hour."

"But chief, you're supposed to arrive two hours before an international flight."

Quimby sighs. "There was no time."

"You can count on me, Chief. I'm always on duty."

"...Of course, Gadget and don't ... too late...."

Gadget screws up the note and much to Quimby's horror, throws it into the compost heap. Gadget leaves. The note momentarily explodes, scattering compost. A cranky, resigned, Quimby emerges, covered in the stuff and the banana skin promptly falls back onto his head. Quimby taps his hand on the compost.

"Ohhhwwww... gets me every time.... Sometimes this job really stinks."

"I knew there was something strange about the weather, Brain," Penny said with a frown. "Follow Uncle Gadget and make sure he's safe. I'll come with you - we have to sneak aboard that plane. We can't let Dr. Klaw control the weather."

Brain nods, barks and salutes Penny.

She gets her bike out of the garage, puts on her crash helmet, Brain does the same and rides with Penny to the airport.

Meanwhile, in Mad Secret Temporary Headquarters, Shanghai, China -

"BLAST!!!" Dr. Klaw screams, arms up in the air. "Is nothing sacred anymore?! If that blasted Gadget discovers the machine ... he'll ruin everything! Oohhh!!!" He bashes the desk, and MadCat shrieks.

"Sorry, Madcat, didn't see your tail ..."

The cat frowns. Dr. Klaw activates his computer.

"Attention Mad Agents. Gadget is onto us. Make sure he does not get the weather machine - or get out of China alive .... Better still - make sure he doesn't get here in the first place." "Yes, Dr. Klaw," chime the agents.

Madcat snickers. Dr. Klaw laughs diabolically.

Gadget boards the plane.

"Right this way, sir," a bun haired small faced young woman with large eyes, says.

Gadget looks at her as though she's on love potion #9.

"First class. How nice." Gadget sits and straps on his seat belt, whilst eying her.

The woman goes into the toilet and activates a wall computer.

"All set Dr. Klaw. Gadget is secure."

"Good. Get rid of him once you're in the air."

"Oh don't worry. It's all planned. I'm going to slip some cyanide in his airline food."

Dr. Klaw laughs. "I like your style Titania, I really do."

"I'm flattered."

"Don't fail me," Klaw warned.

"I don't intend to."


She cuts communication, unaware Brain, disguised as a rich woman with furs and pearls, hears every word. He radios Penny and breaks the news.

"Don't let Uncle Gadget eat anything."

Brain nods. "Wrowph."

Titania brings Inspector Gadget the usual tray of airline food, with lots of little containers.

"Lovely. Thank you."

"Enjoy your Last Supper ...." she says, quietly, with a wicked smile.

For a while Gadget isn't looking the meal as she hip-walks away.

Brain sees Gadget about to take a bite.

"Nrooph!" He leaps onto him, causing the food to back flip onto the floor.

"Now, Madam," Gadget says, a little cross. "There's no need for that. I'm sure there's enough food on board for everyone."

He presses the attendant's button and Titania emerges.

"There's a slight problem..." he says, indicating the food and containers down the aisle.

Titania stamps her foot.

"I'm really sorry. I'll help clean up. Go Go Gadget brush and pan."

The water pistol activates and blasts Titania. She screams in rage.

"Very sorry - my Gadgets have minds of their own sometimes.

I said Go Go Gadget brush and pan." The brush and pan activates, Gadget cleans up. A sopping Titania takes the mess and dumps it in a bin.

Dr. Klaw radios her in the kitchen.

"Well how did it go?"

"How do you think it went?"


"I dunno. He dropped the food, the fool."

"You assured me your plan was foolproof!"

"Not Gadget proof, obviously."

Dr. Klaw is too mad to smile. "You idiot!" he snarls. "Get rid of the bungling fool! I don't want him messing up my plans!"

"I'll do it."

"You'd better."

Titania scowls and switches off the communicator, leaving Klaw quite puzzled indeed. She'd failed, and he was angry yes, but usually when he yelled at his agents, they turned to jelly. Klaw shrugs, and continues stroking a purring Madcat. The cat begins to lick his fingers.

"Eww. Stop that."

Brain keeps a close eye on Gadget, whilst Penny in the cargo area makes sure the plane is on the right track.

Titania is rather cross for the rest of the flight as she can't think of any way to get Gadget without jeopardising herself and the plane. Finally the plane lands.

"Attention all agents..." Dr Klaw barks. "Gadget has landed in Shanghai. Kill him!"

"Easy for you to say," Titania retorts.

"What?" Dr, Klaw asks, irked.

