Disclaimer: Jem and the Holograms are owned by Hasbro.

This fic is written for no profit, bar the happiness it brings the fans. Rock on!

Summary: A poem about an Honourary Hologram

Rating G




Free as the wind

Flowing with the rhythm

She swims in the air

Her coloured clothes flow with her

As they are one


Heart alight with the music

Gentle soundwaves

Surrounding the soul

With her angelic moves

She captivates the heart

Sways the soul


Like a fish in the sea

She moves with ease

Like wind in the trees

She weaves her body


She twirls

Like there is no tomorrow

Her feet like an angel


Like the sun shining

Through a crystal

She is a rainbow in the floor


Like full moonlight

Upon a mountain lake

She is serene


As she dances

She moves the world




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