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I had a dream with Cobra Commander, some other Cobra and some kids trying to escape the Gi-Joe and other terrors of the country-forest.  The kids, a boy and a girl had been kidnapped by Cobra.  The Commander and the others were running through the forest in fear of being caught and killed by the Gi-Joe.  They managed to escape.  Cobra Commander escaped into a garden with his tiny one-man cloaked ship. The garden was at the back of a Gi-Joe house , so he had to be careful.  He found his ship in the corner where he had left it. He carefully went to it, terrified the Gi-Joe would kill him.  Paranoid, he crept to his craft through the grass. When he had reached it, he quietly uncloaked it and began to open it when a Gi-Joe soldier saw him and yelled at him to stop.  The Commander stopped, terrified for a second and then discreetly began to continue with the burly Gi-Joe soldier coming at him.  Cobra opened the hatch and immediately leapt in, terrified.  The Gi-Joe fired at him, shooting his arm before Cobra closed the door. The craft was bullet proof.  Cobra Comm. swore as he clutched his sore, bleeding arm, but grateful the Joe had not shot anything else.  The Joe saw how scared the Commander was, but felt he had to stop him.  The craft was quite small and light.  He tried to lift it.  Cobra Commander shook it free and activated the VTOL take off and was off like a shot, counting his blessings.



I was in a comic shop looking for Gi-Joe and Transformers comics.  Cobra Commander was also there looking for Gi-Joe and other comics.  We made friends.   Cobra found a rare one and held it up much to some comic fans disappointment.  He bought it and read it to me.





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