Titania simply smiles and cut communication, leaving Dr. Klaw even more angry than he was a minute ago. MadCat covers his head, just as Klaw bashes it.

"Lovely, to come to a different country," Gadget says, as he disembarks from the aircraft, trips down the stairs, causing a MAD dart to miss, narrowly missing Titania, and hit the pilot instead. She shakes a fist at them, then runs it over her head and adopts an innocent look when Gadget turns around.

"Thanks for the lovely flight!"

"Enjoy your stay Inspector," she says and waves. "It's going to be permanent..." she mutters, unaware Penny hears her.

The pig tailed 12 year old jumps out of the plane and speaks quietly to Brain. "She's from MAD, no doubt about that and I've a feeling we're going to see her again."

Brain nods.

"Follow Uncle Gadget to his hotel the Feng Shui and watch out for more MAD agents."


"I'm going to check into the hotel and work from there. I'll need to locate Klaw's weather machine."

Brain runs after Gadget, dressed as a Chinese fruit seller, while Penny dons a Chinese maiden dress and pointy hat.

Gadget arrives at the hotel and checks in, unaware that the reception is a MAD Agent.

"I'm Inspector Gadget," he declares. "I'm here on official business to stop Dr. Klaw."

"Good Luck," the Agent snickers.

"Inspector Gadget doesn't rely on luck, but thank you anyway."

"You're in room 666, Gadget." He hands the inspector a key. Brain has the agent sussed already and snarls. It was going to be another one of those adventures. Sometimes he wishes Gadget would retire. He follows him up the stairs and changes into a Chinese maid's outfit.

Gadget enterers his room, decorated with all sorts of Chinese artifacts.

"What a nice room."

He lies on the bed, narrowly being missed by 2 poisoned darts which shoot out of the Dragon's nose on the far wall.

There is a knock at the door.

"I wonder who that could be?"

Gadget gets up and answers it. Brain stands there with a tray of food and a bottle of iced Chinese green tea.

"I didn't order room service ... Oh how nice. They know how famous I am, even in China." He graciously accepts the food and hungrily eats it. "I haven't had anything to eat since I left home."

Brain bows, then sees a tiger statue opening his mouth and a poisoned arrow emerges. He leaps onto Gadget and hurls him to the floor as the arrow is fired.

"That's twice that's happened to me in one day..." Gadget says. "Women can't seem to keep their hands off me."

Brain rolls his eyes.

Meanwhile Penny is out on the street, confiding in her computer book. It bleeps.

"There, Got it. The weather machine is concealed in an old Chinese coin factory."

She goes there and consults the book again.

"A few levels down..." She hears voices, gasps and ducks around the corner.

"Y'know, it'll be so cool when Dr. Klaw gets to control the world. Maybe he'll let us in some of it too."

"Hey yeah ..." the other smiles. "And if the world doesn't meet his demands, then we can freeze the world, apart from Dr. Klaw's place."

"Sounds cool," Titania says humourlessly, with her hand on her hips, coming to them, dressed in Chinese traditional costume.

"Miss Titania," the Mad Agents are scared and stand to attention, looking at the petite MAD femme.

"I hope your efforts to get rid of Gadget at the hotel have succeeded. Dr. Klaw won't be happy if you fail again and neither will I."

"No, Miss Titania."

"Good. And see to it that no one finds out about the machine."

The agents nod.

Titania shakes her head as they leave. "Idiots .... I'm going to get changed," she says to herself. "This dress just isn't me and it's itchy too... Maybe it's just the wrong material..."

Penny scowls behind the crate. She doesn't like this 'Miss Titania' one little bit. She watches the woman leave, before

venturing deeper into the factory.

"What's this.." Dr Klaw sees Penny peering around a corner.

"That girl again ... She follows Gadget everywhere. Sometimes I wonder if she isn't a secret agent ... Attention MAD agent number one."

The large agent comes on the screen. "Gadget's pretty, but meddling niece is snooping around again. Get her!"

The Agent boofs his fist against his head. "Yes, sir, Dr, Klaw sir."

"Get moving!"

Klaw bashes the desk, then yelps in pain as his hand comes down on a pile of thumb tacks.

"MAD CAAAAATTTT!!!!!" he yells furiously.

The cat sniggers and peeps up from behind the desk.

"Do you know what country we're in, MadCat?" Dr. Klaw sounds dangerously calm.

The cat nods.

"Do you know what they do to cats in China?"

The cat shakes his head. Dr. Klaw looks at him and pats his slender stomach. MadCat looks horrified.

Penny continues along the long, dark corridor. Before she knows it she's grabbed by the smaller MAD Agent.

