These are dreams I have had about the Charmed Universe from 2003 onwards. I will be updating it as soon as I have more Charmed dreams! Please do not archive, though you may link directly to this page.



Baby Wyatt is found dead in his cot. Leo and the Elders can't help. Cole feels sorry for Piper, and takes the baby to see if there is anything his or other demon energy can do. In the meantime he steals a Wyatt lookalike from another mother. In a few days Piper realises it's not Wyatt and the sisters become angry with Cole, even though he meant well. Cole did feel guilty about the whole thing and took the baby back to his real mother in a basket with a note which he left on her doorstep. Cole who figured out that Wyatt needs to be Earthed, as Piper was the Earth Goddess and takes Wyatt to Avalon (Glastonbury), and saves his life. Leo and the Charmed ones are grateful. Cole wanted to do everything he could for Wyatt as he knew he would want that for his child if he and Phoebe had one.

Converted to a fic "CHILD OF THE EARTH" Slighly different from the dream.


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