These are dreams I have had about Avon and other B7 characters from the late nineties until now. I will be updating it as soon as I have more Avon dreams! Though as you can see from the dates, they are few and far between. Please do not archive, though you may link directly to this page.


5/6/99 This dream is rated MA

Avon and Tristia sat together in the small room on the soft bedclothes, leaning against the wall, not wanting to admit how much they wanted to be intimate, but both seemed afraid of their feelings.

Slowly, after a while, they both began removing their clothes, still feeling rather uncomfortable and unsure. Neither of them had done this before.

They both sat naked, still nervous, though neither of them said anything.

Tristia gingerly smiled at Avon and he managed a small smile back, feeling a tad embarrassed at not feeling in complete control of the situation, this being one of the few times he felt at a loss.

They both felt nervous as they lay together. Avon ventured out and touched her. Tristia gave a small smile and did the same. Still nervous, they began to venture further, their touches becoming more confident as they explored each other's bodies, warming and relaxing to the other's touch. The contact becoming more passionate as they started to kiss, their mouths caressing one and other as their hands explored more vigorously, then they finally trusted one and other, nature and entered each other gently, rocking back and forth as they bonded, grateful for their new-found inner courage.



Vila was posing as a Federation Guard. The Federation had captured Dayna and it was his job to get her back. But in order to stay undercover he had to torture Dayna. He did not want to at all, but both of them would be found out and killed if he did not. Dayna knew this and prepared herself. Vila placed her in the torture machine in the torture room and turned it on. It felt unpleasant at first, but Vila had to turn up the power. He gave Dayna an apologetic look as he did so. As he turned up he power, Dayna began to scream in pain. Vila desperately wanted to stop, but he could not and continued. He could barely listen to Danya's scrams. Dayna did not want to blame Vila, as he knew he was doing this against his will. Vila flooded the room, hoping that the water would short out the machine. It slowed it down a little. Other Federation guards came into the room and told Vila to take Dayna to her cell. When in the cell, Vila placed the transporter bracelets on Dayna and himself and Held Dayna as they transported. Avon seemed glad to have them back.

"I'm so sorry..." Vila was distraught.

"Not your fault..." Dayna rasped as Soolin took her to recover.

"You did what must be done," Avon said, placing his hand on Vila's shoulder. Vila still felt rotten.

When Dayna had recovered, Vila apologised again. Dayna sat down with him. She was often cruel to him and teased him, but despite that she knew that Vila felt genuinely terrible about what he had to do. She began to stroke his head gently as he lay in her lap.

Avon watched them. He had tortured her, albeit against his will, but he had tortured her and she was gently stroking him. He would never understand women. Or Vila for that matter.



Celeborn from Lord of the Rings was trying to save Middle Earth and bring the peace back to the land and there were these things with sparkles ... Avon was in the dream before that ...



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