"Ooh ... let me go!"

"Heh. Not likely, missy."

She bites his arm. He yelps and lets go. Penny runs smack bang into the large MAD Agent.

"I think Dr. Klaw would like a little present." he says, grabbing her.

"Maybe we should wrap her up and put a little bow on her," the smaller MAD Agent said, and they both laughed. Penny doesn't.

"Dr. Klaw...." she said worriedly.

Dr Klaw is busy eating the leg of some animal, and enjoying it immensely. MadCat looks uneasy and quite sick.

Klaw lets out a short laugh. "Relax, you panic moggie. It's chicken."

MadCat wipes his brow.

"Want some?" Klaw pulls a piece of it off and feeds MadCat, who scoffs the chicken without hesitation.

Klaw polishes off the rest of the drumstick and throws the bone away.

The two agents take Penny face to face with him.

"So little pretty one," Klaw says. "We finally meet face to face."

Penny scowls.

Klaw smiled. "Come now, you really don't think I'm going to let you screw up my plans do you? ... This is no place for children, why ... why ... you might've gotten hurt."

"Spare me your mock concern," Penny snapped.

"Ooh, and you're usually so polite too."

Penny looks at Klaw's smooth young face, blue eyes and long blond hair. "I'll admit you're not as ugly as I thought you'd be."

Klaw smirked. "Ooh, flattered."

In fact Penny doesn't think he's ugly at all - quite the opposite, in fact, but she isn't going to give him the satisfaction of knowing that, and besides as far as she is concerned, his good looks are only skin deep.

"Take her away," he growls.

The large agent leads a struggling Penny away while Titania

enters, dressed in a knotted white T-shirt and tight fitting jeans. She waits until she's alone with Klaw.

"Don't you think you took a big risk letting her see your face?"

Klaw folded his arms and smiled. "So what? What's she gonna do, ah? Describe me to a police artist? They'll never find me - and don't question me!" he snapped.

She doesn't apologise. "Fine, fine... Unfortunately Gadget somehow eluded all the traps we set in the hotel room."

"Blast!" he must be onto us. "You told me those booby traps were state of the art!"

"They were."

"You failed me again!"

"You can't keep blaming me for everything, y'know! I did what I could."

"That wasn't good enough, dammit!"

"Hah!" Titania scowls. "I don't see you getting off your behind!"

"HOW DARE YOU?!" Dr. Klaw thumps the desk, so hard he causes it to crack. MadCat is relieved that blow didn't come down on his head.

Klaw expects Titania to cower. She doesn't.

"Scream all you like, Doctor. It's not going to get rid of Gadget. And quite frankly, I'm sick of this, get Gadget, kill Gadget, get his niece, and for what? So you can have world domination, riches ... whatever. Whoopee doo. What's in it for me? Didley squat. That's what." She snarls and doesn't let him interrupt. "I'm leaving." She rips the bun keeper out of her head and her long brunette hair flows down. She shakes it loose. "I'm tired of wearing this thing. Makes me look like a total git."

She starts to leave.

"Come back here!" Klaw yells.

She doesn't. Klaw bashes the table again. Madcat manoeuvres out of the way.

"You'll regret this!"

"I'm sure."

Dr. Klaw is positively fuming as he watches her petite body leave, but he doesn't chase her.



"I think I'm in love."

The tabby just stares at him.

Penny is thrown into a dark room and locked in.

She swears. "What a time for my laser watch to run out of batteries. Ohh I hope there's enough energy to radio Brain..." She immediately calls him. Her transmission is sketchy. "Brain ... captured. ... old coin factory. ... weather Machine ... Uncle Gadget ... follow ..."

Brain manages to make out the message. "Rowf!"

"Ohh, I hope Brain got the message..." Penny worriedly slumps to the floor.

Brain dresses as a waiter an goes to Gadget's room. Gadget answers the door. Brain grabs his wallet and runs off.

"Hey! Come back here, you little pick pocket, you!"

Brain gives him a raspberry.

"You're no pickpocket! You're a MAD agent! Stop! In the Name of the LAW! Go Go Gadget siren and roller skates!"

The siren blares, while the skates make like they've got minds of their own.

"Whooaaaa. Wowsers .... Wowsers! ...." Gadget fumbled down the stairs after the 'MAD Agent.' "You won't escape me, Inspector Gadget, the greatest Inspector who ever lived!"

Brain tries hard not to laugh. He loves the man, he really does, but he's such a clumsy thing.

Brain grabs a Chinese running taxi and runs to the coin factory, ignoring all possible customers, all the wile, with Gadget yelling 'stop in the name of the law!'

Brain enters the factory, finds Penny and unlocks the door.

"Oh, thank goodness. Is Gadget here?"

Brain nods.

"Good. Now come with me. We have to put that machine out of commission."

Penny consults her computer book on the way. "This way."

They go down a few levels and finally find the knobby machine.

"Now to analyze it."

Penny performs an analysis with her computer book.

"Ahh ... that's how we can do it. Reverse the ions ...."

She presses a few buttons and does that. "That should do it. Dr. Klaw's weather altering days are over. Boy is he going to get a surprise." She looks pleased.

Meanwhile the bumbling MAD Agents fail to capture Gadget and end up in a heap, ready for Chief Quimby and the Chinese police to take them away, all except Titania who hides in the shadows.

"I don't know how you do it, Gadget."

"It's all part of the job, Chief."

Penny and Brain smile in the background, glad the danger is over and wonder what their next adventure will be.

"You may have gotten my little helpers, Gadget, but you haven't got Santa Klaws! And I still have my weather machine - for your meddling I'll freeze everything, except my humble abode that is ...." He laughs and presses the 'All Systems Go' button.

The weather machine changes all the Earth's weather back to normal, then explodes.

Dr. Klaw swears loudly. "Does nothing ever go right for me! Who ever said 'no peace for the wicked' was one right sucker. Or is that supposed to be piece? I dunno ... But it's all Gadget's fault! I'll get that bastard one day!"

MadCat steps aside as Dr. Klaw's metal clad fist comes down. He knew his master would calm down soon enough. A good thing about him was he was never mad for very long about the same thing.

"Well, well, I'd say MAD is a great name for your organisation. More like FURIOUS."

Titania saunters in. Dr, Klaw tries to make himself look even madder, but Titania sees through that in an instant.

"You're not still angry with me, are you?" She sits on his desk.

"What me .... nah ... Well I ... you know how it is ... it's hard to get good help these days ... Most agents I hire are bungling fools..."

She comes around to him and swivels his chair around. Dr. Klaw stands.

"Ohh you are tall. Do you think I'm a bungling fool?..."

"Well No, I-"

She smiles. "Good. Do you know how hard it is to find an equal?" I was fifteen what I started looking - that's when I raided Tiffany's and made off with that huge priceless Burmese Ruby Crystal."

"What was you?" Klaw sounded surprised.

"Yup. Still got it too."

"I'm impressed. I can see this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful partnership."

"Is that all?"

"Well maybe something more." Dr. Klaw has a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

He grabs her and kisses her, with an astounded MadCat staring.

Gadget, Penny and Brain relax in the Gadget house with the fire burning.

"It may be cold outside,, Uncle gadget, but I'm relieved to have Winter when it's supposed to be."

"Yes Penny. No one should try to alter nature."

"Right, Uncle Gadget. Mother Nature is beautiful the way she is and it's wrong to try and change her."

"Rwowwwph!" Brain agrees.

"I couldn't've said it better myself," Gadget smiles.

Penny smiles too, as she plays with Brain and Uncle Gadget.

Gadget went to get something to eat and Penny spoke with Brain.

"You know that lady MAD Agent? I think she's in love with Dr, Klaw."


"Hard to believe, isn't it, that anyone could like someone like him."

Brain nodded.

"Still she might do him some good. Love is important in anyone's life, even his."

Brain nodded his agreement.

Meanwhile Dr, Klaw seems to have forgotten all about Gadget, Penny and the weather machine. He arrives at his secluded mansion on the night of a raging thunderstorm.

"Charming place," Titania remarked. "Gloomy, spooky, dark and unwelcoming. I like it."

"I'm glad. Got it cheap too."

"I'll bet you did."

He runs his fingers through her long hair. She smiles, and kisses his hand.

MadCat sniffs the air and makes a weird sound.

"What is it, MadCat?" Klaw asks, as he leads Titania up to the Master Bedroom, arm around her slender waist.

A female Tabby enters the house. MadCat looks surprised to see her.

"Isn't that Jackal? Your old girlfriend?"

MadCat nods. Jackal smiles, followed by a kitten.

"Why MadCat," Klaw smiles. "I never knew you had it in you..."

MadCat lets out a growl. Klaw could be such a smart ass and pain in the tail end sometimes.

More and more tabby kittens begin to enter the house. In the end there are about nine. They start playing, running and leaping about. One leaps into Dr. Klaw's arms. He doesn't want to admit how cute it is. Titania laughs.

Dr Klaw sighs and shakes his head. "Great ... I'm surrounded by Mad kittens ..."





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